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August 8, 2009
By JaquambiaC. SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
JaquambiaC. SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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have you ever noticed all it takes is one heartbreak to change someones life
you finally try that thing that every one calls love and end up hurt in the end
when you finally loose the one you wanted and everythinq you had got destroyed
you go thru a state of depression and all you can do is think of all the times yall shared together every little song picture and memory brings tears
you try not to cry and you put on a front to try to convince yourself & other people that your over them but in reality your heart is breaking more and more everyday
you try to move on and find someone new but you know it will never be the same
even when you finally start loving well caring for another person in the back of your mind you still wonder if they feel the same way you do
wondering where did it all go so quick and if you feel the same as I do why arent we back together
that one heartbreak effects all your relationships after them
many times you end up making someone else pay for the mistakes they made and your heart isnt fully healed from the last wound and you end up hurting the person that trying to love you and make your heart whole
so the question I wonder is if I love you and we arent together how I ever love again if im not with you
holding on to one days and maybes is part of the reason I cant let you go
for some odd reason my heart still believes that one day we will be together and that no matter you will always love me
you end up to crazy out of the ordinary things for that person even when you know they don’t deserve you and you would do anything for them but they still don’t realize how much you love them
everyone tell you to let go and move on but its hard to just let go especially when you don’t wanna move on beacsue you know they will realize what they had but you don’t want it to be late
bt finally you are ready to be loved and you start your journey on moving on

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