Do you know how it is?

July 21, 2009
By Sara-Zee PLATINUM, Tigard, Oregon
Sara-Zee PLATINUM, Tigard, Oregon
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Do you know how it is,
to see someone
Doing something bad and not doing a darn thing about it.
The guilt makes you rot away
Like you did it yourself.

Do you know how it is,
To think your running
when your standing still,
making small beads of sweat
appear like the calm before the storm?

Do you know how it is,
to dig deep within yourself
and finding something so weak,
so destroyed that it made lightning crack and strike fear into your heart.

Do you know how that is?

Do you know how it is,
to stand up for something you believe in, filling you with the warmth of your strength burning strong in the evening dusk.

Do you know how it is,
to be yourself and shout and laugh and dance until your feet are bleeding. To yell to the world, "I'm here and I'm me!"

I know how that is.

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