The Different Sides of Me

June 28, 2009
With Some Friends
i'm quiet and shy
i never do speak my mind
i paint on a smile so they cannot see
the pain i have gone through and the tears i ahev cried

With others i am
loud and crazy
showing my anger and true emotions they are the only ones i truly trust they know my past and my pain but still i hold my fake smile and hold back the tears so no one can see the pain i hold in

When i am by myself
locked in my room
i drop the fake smile and
let the tears run down my face
as i whisper to myself
i can't do this anymore

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RebeccaA said...
Sept. 15, 2009 at 4:15 pm
I really like this poem but themisspelling and grammar mistakes took away my attention from the description. It is an excellent topic and you are correct, a lot of people are like you. Everyone has different sides to them.
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