I love you but i hate you

June 12, 2009
By Kelly SILVER, London, Other
Kelly SILVER, London, Other
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I love you, i hate you. Isn't it funny how one can have two strong emotions over one person?
You see i love you but i hate you too.
I love you because if and whenever i see you no matter how hard i try you always make me smile.
You'll catch me doing this for a while.
I hate you because you hurt me so bad, it made me mad.
I love the way when we was together we used to always make each other laugh and the way we used to walk down to your house through that narrow path.
But i hate the way you betrayed me, disgraced me and i can never forget when you lied to me.
Atleast if your going to go behind my back,
do it so you don't get caught.
If you were so smart you'd be able to do that without any thought.
But i still love you because we had a connection, this ''affection''.
I just don't know any more.
You had me, you lost me so that's the score.
I love you, i hate you.

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