June 12, 2009
Everyone wants to be a poet.
Someone out there is, but doesn't yet know it.
That voice not yet spoken, the words not yet wrote.
Opinions unformed, and ideas still afloat.
They'll go their whole lives,
With nothing to say,
Until infinite silence,
Is the price that they pay.
So when you get an idea
no matter how absurd,
If you have something to say,
YOU have to make yourself heard.

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Hayz~Hardcore said...
Dec. 7, 2009 at 10:01 pm
this poem is positivly amazing, you got talent kid (well if u r a kid that is) either way u still got talent lol! Pls check out my work and let me know wat u think it would mean alot to me. My best one on here i think is "the truth about forever" you might like it. Keep up the good work and i am sure ill hear more from you some day :)
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