Descent Into Madness

June 9, 2009
By poetamatatrice BRONZE, Houston, Texas
poetamatatrice BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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My sanity is slipping away.
I can’t hold on
For it floats away with the unflagging breeze.

It happens to most everyone,
Or so people say.
Humans go insane, drive themselves
To a bloody, gory end.
It can’t be helped,
No one can stop the insanity from spreading.
It’s a conquering epidemic,
Plaguing both body and mind,
Destroying people as it ambles along
The rocky, bloodstained path.

My friends and family,
They deserted me long ago,
Leaving me to my feeble sanity,
Left me in the care of men
With pointy needles
And pointy knives.

Yet all I can do
Is sit and laugh.
Laugh for all the things I’ve lost,
All the people who are falling,
Just like me.
All the time, never stopping,
Bloody tears roll down my face,
Blanketing the floor in a sheet of red sadness.
I laugh because I can’t stop,
Because the pain feels so good
To the tumors eating away my insides.

My descent into madness.
My story, untold to human ears.
My life, thrown away at the expense of those I love.

Yet all I can do
Is sit here and laugh into the black abyss
That swallows me from the inside out.

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