June 4, 2009
Pitch through the night
Is it alone
Are you too
Because there’s a mystery
Among us

For every drop you spill
For ever ruby red blood
To go against them
Those who’ve done badly

Upon us is brutal
Upon us is unfair
Haunted eyes linger
And the ghostly laughs
Is near
Is far

Clench your teeth
Unbend your pride
Years to come
Regret sorrow
Maybe it will someday be

What are you?
What are they?
They, who have taken the task
Of breaking hope
That beautiful flutter
Something worth to live

Kill, murder
Shaking, shaking
Unable to try
Tilt your head upwards

Speak out once
Be beaten
Act once
Swallowed by death

No other
Can tell a soul
Of the horrors
They endure

Simple words
Can break a soul
A being
Minds are tortured
Wonder why do people
Enjoy a pain
For themselves
To do perhaps better

A single light in the dark
Are you that one?
Are you the stars that sparkle?
You are not
A spirit only
Haunted by some
That is your past

Unless pain kills
You are forever bound
Rings, shackles, chains
Eyes suddenly stubborn
Legs suddenly shaken

It appears once more
Are you ready?

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dragonfan said...
Oct. 25, 2009 at 9:38 am
wow all you writings are great i love you work! =)
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