Simplicity is Beautiful

June 2, 2009
By Greek311 PLATINUM, New City, New York
Greek311 PLATINUM, New City, New York
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What is simplicity?
Is it having no stress, or being careless?
Is it a person’s joy or lovers’ first kiss?
Blissful times in endless pastures?
A child’s laugh or an enjoyable task?
Simple is a word so often forgotten
Like well made tools or quiet kin
Rambunctious days and sleepless nights
Worries of loss, fear, and spite
Alarm clocks ring and chaos begins
Onslaughts of tasks and seldom a grin
Let’s face it, life is complex, unforgiving, and cheap
Although this is true, you shall not become meek
But be inspired to smile, laugh and enjoy
Not despise, retreat, and or destroy.
Keep this in mind, and life should be sound…
Simplicity is beautiful.

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