When It's Over

May 20, 2009
By Garion Wells BRONZE, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Garion Wells BRONZE, Idaho Falls, Idaho
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So I can’t pretend I that get enough sleep
Though I doze quite often I can never dream
The anger has passed and the sadness too
But I still catch myself stopping and thinking of you
Still sick to my stomach my knees always week
I relive that moment every time we meet
Weather in class or the halls my mind can’t let go
I’ve never had to feel this kind of pain before

When Passion and rhythm are my only strengths
I find my mind hiding in some cold dingy place
Writing lines upon lines of catalytic haiku
While you feel no sorrow for this mess you’ve ensued
Both heartfelt and vengeful these lyrics appear
There’s no mystery as to what I have felt
I loved you before as we drew endlessly near
Abandoned now I examine myself

Shall I forgive and forget or keep living with hate
She cares none either way
But my clever interior has fashioned a place
So I can start fresh another day

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