Blessed Insanity

April 28, 2009
By Ellie Vanasse BRONZE, Somerset, Wisconsin
Ellie Vanasse BRONZE, Somerset, Wisconsin
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Driving me crazy
I can’t comprehend
My head spins round
As I travel his path changes
Following every twist
Every varying thought
He speaks but I hear wrong
Never sure if I know the truth
Unable to understand why
And he keeps my head spinning
My mind’s stuck on him
Heart follows head
Daydreams day in and day out
Lying awake in my bed and fantasizing
Staring at my ceiling
Possible loss of common sense
Unthinkingly I listen to his words
And pursue him
What I genuinely need
He and I would be a wonderful thing
But I think and envision
All can go wrong
Maybe they’re ridiculous hallucinations
Caused by confusion
Typical of me I know
Lost in the unbalanced lie
I still imagine
Them, the looks he give
The touch of his hand
Graze of the finger
And the brush of his shirt
When he walks past my arm
I go crazy
Imagining the appeal
Of those simple things
Wild and crazy
I let my thoughts go
Run loose and free
To convince me of my need
Defined as him
More than ever before
His actions cause me confusion
Unending mystification
With a possible uncanny ending
Forever I’ll stay by his side
Even if it always is cruel pain
Because of my touching
But blessed

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