April 29, 2009
“What about ME?”
I find this question taking a jog through my mind quite often.
Usually when one of my best friends, Tyler, does what he does best.
Too consumed with his girlfriend.
Ignoring my texts a lot, because I’m “annoying.”
Being mean to me sometimes at school.
HE is supposed to be my best friend.
But when Emily is a around, I am like a ghost to him,
It hurts, but he wouldn’t care.
I cry, because HE is not there.
One minute, he is an angel, the next, it seems like he is too good for me.

I would tell him.
But he would do it just that much more.

HE will realize,
I was really there.
But, HE let me slip through his fingers,
Like a feather,
Picked up by a gust of wind,
Gone forever.
To him.

With him is like being on a roller coaster,
With nothing to hold on to,
And no one there for you.
You cannot get off.
You become frustrated.
You do not know what is coming next.
Your dizzy,
And sick.
The operator is laughing.
At you, because you are weak.
HE is controlling you.

Nothing you can do works.
All you want is off.
You relax.
You let him control you.

Just ,maybe,
He will finally let you off.
Comfort you,
Because HE made you,
And sick.
And maybe,
Will care.
And you won’t have to think,
“What about me?”

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kissingdawn331 said...
Oct. 22, 2009 at 10:16 am
iv'e read your work...in between the lines...you are in conrol...you rock your own world...make him see that you are the best of the best...ride that rollar coaster witha smlie on your face and your fists held high...and when you pass that opperator...laugh in his face.
breezer11 said...
May 6, 2009 at 8:10 pm
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