April 14, 2009
There was a man,
And he had a wife,
And she had a kid,
And the Kid had a knife.

The papers reported,
And the people are dead,
And it's 'cause of that kid,
And it's like they always said:

"If I could just leave here,
-And get away from my wife,
-And get away from my son,
-And get away from my life."

But we all knew that kid,
And he was the one to do it,
And he was the only one brave enough to do it,
And he was the only one who’d really quit

So he took a knife,
And he killed them all,
And he didn't leave himself out,
And he threw a match at the wall.

So I guess they got their wishes,
And I guess they got their death.
And I guess that's all they thought they wanted,
And I know they burn what was left.

They are gone as the winter,
And that's all she wrote.
And that's 'cause she is me,
And I'm leaving like that kid.


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