April 22, 2009
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Salt grain amongst seas of waters wide
Innate bound enemy with no reason to hide
Thy acapella queen with no microphone
Content to be thee, found here all alone
Created and forgotten with none of my kind
Successfully lonesome, my soul and my mind
My touchs extends into this world and the next
bridge to thy tongue, accused of complex
A novel arrival with sense of becoming
I choose to be me, unaccepted, and numbing
Sand morsel amongst hills of deserts dry
Misunderstood, but greatness never dies
Beauty is worthy only as comes the sharing
Alone brings freedom, I myself do the caring
My home lies beneath the one-dimensioned world
Seemingly floating, until me is unfurled
Different am I, and changed this place will be
When they shall awake, and not look, but see.

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