His Smile

April 9, 2009
The strangers’ eyes elude me
Maybe he’s just as shy despite his beauty
I glance over my shoulder at his flawless profile
He catches me looking and returns a timid smile
My face turns a delicate pink and I look to the floor
I can still feel his shocking blue eyes on my back and my spirits soar
I risk a gaze through my eyelashes to see him doing the same
We grin at each other without shame
I watch him rise from the lunch table and begin walking in my direction
My heart skips a beat and the blood that runs in my veins is instantly frozen
Maybe it’s love at first sight?
I try to look calm and collected but it’s a losing fight
He calls me over with a move of his finger and a wink of his eye
I jump to my feet with a flood of delight
I look to my left then to my right, could he really want me
Of course he could I think, I throw my shoulders back and march up to him boldly
He takes my hand in his
For now, my heart is filled with everlasting bliss

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