Rflecions in th mirror

April 8, 2009
By Victoria Jones SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
Victoria Jones SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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What do you see when you look in the mirror
You may see a beautiful strong child
Still trying to see something different in the mirror
Who don’t see their true beauty
People say she’s ugly
So believes that she’s ugly
She doesn’t know it’s on the inside
Not on the outside
She listens of what people say
She doesn’t know that it doesn’t matter what people say
She doesn’t know it what you think about yourself today

What do you see in your mirror
Do you see a young teenager
With no self-esteem
With every opening of a door there’s a closing it seem
She doesn’t know what she’s going to do
or where she’s going to
She feel like giving up
She doesn’t think she’s pretty enough
Or good enough,
To get anywhere she wants to go
So what does she do
She thinks she’s too dumb to get anywhere
She wonders what so good about her
Why is she on this earth for
She doesn’t know that she just haven’t discovered what’s inside her yet
She doesn’t know her potential yet

What do you see in the mirror
A young man trying to take care of his family,
The way of economy
Rent cost more and more
Stress is coming down harder and harder
Sadly trying to make a way,
So his family can survive another day
He lost his job
How do I support my family he sobs

He can’t leave them like his father
Is he ever going to get it together
Every time he hears daddy
He thinks how can he take care of his family
He bursts out in tears
He thinks his family is going to be completely homeless he fears
how I’m I suppose to take care of something I love so much
They cost so much
How do I change my reflection he thinks
Just need to think change is coming

Or do you see a young woman
Trying to support her family
Losing her job didn’t make it easy
It seem almost impossible to her
Since daddy left
Leaving the kids and me alone for my care
Life is just not fair
Trying her best to support the children
Praying that something better comes when is this going to happen when?
Her children asking when’s another meal is coming
Is change coming
How does she answer their questions
About daddy
When is daddy coming home so we can be a family
She is her only kids love and care
This is more than she can bare
She doesn’t know what to do
Or where to go
So what should I do she wonder
This pain feels like forever
Why didn’t I graduate high school
Instead of trying to be cool
How do I change my reflection?

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