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Author's note: I'm not sure what made me write this piece. After I had came back from Florida, I was bored and just started typing.
Author's note: I'm not sure what made me write this piece. After I had came back from Florida, I was bored and just started typing.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 3: Gametime

Surprisingly, nothing happened during the night. It was absolutely peaceful. Although we were squeezed tight together like sardines, I woke up feeling rejuvenated. We woke up, took showers and got changed. Mom and Randy decided that eating breakfast in town would be best because there are stores around and we can go shopping. We hopped in the car and pulled out of the parking lot with the manager staring at us through the window.
Breakfast was delicious; I ate everything on my plate. I was about to have seconds, but then I looked at the price. Afterwards, we walked around and digested. I decided to go into CVS. Maybe they had some snacks I would like? Randy went into a sports store and Brittany and my mom went clothe shopping. I didn’t actually go into CVS for snacks. I went in looking for stuff to protect myself. First on my list; a knife. Any type of knife would do. I searched around for pocketknives.
“Knives, knives, knives,” I said to myself searching.
“Can I help you with something?” a man asked. I turned around to see the manager.
“Yes, I was looking for something to protect me while I stay Everyone Dies Hotel.” I said.
“I don’t know what you mean.” he said.
“You may fool my parents, but you’re not fooling me.” I said and searched around for pepper spray.
Finally, I found pepper spray. I grabbed that and went searching once again for knives. After a half an hour of searching, I decided to give up and go pay. When I reached the cashier, I saw pocketknives inside a glass case.
“I’ll take one of the red Swiss Army Knives please.” I said.
“You make sure you’re mighty careful with this.” she said.
“I will.” I said and paid. “Could I ask you something?”
“What is it honey?”
“Do you know anything about the Great Expectations Hotel?”
“I’ve never heard of that place.” she said with a puzzled look.
“Oh, well never mind then.” I said and walked out the door.
I decided to go to the library to see if they had anything on it. This library was old. They had like early 90’s computers and the books, don’t even get me started. I went over to the computer and typed in “Great Expectations Hotel”. Nothing came up. So, I decided to type in the address. It came up with an article about how it was a butchery, but it got shut down after they found out the owner was a murderer. That didn’t make me worried at all. I printed out the article and folded it into my pocket. I went up to the front desk to see if they knew anything about the butchery.
“How may I help you?” a man asked.
“I was wondering if you knew anything about the place that used to be a butchery.” I responded.
“I was a little boy when that happened, but my father told me about it. He said that a boy my age had a father that owned a butchery. Some people went missing and they found their bodies chopped up. They searched every house and store trying to find any clues. They went to the butchery and found more dead bodies. They arrested the man. Now the son lives there and is a little crazy, like mentally crazy. He used to kill stray cats. He went psycho after his father got arrested.” he said.
“Thank you.” I said and walked away.
I called my sister to find out where they were. I walked over to the onlt clothe shop in town. Brittany was trying on clothes like always and Mom was making faces like she always did. Then I saw the manager AGAIN. This time he was helping my mom. I walked over to them and stared at the man.
“Hey honey, look who’s helping us.” Mom said.
“Hey Mom, did you know that our hotel used to be a butchery and the man that owned it was a murderer? He chopped up bodies and this is his son.” I said.
“Caitlin Ashley!” Mom yelled. “Apologize right now to this man. Stop making up stories. You’re acting ridiculous.”
“I’m not going to apologize. My story is true. I have proof right here.” I said reaching into my pocket. There was nothing there. “I swear, I had an article right in my pocket.”
“I’m sorry. We’ll see you back at the hotel.” My mom said and grabbed the back of my arm.
We drove to the hotel with her rambling on about how stupid I acted in front of the man. When we got back to the hotel, she threw me on the bed and wanted to know why I would think that the owner’s father was a murderer.
“I asked a lady at CVS if she knew anything about this hotel and she said she had never heard of it. Then I went to the library and searched Great Expectations Hotel. Nothing came up, so I typed the address. It gave me the article I was going to show you, so I printed it out. I was going to read it to you but I guess I lost it.”
“Do you have anymore proof?” she asked.
“I went to go meet our neighbors yesterday and there was manikins in there. They were placed just like a typical family in the morning. Then something popped in front of the hole in the door. I ran into the manager and he said I should be careful with a grin!”
“That means nothing. When someone said be careful, they are being nice. I think you have your head messed up.” she said. I rolled my eyes.
“You don’t believe anything that I’m telling you do you?” I asked.
“No Caitlin, I don’t.” she said.
“I’m going to go meet our new neighbors.” Randy said.
“I’ll come with you.” Mom said. “Stay here this time.”
“As you wish, your majesty.”
She stared at me with that look that all moms have when they are upset. They walked out the door and what do you know? It starts raining. How lovely. I locked both locks and sat on the bed with my pepper spray and pocketknife in hand. Hours went by and there was no sign of my mom and Randy. Should I go out and look for them? Should I risk getting killed by the creep? Sure why not? Or should I risk getting yelled at by my mom for disobeying orders? Yeah, the lecture will be fun.
I got up and unlocked the door. Brittany stared at me.
“Stay here.” I said. I walked down the hall with lights flickering all around me. I looked up and saw speakers. Why would there be speakers in a hotel? Or should I say shutdown butchery? I kept walking silently.
“Caitlin,” A deep voice said over the speakers. “I would like to make a deal with you.”
“Keep talking.” I said. So that’s why there’s speakers…
“Your parents are in one of the one-hundred rooms at this hotel. If you can find them in an hour, they won’t die. If you fail to succeed this task under sixty minutes, things will get messy and it will be your fault.”
“Messy? Nothing can get more messy than you.” I said.
“Time’s running out.” he said. “Tick tock, tick tock.”
“Fine.” I said and went running.
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