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Author's note: I'm not sure what made me write this piece. After I had came back from Florida, I was bored and just started typing.
Author's note: I'm not sure what made me write this piece. After I had came back from Florida, I was bored and just started typing.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 2: Findings

I couldn’t stand his smile; it was disgusting. He had food in his yellow teeth, along with all the plaque growing beside it. I walked faster to our room and opened the door. It smelt horrible. There was one bed. One bed! Who is going to fit four people in one bed? The floor hadn’t been vacuumed in, I’d say years. Dust bunnies roamed around the room like tumble weed. When I sat down on the bed, dust and dirt soared like airplanes, which made me cough.
“Great hotel choice.” I said.
“It just needs to be cleaned.” Mom said.
“More like exterminated.” I replied.
“Lets go swimming!” Brittany yelled and put on her bathing suit.
I decided there was nothing better to do, so I joined her. We walked out to the area that said swimming pool. We stood looking at a hole filled with green slop.
“Do you think if I go in there I’ll be eaten alive?” I asked.
“By what?” Brittany asked.
“The lochness monster.” I said.
“I’m outta here.” Brittany said and left.
I turned around to see the creep staring at us through the window. I stared back and then left. What to do in this boring hotel? Let me think. Search for dead people? Sounds good. I changed into jeans and a T-shirt and sat on the bed. Mom walked up to Brittany and me.
“Randy and I are going to go out to dinner,” she said. “You two will stay here alone. Don’t open the door for anyone. Even if it’s that man from the front counter. Caitlin, be nice to your sister, you’re in charge.”
“Fine.” I said.
“I’ll see you soon.”
“There’s no service here.” I said.
“The TV doesn’t work either.” Brittany said.
“I’m going to go meet our new neighbors.” I said. “Stay here.”
I walked out of the room and down the hall. I stood right in front of room 9. I put my ear up to the door and heard nothing. I looked inside the hole in the door and saw manikins. They had clothes on and looked just like a normal family; a husband, a wife and two kids. The kids sat by the TV, The husband sat at the table reading a newspaper and the wife did laundry. I thought our neighbors were supposed to be real. Real as in alive and breathing. I stared longer until a face popped in front of the hole. I jumped back and fell to the floor. I got up and turned around. The creep was standing in front of me.
“See anything you like?” He asked.
“This place is,” I started saying.
“Wonderful right?” he asked.
“More like creepy. Who’s in that room?” I asked.
“Your neighbors, but they are in town right now.”
“Why are there manikins in there?”
“Because they own a clothing store and they are on a business trip.”
“I would love to believe that.” I said. “But this place is too weird. Our room hasn’t been cleaned in years. There’s only one other family here and for all I know, they might not even be alive any more. Where are all the employees around here?”
“This is a new hotel. I haven’t had time to find employees.”
“Well you should.” I said.
“You should too.”
“Should what?”
“Be careful.” He said with a huge grin. I walked fast away. I went into my room, locked the door and put chair by it.
“What’s going on?” Brittany asked.
“Just being careful.” I said. “We don’t exactly have neighbors.”
“What?” she said.
“They’re not real.” I said. “But there is someone or something in that room.”
“If I knew I would of said who it was.” I said. All of a sudden the lights went off. “Oh Lord.”
It was so silent you could probably hear a pin drop. I heard footsteps getting closer. I didn’t know if it was the creeper or my heart pounding. I took Brittany into the bathroom and hid in the bathtub. The doorknob began to rattle. Brittany started crying.
“We’re going to die.” she whispered.
“No we’re not.” I said and got up.
“Where are you going?”
“To tell the guy to stop scaring us. Maybe beat him up if I can.”
“Don’t leave me here.” she said.
“You’ll be fine.” I said and left.
I crept down the hall, in the dark, not knowing what I was going to find. I thought for sure I was going to die. I walked doing 360’s every ten seconds. My fists were in fighting position. The lights turned back on once my parents pulled into the parking lot. It was like he knew when it was a good time to scare us. It was like he was watching us.
“Caitlin,” Mom said. “What are you doing out here?”
“I was going to see if they had a vending machine around here. I’m hungry.” I lied.
“We brought some food home for you guys.”
“Thanks.” I said and we walked back to the room.
“Where’s Britt?” Mom asked.
“I think she’s still in the bath.” I said. “We freaked ‘cause there was a black out.”
“Oh,” Mom said and went into the bathroom. Brittany was in the bathtub bawling her eyes out in terror. “Everything is going to be fine.”
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