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After life

Author's note: Notta lot to say just read it!
Author's note: Notta lot to say just read it!  « Hide author's note
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Where it starts

Prologue What a way to die, when I thought I had escaped, you know trying to save not only me but my best friend in the world. I thought that maybe we would be okay, but now I am laying here in a pool of blood, almost dead. Why does life hurt so much? Chapter 1 I slid into my limo and slammed the door. Thank god, away from the cameras and questions I thought. Just thinking about it made me want to barf. My friend Carly throws the best parties ever. I lay back in the seat and then realized I wasn’t the only one in the limo. I sat up quickly. He was tall, and had light blonde hair. The rest of his features were obscured by the darkness of the limo. “Hello,” I mumbled. “Good evening, ” He replied in a rich voice. “So, um, what’s up?” I asked nervously. He ignored this. “I have been looking for you! We need to talk,” He said firmly. The limo pulled to a stop. [He put his hand lightly on the small of my back and led me into my house. My parents were sitting on the couch waiting for us. I sat down in the love seat; the boy who now I realized must have been in his early twenties stared at me. He never took a seat “Now, your parents have told me about your recent activity with drugs and your recklessness.” I scoffed and glared at my mother. Of course she would tell a freaking stranger her problems with me. He continued “I am Counselor Tyler and I am with DETERMINED ENERGETIC AWESOME TEEN HELPERS and your parents called several months ago to reserve a spot for you. At D.E.A.T.H we focus on team building, friendship, and attitude changes!” He handed me a brochure. I peered at it. On the front were the words DETERMINED ENERGETIC AWESOME TEEN HELPERS surrounded by a rainbow and several butterflies. D.E.A.T.H Camp, really? It made me want to puke. I opened the flap hesitantly and it started to sing in a high-pitched singsong voice we are determined energetic awesome teen helpers! Come along with me! And you’ll see a great change! I slammed the cover shut and looked wide-eyed at my parents. They smiled encouragingly as if I would want to go to this stupid camp. “Any questions?” he asked with a huge phony smile on his face. “Where’s the devil?” I asked His face clouded with confusion, but he kept on that creepy smile, “Excuse me?” “Where’s the devil?” I repeated, “Because you obviously work in hell!” With that I flung the brochure to the floor and stomped out the room “If you think I’m going to that effing camp then you are way stupider then you look!” I bellowed slamming my bedroom door but a foot intercepted it. Creepy counselor Tyler was standing in my doorway his foot had nudged my door open. His smile had vanished and he was glaring at me.” Listen, Melissa, you will come to this camp, you will listen to my every god damn order, and you will like it! This isn’t the cushy camp your parents think they’re sending you to, this is your personal hell just as you guessed and you can’t do anything to change that. You. Are. Mine” He hissed grabbing my shoulders and squeezing them, hard. I shoved his hands off “Get away from me you freak!” I hissed back. His hand lashed out and slapped me hard across the face. “Respect your elders!” he growled. “I can make your life living hell honey, and trust me I. will.” “It’s on” I whispered defiantly. But unfortunately later that week I was on my way to D.E.A.T.H. I sat angrily slumped in the airplane. This was going to blow. The rules were terrible. All you could bring was three winter jackets; three snow pants, three pairs of gloves, three hats, a toothbrush, hairbrush, face cloth and a bathing kit. No make up, hair products, electronics, or outside food. . If you had room you could bring clothing that would keep you warm. I packed as many warm things as I could fit because I hated the cold and because the camp was up on the top of a mountain somewhere in Canada, which was guaranteed to be cold. We weren’t even allowed to bring our own clothing. We were going to wear uniforms. I leaned out of the aisle and glared across the plane and saw the other kids looked just as miserable. I sat back down and I was just about to drift off when Counselor Cody (that’s what his badge said) came on the mega phone. My seat mates roused me and we stuck our heads out the aisle “Listen up you brats! You are here because your parents don’t want to deal with you anymore and so now we’re stuck with you. Here at D.EA.T.H we transform the losers you are into nice, respectful, well-behaved children! Your parents think you are going away to some cushy boarding school type place where you will be fed well and treated kindly. WRONG! You will be fed mediocre food and treated worse for each bad attitude adjustment! If you treat us with the respect we deserve we might treat you with the respect you deserve! If not we will treat you like the pieces of s**t you are! Does everyone understand?” He roared. There were scattered replies. “Each time any of us ask you a question you will answer with Yes/No Ma’am/Sir! Do you understand?” Cody barked into the mega phone. “Yes Sir!” We yelled back “Now I thought you all should know it is below 0 outside and if you didn’t pack correctly you are going to freeze your ass off. Now, Cadets get your gear on!” He bellowed. “Yes sir” We screamed back. There was a frenzy of movement as we all raced toward the back of the plane where they were handing out uniforms. When I reached the front of the line a woman was standing there her badge said Counselor Alice. “Name?” She barked. “Missy Sta- I mean Hayley Carson” “Shirt size?” “Medium” ‘Pant size?” “3 petite” “Shoe size?” “7” “Age?” “14” “Weight? “Um- 100” “Height” “Five foot two inches” She jotted several things down and then handed me my uniform. I walked back to my compartment. In there the other girls were already changing. I stripped off my tee shirt and pants and opened the package that held my uniform. I gasped. It was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. The top was a long sleeved bright green shirt with a large number 758 across the front. The pants were the same color with the same writing across the back of them and there was an orange sweatshirt. Just like the shirt the number 758 was scrawled in black across the front of the sweatshirt. The boots were bright orange and 758 were written all over the boots too. I groaned this was going to be hell! As I pulled on the orange pants they fit snugly on me and fortunately it was comfortable the whole outfit was. It was made of some weird fleece. I looked around and all the others had the same horrified look on their faces. Just then the A.C. came on full blast and the temperature dropped quickly. Counselor Tyler came on the megaphone. “This is just a fraction of the terrible weather at D.E.A.T.H. Picture this only with snow or sleet and 50 MPH winds. So bundle up kiddies” He crowed and laughing he set down the megaphone. Groaning I yanked off my pants and put on long johns underneath them. Then I bundled up in most of my cloths. Fifteen minutes later we reached D.E.A.T.H. I peered out the frosted window at the facility. More like a jail. It was nothing like the corny brochure. In the brochure it shows a big inn like building with rolling green pastures, a tennis court, swimming pool, and a track. Unlike this place where the building was a tall gray slab of rock with several steel pipes running around it. There were windows but they were barred with steal bars. As I continued to look I saw indeed there was a track but it was not something I would enjoy. There were teens of all ages running around it in just there uniforms. In the center of the track all bundled up and a heater blowing warm air on her was a women in her thirties with a twisted evil looking face screaming orders into yes, a megaphone. That seemed to be the thing here. When the bus pulled up to the front doors I noticed that there were several more groups of teens one heading into the woods, another chopping firewood, and yet another cleaning the outside of the building. “GET YOUR ASSES OFF THIS BUS!” screamed Counselor Tyler.
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Jonesychic said...
Jun. 10, 2011 at 2:27 pm
i really like this!!!! is t here going to be more? i hope so

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