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In My skin

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Ally’s Transformation

She was running and she had to go anywhere but back to that place. She couldn’t bear to see the faces of her dead parents’ now, not when she might be the next to die.
He was gaining up on her now, and it wouldn’t take him very long to catch up to her. She ran and she wasn’t paying any attention to where she was going and ran into an elderly man with graying and thinning hair. He dropped a mirror as he fell. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” she was quick to help him get his scattered belongings from the snow.
As soon as she looked into his face, she didn’t see the man with the graying hair, anymore. “Stay back!” she said, “Why can’t you just leave me alone?” she spat, and backed away into an oak tree.
He moved at an inhuman speed making her turn this way and that. He was up in her face now. His eyes fell to the mirror_ his mirror I now held, but he made no effort to snatch it from my hands.
He then looked away from the mirror for a second and then looked up at me and made an effort to speak,” I’ve been watching you for a long time. Your Father made a promise to me that I could have you. He traded you, his only child. Gave you up to me to support his habit; and your pathetic Mother didn’t do anything to stop him. But his death was quick, no blood on my hands, either. You’re Mother she’s a fighter just like you are. Why do you continue to fight me?” he told her circling her now.
“What’s so important about that mirror?” she asked him.
“What?” he asked.
“The mirror, you kept looking at it,” she informed him as if he hadn’t noticed.
He snatched it from her hands, quickly.
“It shows what I seek and what I wish to know of the future_ our future. But I can’t see everything, the way you can,” he touched my cheek and I shivered, calm for a moment. He answered her.
He threw it against a tree and it shattered. “It doesn’t matter anymore, ‘’cause I have found what I seek. You are special, the mirror tells me,” he said.
“What, how,” I asked him, turning white.
“You can predict many things, or at least you will. You are part of an upcoming war. He told her. “Before your father met your Mother, he used to be a Warrior. He and I met there on the battle field.”
“War, for what, against what, I will start a war? Hell no, I’m not helping you!” she was the quick type when it came to figuring things out.
“No, not- start one,” he lied, “end one. You can help me find their weakness; I know your powers have been bothering you. It adds up,” he told her, “and it will eventually destroy you,” he said.
“So let it,” she said, “better that than use it to destroy everyone around you with it,” I pointed out.
“Did you not hear me, girl!?!?” he shouted.
“Oh, I heard you. What’s the matter is something actually not going the way you want it to? Oh, poor you,” I pitied him.
“You really don’t have anything, nothing to go back to, no one to love you,” he said. “And your point is?” she asked him.
“Nothing,” he said, shivering himself, “I’ve just never met someone who thought their life was so pointless. They had so little self-worth,” he said.
“What, it doesn’t surprise me how I have to clean up his mess yet again,” I spat.
“Tell me, do you ever wonder why whenever something tragic happens, you go by un phased by the blood, the sight? That is your aura,” he informed her.
I considered this. “My Father failed at everything he’s ever done, and broken everything he’s ever promised,” I told him.
“That’s your aura talking, it shield’s your true feelings towards things to help prevent you from feeling pain,” he reasoned with her.
“What are you saying?” I asked, confused but not giving him a chance to explain I jumped to a conclusion instead. “I knew it, I’m a freak. I always have been,” she informed him.
“Join me. You were born for this,” he said, charmingly, taking her wrist in his grip.
She wanted to scream, but she couldn’t manage it, she wanted to yank her wrist from his grip, too. But my eyes were unable to break away from his.
“Okay,” I said, as a tear fell from my cheek.
“Don’t cry it’s not your fault. Blame your Father,” he said, it’s his fault you’re here with me not yours.”
“Stop it,” I said.
“Stop what?” he asked, smiling.
“Stop making immortality sound glamorous,” I accused him.
“Okay, I’ll join you. What other choice do I have, anyway?” she said, giving up.
She stepped toward him, and shivered at the touch of his cool skin as he wrapped his arms around her neck. He then pulled my black shoulder length hair away from her neck and face. He then leaned in with his arm still lightly wrapped around her neck. He pulled it forward slightly and sunk his teeth into her neck before she could change her mind. A blood red tear fell from her cheek, her innocence lost. She was no longer God’s child. She then collapsed into his arms and he carried her off.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next »

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