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In My skin

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Camille A Fate Worse Than Death

I know my brother is worried about me. He seemed more hopeful that he could help me but even I know there is no cure for Leukemia. He told me someone was coming to visit us today. “You’re going to be cured Camille,” he said, hopeful.
But how,” I questioned him.
“I don’t know how it will be done,” he said truthfully,” but it will be done,” he told her.
“Brother, I do not fear Death. I only fear that there are worse things than Death,” she told him.
“Like what?” he asked her, the one time he bothered to listen.
“Living forever, never growing old, never dying at all, to list a few,” she told him of her troubles.
“You are such a Scholar,” he complimented her, “it’s all a part of your imagination playing tricks on you,” he assured her. “Now stop this foolishness. You are not going to die, there is no worse thing. I am supposed to take care of you. You are the only family I have.” He reminded her. He had been slightly foolish to think those things.
The doorbell rang and their conversation ended.
“Stay right there. I’ll be right back.”
“Like I intend to move,” she told him, but he could no longer hear her and didn’t laugh at her joke.
He never listens to me, she thought to herself.
He came back a man following closely behind him.
“Camille, this is Richard?”
“Richard Warren,” he finished for him.
“Right, he is going to help you,” her brother told her.
The man known as Richard stuck out his hand to me. I didn’t shake it; I noticed the rose he held.
“Are you going to say hi? Richard came all this way to help you, you could at least say hi,” he told her encouraging her to shake his hand. I held back.
“Why, so he can drain me? I don’t want to die, but I’m not going to let him spill my blood to do it either!” I spat, frightened, and angry.
“Camille!” her brother shouted at her in disbelief.
“What?” she said, matching his tone?
“I’m sorry forgive her, she’s not herself today, it must be the medicine,” he said apologetically turning toward Richard.
People damned their souls on the thorns of black roses, and I didn’t intend to let mine_ or at least what was left of mine slip away.
“Camille, Sweetheart what other choice do you have? You don’t wanna leave your dear Brother, do you?” the man asked her.
She shook her head. “No, of course not,” she told Richard. “There is no cure for Death,” she interjected.
“Of course there is, and your dear Brother has found it. Now take the Rose why don’t you and be a good girl?” he reasoned with her.
She met his eyes which she now noticed were red. “What are you?” she wondered, in awe at his beauty; any human would.
“Think of me as your Savior. Now take the Rose, my gift of life,” he ordered her.
Eternal life is what he actually meant but Camille didn’t know if that life would become what she feared.
She took the Rose though she didn’t want to; he willed her weak mind to do so, with little hesitation.
He was at Camille’s side now, “You keep your end of the deal, and I’ll keep mine. If you don’t, I’ll snap her neck like a twig,” he threatened Thorne.
“I will,” Thorne promised Richard.
Richard then turned toward Camille, her skin cut by the black rose he had given her not too long before. She just couldn’t fight him anymore.
“Are you ready?” he asked Camille.
His teeth which were sharper than a normal person’s were now exposed as he sunk his teeth into Camille’s neck. He only took a little, because he only needed a little of her blood. He pulled away from her licking the wound so that it healed. He then took out a concealed knife and cut a thin line of scarlet across his wrist and put it to Camille’s lips.
After a while she opened her eyes- her new eyes, which now appeared red like those of her creator’s. Two new fangs cut into her lip, and her skin paled.
“But there are things a lot worse than death,” she argued.
The man answered, “You can no longer die my child, for you are the face of Death,” he told her. She looked in a nearby mirror, and saw her new complexion.
She ripped out her IV’s angrily, and began to advance on her brother now ranting,” I hate you. You’ve made my nightmare a reality and now none of it’s a lie!” I smacked him.
Richard turned toward Thorne. “I helped you, now you help me in return,” he warned.
“What do you want?” he asked him.
“Help me, work for me. Find the girl,” he ordered him. “She is the key.”
“What girl?” he asked.
“Ally, I want her, ‘’cause she has nothing and everyone deserves to have something.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 10 Next »

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