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Fallen One's Vengence

Author's note: I have been writing this for a few years, but never thought that I could ever complete it. It is still not finished.
Author's note: I have been writing this for a few years, but never thought that I could ever complete it. It is still not finished.  « Hide author's note
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"There is so much work to be done!" the Queen exclaimed, a sarcastic and malicious smile on her lips. "Princess? You, need to be trained,"
What a prissy name for a soon to be tyrant. You think bringing your mood down. Making your very straight shoulders slouch just a hair, and your eye brows come together a little, and your face darken with annoyed rage.
"Trained in what? I hope you didn't out do yourself and written a manual?" you ask, pushing the limits of your privilege to talk back to the Queen.
She chuckles, a rumbling sort of giggle that could break the bones of a new born baby human. "I would never go so far for another in all my reign, but if you want to write a manual, don’t hesitate, although it would be the last thing you ever wrote," she sneers.
She was starting to remind you of a very annoying yet very powerful child. At least she didn't call you to kill you today. That’s all you can thank God for at the moment.
"You remind me of your mother a little too much, Princess. And if you weren't a Princess you would be dead, because you are an abomination. Human and Purgatorian. Disgusting," she wiped her mouth of the filth that she had just spoken. Using the back of her hand she flicked the invisible dirt away, then put her white hand into a fist that could pull out your heart.
"My mother? Merriam never speaks of her," Merriam was your father, you believed that back in the time that he was a human, that name was very feminine. It didn’t seem so now. "Can you tell me about her?" you open up a little, but your starting to regret saying something that childish.
"Not today," the Queen says, shaking her head sadly.
Did she miss her? You think about it, you conclude it would be dumb for a human to stay alive this long. But in your heart, even if it was stained black from your father's Purgatory, you hurt to know who she was, and how she died.

The Queen lead you through the wretched streets, she strut with a strange aura that cast a shadow in your mind but lit the street with faces of the damned, they peered out to see their Queen with the halfling.
You had to slow your pace to hers, so not to pass in front of her even though it seemed she was walking as fast as her skinny legs would take her. It confused you that she weighed so much even though she had the body of those anorexic models in the old magazines from the days when Livins were dominant.
It was eerie to walk the streets with her, you had the feeling she was taking you to your home. You thought of what Merriam would do if he was there. He probably was there.
She stops in front of the towering building where you live. Merriam claimed it a very long time ago, right after you were born.
Merriam came out of the building, smiling at the Queen. You think you hear him whisper a name, but you don’t understand. The Queen smiles back and walks to him more swiftly than she walked with you, and Merriam and her embraced. They stayed that way longer than you expected them too. He even kissed her on the cheek, and she returned the gesture.
"Has the day come already, Mother?" Merriam asks, looking at her, his lips smiling, and his eyes sad.
"It has my son, and the larger approaching," she answers.
You put it together quickly, that Merriam was the son of the Queen, and you were his daughter. But why were you the successor? Shouldn't he be the King? You would find this out.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3

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