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The Lost City

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Chapter 3- A Plan Gone Wrong

Even though there was little light in the meeting room, I looked closely at the Jagrundi leader and saw burns on her olive skin. Her long black hair was singed at the ends. Her clothes, a yellow shirt and jeans, were less scorched, but they were caked with blood.
Athena then continued her story, telling us how the enemy ran away, leaving her pack to burn from the fire or suffocate from the smoke. “The Scorpions blocked the front and back doors from the outside before they fled. Luckily we managed to get out by smashing open a high window. By then though, most of my comrades were dead,” she finished, wiping her eyes with her hands. Everyone just stood there, silent. We all knew that Ace was cruel, but this was an all-time low.
Finally, Soul spoke. “I’m afraid that I don’t have aloe with me right now. But, if you come over to our house, I’ll tend to your burns. We could also get revenge on the Scorpions for you.”
“That would be great, but I can’t see any way to defeat them. Even with both packs attacking together, the Scorpions would still outnumber us,” the Jagrundi leader sighed.
“Well, do you at least know where our enemy lives?” Scarface asked.
“They live in an abandoned ship near the port, an old oil tanker, I think.”
“Wait, did you just say oil tanker?” I questioned. Athena nodded. “I’ve got a plan, guys; and it’s a good one,” I said, grinning.
Three days after the meeting, when I woke up, pulled off my threadbare green sheets, and hopped out of bed, I stepped on a girl with brown hair, and gold eyes sleeping on a cot at the foot of my bed. What was her name again? Oh, yeah: Jessica. I quickly shook my friend awake, and we headed downstairs for breakfast.
At the table sat the rest of Jagrundi and Wolf Pack warriors, discussing battle plans for tonight’s war. It had been Scarface’s brilliant idea to let Athena’s pack stay at our house until their wounds healed, and they had more recruits. Of course, we all knew that another reason was because Scarface and Athena were in love.
Later that night, just before the battle I heard Scarface and Athena discussing the battle in my room and I crept toward the door to hear them better. Scarface had sent out several Wolf Pack spies just this afternoon, and it sounded like he had just received some grave news. “Jaguar said the oil tanker is crawling with enemy warriors. It’s like they know we’re coming, Athena.”
“No, Scarface. This is our battle. The Scorpions don’t suspect a thing. Now let’s get our revenge!”
“Wolf Pack, attack!” Sarg yelled as we sprang from our hiding place, an enormous rock, and caught the Scorpions warriors who were guarding the doorway off-guard. The plan was simple: As soon as Sarg and I took care of the guards, the other warriors would race inside and search for the place where the oil in the oil tanker was stored. As soon as the battle was in full swing, Katie would set the ship on fire. Both packs would then flee, leaving our enemy to burn.
I slammed into the first guard and his head hit the side of the ship, hard. As the warrior slumped, unconscious, the second guard suddenly grabbed me by my throat and began to choke me. I gasped and twisted around, trying to reach my obsidian knife in my belt to plunge it into my attack’s neck. The warrior noticed this, however, and punched my weapon with his free hand, trying to break it. As he hit my knife though, his grip on my throat loosened, and I used that moment to bite his hand. With a roar, my attacker dropped me on the sand, and I gulped in the cool air until the spots stopped flashing before my eyes. As the guard raised his fist to strike me, Sarg barreled into him and they both tumbled onto the cool sand. Taking advantage of the moment I motioned for the packs to begin the second part of our plan. They wasted no time scrambling from their hiding places, and gathering around the door leading into the ship. “It’s locked,” Athena groaned after attempting to open the door.
“Oh, give me that,” Scarface growled as he ripped the metal door off its hinges. Inside the tanker Ace sat on the floor, playing poker with his cronies, unaware of our presence.
“What the-,” the leader commented staring, as Scarface threw the door at him.
Ace yelped as he rolled away to avoid getting hit. The rest of the Scorpions began to attack us. A warrior who was blind in one eye swung his sword at me, which I easily parried. I ducked as another Scorpion warrior went flying over me and accidently slammed into my first attacker. I heard an angry snarl and a yelp come from behind me. I turned to see Katie and Jessica fighting off four warriors twice their size. “Coyote,” Katie yelled as she landed another blow and sent a warrior flying, “Coyote, I can’t find the oil tank!” No oil tank? This is bad. Very, very, bad.
The Scorpions kept attacking us, no matter how many we defeated. I had already fought off five enemies, when a young man with claws like Jaguar’s, raked them down my face. Pain exploded in my face as I slammed my head on the back of the ship to avoid having my right eye taken out. I swiftly cut his throat with my dagger so he wouldn’t cause me any more trouble. However, I didn’t know how much longer I keep going. My muscles burned like fire and the floor was slick with blood.
Just then, I heard Ace’s triumphant laugh. I swiftly ran over to where he was to see what was going on. I stared in horror as I saw Scarface battling ten warriors, fighting for his life. His face and clothes were soaked red, the blood pooling around his feet. He was limping a little and his left arm hung uselessly by his side, clearly broken. “Scarface!” I yelled in anguish, as my leader’s knees buckled and his disappeared into the sea of Scorpion warriors.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 24 Next »

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