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The Lost City

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Chapter 2- The Scorpion's Revenge

“And this is the Jagrundi Pack, our allies in the northern part of the city.” Soul explained as he pointed to a map tacked to a wall. It had been a week since Sarg and Lisra had joined us. Today they were sitting in the family room and learning about different gangs in different parts of the city. “Now on the south side…” Suddenly, the front door flew open with a bang. Jaguar rushed in, covered in snow and blood.
“Soul…we need you…emergency,” the warrior gasped as he rushed back outside. Soul dashed for the kitchen, where he kept his herbs. As our healer, he prepared for any situation.
Scarface and Jaguar entered the family room, carrying an unconscious young man between them on a long piece of cloth, like a stretcher. I couldn’t help notice that the person’s blood had already soaked through the cloth, turning it crimson. They put the stranger down on our dirty futon just as Soul returned from the kitchen with bandages, water, and herbs. As our healer began to wash and bandage the wounds, the man groaned and opened his eyes.
“A-are you the Wolf Pack?” the stranger asked weakly. Scarface nodded. “Athena requests your presence at the Smoke House,” the stranger continued, his voice getting weaker.
“Why does she want us there?” Scarface asked. The Jagrundi warrior was about to reply, but suddenly went into a violent fit of coughing. I winced as he spat out blood into his hand.
“Why does she want us at the Smoke house?” Scarface repeated. The man, whose voice was now barely audible, whispered
“Scorpions…” Suddenly, the stranger’s body jerked violently then lay still; his eyes becoming glassy. Soul yelped, and checked the warrior’s body for a pulse. After a few seconds our healer sighed and closed his eyes. He didn’t find a pulse.
“At least he was able to give us the message before he died,” Lisra mumbled.
“Jaguar, go and see if we have any rags, I’m sure Athena would like her comrade’s body back,” Scarface said. Jaguar disappeared into the kitchen, and then came back with a pile of white cloth. Soul had already arranged the body to be wrapped. A sick feeling grew in the pit of my stomach, and I felt like I was going to lose my lunch. Just as they had started to wrap the body, I couldn’t take it. I quickly mumbled an excuse, rushed upstairs, locked myself in my bedroom and cried.
A half hour later, I heard Scarface knocking on my bedroom door. “Coyote? Coyote are you there?” he asked.
“What do you want, Scarface?” I replied miserably.
“I just want you to know that Soul, Sarg, and I are going to the Smoke House and we want you to come with us, okay?”
“I’ll be right down, Scarface,” I said. I swiped my hand over face, trying to get rid of the salty trail my tears had left. I just hoped my eyes didn’t look red from crying.
As I went downstairs, I looked over the railing, and saw the rest of the Wolf Pack getting ready to leave. Jaguar was sharpening his claws on a flat rock. Soul was sitting at a table, packing rolls of bandages into a tattered green backpack. Then he started chopping up some kind of medicine I had never seen before. “What’s that, Soul?” asked Lisra, who was very interested in medicine and herbs.
“These are pills, made from the milky juice of poppies. Doctors used these pills as painkillers. I’m taking them with me because I’m sure that the Jagrundi warriors are hurt pretty badly.”
“Why are you chopping the pills up, then?” Lisra questioned.
“Because if I don’t chop them up, and the warriors get too much, it will kill them,” Soul said dumping the diced medicine into the backpack.
“Alright, then since it looks like Coyote and Soul are ready to leave, let’s go,” Scarface announced. Sarg, Scarface, Soul, and I walked out onto the icy streets, leaving Lisra and Jaguar to guard our house.
The Smoke House was really just a butcher shop that had its entrance destroyed by fire. However, its acid, smoky smell made it uninhabitable. As soon as I was ten feet away from the Smoke House, the smog entered my lungs, making them burn like fire. My eyes began to tear up. I turned around, and saw that the rest of the Pack wasn’t doing much better. Sarg and Scarface were leaning on each other for support as they staggered through the thick smoke, coughing violently. Soul had the good sense to bring a scarf with him and wrap it around his mouth, so he wasn’t breathing in as much smoke. From the way his eyes were watering, I could tell his method wasn’t very effective.
As soon as the Wolf Pack got into the building, we nearly trampled each other trying to get to the next room. Sarg opened the rusted door to the next room, and I followed gulping in the sweet, cold air. Scarface and Soul both staggered in, and closed the door, keeping the pure air inside the room. The Wolf Pack’s/Jagrundi’s meeting place wasn’t that impressive. It was just a plain white room with a long metal table, and a cold floor.
All at once, there was a sound like the one I heard when Lukas had thrown his knife at me. Sarg froze in horror as the weapon sailed toward him. “Sarg, MOVE!” Scarface barked as he shoved the young warrior out of the weapon’s path, and then ducked as it sailed over his head. I stared at the object now embedded in the wall. Half a second later and our leader would’ve been hit by the arrow.
“Darn you, Athena! You almost killed Sarg!” our leader shouted.
“Sorry, I thought he was a Scorpion warrior,” the Jagrundi leader replied, stepping out of the shadows, her gray eyes reflecting shame and sadness. “It’s just that I’m so angry and frustrated at the Scorpions! I shot the arrow without thinking. I lost over half my pack today.” Her words made all the anger I had for Athena shooting at my comrade instantly dissolve.
“How did you lose over half your pack, Athena?” I asked.
“This afternoon I was just coming back from a patrol with Jinx and Katie, when I heard screaming from inside our home. I opened the door and found Jessica fighting a Scorpion warrior. I raced into the battle but there was about twenty of them, and only twelve of us. As soon as they had us surrounded Ace took out a blowtorch and,” said Athena, her voice cracking, “lit our house on fire.”
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