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The Taken

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Disobeying The Rules

Flame woke up in the Nursery next to his mother Stream, and brother Storm. The red wolf pup staggered to his paws and gave a tiny yawn, then poked his head out of the Nursery entrance.
“What are you doing?”
Flame jumped, then relaxed when he saw a white head pop out of the bramble entrance beside him. “Oh hello Snow, I was just wondering if anyone else was awake in the camp.”
She smiled at him then replied. “Lets go to the watering hole.”
Flame agreed and the two friends raced to the small pond, jumping into it. The cool water felt good on his skin in the humid weather, after awhile the two pups got out, and shook themselves off. Snow suddenly leaped at Flame, knocking him over.
“Ha, never even saw it coming!”
Flame struggled under her grasp. “I won’t loose to a she-wolf.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Snow growled playfully pushing him down harder into the dirt.
Finally Flame stopped struggling, annoyance flickering in his gaze. “Alright I give up, you win.”
Snow got off letting him stagger to his paws.
“You wouldn’t have beaten me, if I hadn’t been taken by surprise.” Flame exclaimed getting into a crouch.
“Uh-huh.” Snow teased, she batted at his ear and raced away.
Flame sped after her, he was so intent on catching the white she-wolf that he didn’t see his mother, and bumped into her leg.
Stream touched her nose to Flame’s head. “Easy there, tiger.”
Flame ducked away from her, then asked. “Hey, Mom! Can we go outside of camp and play?”
Stream frowned. “Sorry Flame, but you know the rules no pups outside of camp.”
“But we won’t go far.”
“Flame I’ve told you a thousand times, it’s not safe.”
“Then why do all the other wolves get to go?” Flame growled.
Stream looked sternly at her son. “Flame, no means no.”
Flame looked up angrily at Stream. “Fine, we’ll find something else to do.” he then stomped off into a bush, Snow racing after him.
When they got deeper into the branches, he turned to her and whispered. “Come on.”
“Where are we going?” Snow asked.
“Outside, where else?”
“But, your mom said-”
“My mom says a lot of things, now are you coming or not?” Flame interrupted.
“I don’t know…”
“Oh come on, we won’t be long.”
“Okay, but just for a little bit.”
Flame smiled. “That’s more like it.“ He then lead the way out of camp, and farther into the brush. When they got to a clearing, Flame tackled Snow. “I have come for vengeance.”
Snow laughed and kicked his stomach with her back paws. There was a crack of twigs and the two pups looked up, alarmed.
Snow gasped as a wolf stepped from the bushes. Then Relief crossed her face as she saw Stream, then suddenly a new fear overwhelmed her.
“What are you two doing here?”
Flame got off of Snow and walked up to his mother cowering. “I-I…”
“You completely disobeyed me!”
“I’m sorry.” Flame whined.
Snow got up and watched them, shame consuming her.
“It’s too late for tha-” Stream cut short ears pricked sniffing the air, she then looked at the pups franticly. “Get back to the camp hurry!” but it was too late, two male wolves stepped into the clearing. The biggest one smiled looking at Flame. “There’s a good one.”
Stream stood over the pups. “They are too young.”
“Move aside she-wolf.” growled the other wolf.
Stream got into a defense position. “Make me.”
The male who had spoken first stepped forward. “You knew this day would come, especially to a irresponsible mother that let’s her pups go into the forest when ever they want.”
Stream gave a growl.
“We will return tomorrow morning and you will hand him over to us.”
Flame’s mother lunged at the wolves, and they raced away into the trees.
Snow stood, still, shaking. “Are they really going to take Flame?”
Stream looked down at them sadly avoiding the question. To hide her fear from the pups she ordered. “Come on, we’re leaving.”
As they walked home Flame asked. “Is this the danger you were talking about?”
“Yes.” Stream sighed finding it harder and harder to hide her fear.
“Why do they want me?”
The silver wolf looked at her son. “They are from a pack that is dying from hunters, and they will often send out wolves to find fit and strong pups from other packs and take them back to theirs.”
“Are you gonna let them take him?” Snow whimpered.
Stream turned to Snow. “Not if I can help it.”
When they entered the camp, Stream sent the pups to the Nursery and padded towards the Alphas’ den. As she neared the entrance, her mate, Blaze walked out.
“Hello Stream, I was just on my way to visit you.”
“The Stone pack has shown interest in Flame.”
The Alpha Male stiffened. “Well they can’t have him.”
“It won’t be that easy, you and I both know that although low in number they are clever and fierce. They won’t give up on anything when they want it, especially not an addition to their pack.”
Blaze growled. “As long as blood flows through our veins, this pack will fight.”
“I was afraid you’d say that.” Stream sighed.
Blaze looked lovingly at his mate. “Don’t worry, Flame will remain here.”
Stream touched her nose to his, and walked back to the Nursery.
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Shoulder-Guy said...
Jan. 3, 2012 at 5:08 pm
LOVED IT! You should turn these into movies! ;)
lfleetwood replied...
Feb. 11, 2012 at 9:15 pm
Awsome story!

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