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Erick and Erin

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I woke up with hunger and sighed. I got out of bed and made sure my nightgown was not awkwardly placed. I then left my room without shoes and went to the kitchen. The room was cold and dead, but I ignored the curiously silent room and got crackers out of the pantry. I took them with me to my room and sat at my windowsill as I ate. I watched the sun slowly rise in the purple sky. Once it was fully up I heard the rustle of people waking and was not surprised when Isaac came into my room. He sat in
There is more to come if anyone would like.
a chair he pulled up to the windowsill and smiled to me. I took his right hand in mine and set it on my slightly large stomach. He tensed for a moment when he felt something move and I laughed. “He’s up early just like us.”
“He?” Isaac asked and I nodded.
“My baby is a boy. I found out yesterday while you were gone.” I said and then looked back to the sun. “So has there been any word from Gale or Michel?”
A deep sigh came from Isaac with a shake of his head. “No one has seen or heard from them for almost four months now. I think they might have been killed.”
I looked at my stomach. “No. They can’t be dead. Gale still doesn’t know he is a dad. He will come around soon enough.”
“So when are you going to tell people? You’re almost half way through your pregnancy. If you don’t tell people soon they will figure it out on their own.”
“By ‘they’ you mean Erick and Damien, correct?” I asked and he nodded. “I know they will figure it out, but I will not tell them before I tell Gale.”
“But what if Gale never comes back?”
I frowned. “Don’t say that.”
“I’m just looking at the facts, Erin.” He said and then set his hand on my shoulder. “Trust me, I want him to be alive and well as much as you do.”
I nodded. “I know.” I whispered with a sad look towards him, but we were interrupted by a knock at the door. “Yes?” I asked the closed door.
“Erin, it’s me.” Erick said and I looked at Isaac with a look as if to say ‘don’t say a word’. “Are you ready for today? I need you to look over something.”
“I’ll meet you in the kitchen in a few minutes.” I replied and then stood. Isaac left after Erick did and I changed into a loose dress that would not show my stomach. I then left the room and went to the kitchen. When I saw Erick I smiled and then poured myself a glass of water. Once I had drunk all of it we left and went to Erick’s office. The place looked like a dark wooded den but I enjoyed the look as Erick slid a paper across the table between us. “What’s this?” I asked him curiously.
“It declares our marriage to be real.” He relied without looking at me purposely. He knew I was mad and I showed it by shoving the paper back to him.
“We are not going to marry, Erick.”
“It is for the good of our people.”
I stood out of my chair and walked to the door of the room. “They are your ‘people’, if that’s what you want to classify them as. I think of them more as demons.”
“Not this again, Erin.” He said with a sigh.
“Then don’t bring it up, Erick.” I argued. “Now if you will excuse me, I have to go check something…”
Erick stood with anger. “It doesn’t matter how many times you check, Erin! Gale and Michel ran off! They’re gone and aren’t coming back! They may even be dead!”
I opened the door angrily. “Hold your tongue!” I ordered. “Don’t even say that! Gale and Michel are coming back! I know they are!” I yelled and then slammed the door behind me. I quickly blocked my mind from my brother’s immediate intrusion as I walked out of the corridor of the castle he was in and left the castle. I was stopped quickly when something hit my back lightly. I turned and quickly caught the thin sash as I saw Isaac smiling to me. I looked up at him curiously as I put sash over my shoulders.
“If you go out in that you two will freeze.” He explained without truly saying much that meant anything to anyone but the two of us. I smiled to him.
“Thanks, Isaac. I’ll be back soon.” I added and then went to the stable on the side of the castle. My horse I had now claimed as mine that had brought me to Gale more than 4 months ago seemed excited to see me. I got on her and led her to the town behind the castle. I went slowly to the grand church there and left her outside as I went in. No one was in the church except for the priest who was dusting the statue of the Lord and Lady. I went over to him as he turned and I curtsied.
“Well Princess Erin, what a pleasant surprise.” He said kindly with a bow back to me.
“I’m just here to pray, sir, if you don’t mind.”
He smiled. “That is what this building was made for, dear girl. Use as much as needed.” He said and I nodded. He left me and I put my hands together as I slightly bowed my head like a person would do on earth if they were at a house of god. The room fell silent.
“Lady Erin, please hear my prayer.” I said and then looked up at the statue. “I pray for the safety of my dear friend Michel and the love of my life, Gallium. I also pray they will come back to me soon,” Tears ran down my cheeks, “I cannot raise my son without his true father! I want to let my son have what I didn’t! I want him to grow and live with his true parents! He deserves that!” I brushed the tears away, “I miss them so badly and cannot hold off those that threaten to kill your true people with my heart thinking of someone else. Gale is my love, hope and strength like Lord Erick was for you. But, unlike you, I cannot marry the Prince Erick that loves me. I cannot marry a man that does not believe his own family and does not truly love me! I can’t marry anyone but Gale!” I cried more and then stood straight, “Please, Lady Erin, with all of my loyalty towards you and only you, I need your help. No one else can do so. Please.” I whispered but stopped when footsteps shook my concentration. I quickly turned to see an enraged Damien quickly coming towards me. He grabbed me before I could get away and pushed me to the ground. He stood above me with death and fury in his eyes that terrified me.
“You’re pregnant! With Gale’s child! You b****!” He yelled and I tensed when I felt a blow to my right side. I grabbed my side as I felt blood slowly dripping from the horribly painful wound of his kick. “You’re ruining everything!” He yelled and then pulled a knife out of his pocket. “I will kill it before it can ruin our plans!” He hissed and then lunged for me. I quickly rolled to the side as he hit the floor hard and I scurried to my feet. I ran out of the church and quickly got to my horse. I made her run as fast as possible when I noticed Damien chasing after me on his own horse. When I got to the castle I quickly stopped and ran inside. I sprinted down the hall towards my brother when I was pushed to the ground from behind. I grabbed my stomach as I slid across the tiled floors and Damien pulled his knife back out.
“Erick!” I screamed with fear but it was too late. Time seemed to slow as Damien lunged at me again, but I was as surprised as Damien when he was slammed into by someone and thrown to the white wall by us. I quickly sat up to see Damien trying to fight Isaac who has knocked the knife from his hand. A door opened and Erick ran to me. I watched in horror as Damien punched Isaac in the face. “Isaac!” I cried as Damien stood with a deadly look in his eyes that had turned orange. But when he looked over to me and saw Erick next to me he froze. I stood quickly and ran to Isaac. I fell to his side and tried to wipe the blood coming from his face as I cried. Isaac winced when I touched the wound and I felt even worse. He gave me a look of sorrow and I hugged his waist tightly as I cried more. He tried to hug me back but gasped when I felt him touch my right side. I looked up to him as he stared at his bloody hand. He quickly froze with shock as he realized I was bleeding horribly. I sat up and he gave me a strong glance.
“Who did that to you!” He demanded and I looked down to my knees. Isaac started to get up as he realized Damien had done so, but I grabbed him.
“Don’t!” I pleaded.
“How could you hurt Erin this badly, Damien!” Isaac yelled in anger. “And then you tried to attack her with a knife! What’s wrong with you? Have you gone crazy!”
Erick watched with uncertainty as Damien clenched his fists. “I’m not crazy! She is!”
“She’s pregnant!” He hissed. “She’s ruining everything!” Damien yelled and started to come after me but Erick put his arm in front of him.
Isaac looked down to me and I looked away. “Ever thought she does not want to let you rape her anymore! And did you ever consider that she may love Gale!” Isaac helped me stand and set his hand on my cheek as he looked back to Damien. “You are a sick person that does not deserve to be protected by Erin! She didn’t tell anyone that you raped her because she knew you would be killed! Even after all you have done! Even after finding out you wanted to kill her brother! She still protected you even though you deserve to die!”
“Isaac…” I whispered and he quickly looked to me. “I need to get to the doctor.”
“Right.” He replied and the quickly brought me away. He took me to the doctor’s room that gave me a look of horror when he saw my side. I ended up getting four stitches in my side and a large bandage. But, I found out my son was not injured in this because the blow to my side was taken by my lowest rib on that side which was cracked and meant I could not do much until it healed.
“Thank you doctor.” I whispered kindly to him and he smiled to me as he sat down by my side that was not taken by Isaac.
“The prince asked for your presence in his office after I had seen you.” He said and then sighed. “Also he thought you should know that Damien has been put under house arrest so that he cannot touch you again.”
“Thank you Lord and Lady.” Isaac said with a breath of relief. “We should go.” He said to me and I nodded. I started to get up but the doctor grabbed my arm.
“You need to be very careful, Princess. Remember.” He sad and I nodded. Isaac led me slowly to Erick’s room and stopped with his hand on the doorknob.
“Do you want me to come in?”
“No, but please stay close by.” I asked and he nodded. He opened the door and I went inside to see Erick sitting at his desk with his head down, which quickly moved up when Isaac shut the door behind me. I looked at Erick as he stood and came over to me.
“Hey, so what’s the doctor’s verdict?” He asked and then led me to a chair across from his. I sat down in it and he quickly went to his to hear my report.
“I had to get a few stitches on my side and have a cracked rib.” I replied quietly and then set my hand on my stomach. I looked up at him with regret. “I’m so sorry Erick. I should have told you I was pregnant.”
He looked away from me. “While you were with the doctor I tried to come up with an answer to why you didn’t tell me, but never came up with one.”
I set my hand over his that was on the table. “I wanted to tell you the moment I found out, Erick but…” I looked down from his gaze, “I thought Gale deserved to know before anyone. I wanted to make sure he even wanted this child but he has been missing for a long time now. I now am going to have the child but I still wanted Gale to know first. But believe me, Erick, once I told Gale I was going to come directly to you next.”
“So Isaac knows?”
I nodded. “He figured it out before I did.” I laughed lightly. “And he has offered to help me through this in place of Gale. Isaac really is a wonderful person.”
Erick squeezed my hand in his and I looked at him with curiosity. “Erin, what have you not told me? All I know is you were raped by Damien and are pregnant with Gale’s child that Damien tried to kill.”
“The night when I read everything about the demons in the castle I went back to my room and Damien insisted on talking to me but I wanted nothing to do with a demon and he became angry. His eyes changed into a deep orange that means he is ready to kill and he raped me and kept it so I could not yell to you. When I got up the next morning I talked to you and you did not believe anything about the demons, which made me feel like no one understood me here since Isaac was gone. So I quickly left the castle and went to Gale because I had to tell him how sorry I was.” I started but Erick stopped me.
“Sorry? Why were you sorry?”
I sighed. “I had wanted Gale to be my first, but Damien had taken that from me so I had to tell Gale I was sorry.” I looked at Erick and he seemed very uncomfortable but told me to go on. “Gale tried to calm me down and we ended up telling each other our true feelings which in the moment made us give ourselves to each other.” I looked at my stomach. “That is how I conceived Gale’s child.” I looked back to Erick. “But then a few days later Gale snuck into the castle and wanted to kill Damien for what he had done but I stopped him. He then told me that he had to leave for a while but would come back the second he could…that was the last time I saw Gale and Michel.”
“So what happened today that led to the fight?”
“I went to the church in town to pray for Gale and Michel’s safe return and Damien overhead me telling Lady Erin that I wanted my child to have his real father in his life and that I needed Gale. He then got mad and tried to attack me so when I got away all I could think of was to come to you. I knew you would protect me from Damien, but before I got to your room Damien caught me and before he could kill my child he was attacked by Isaac which was when you came in.”
“What I don’t understand is why Damien wanted to kill your child so badly.”
“He told me that I was ruining his plan to have me give birth to powerful demons.” I said and then gave a look of sadness to Erick. “That is what I was trying to tell you the day everything started but you didn’t believe me.” I said as I looked away and he stood. He walked over to me and lifted my chin so that I was looking at him.
“I was wrong to not believe you, Erin.” He seemed extremely sorry. “So, so wrong.”
“So you believe me?”
He nodded and then lightly hugged me. “I love you Erin and believe you.” He thought for a moment. “And I’m sorry I tried to make you marry me. I just thought that if you did I could protect you better.”
“I love you too Erick.” I said as I held him close to me. “I love you so much. I will never let those things kill you. Not while I’m still breathing.”
Erick laughed. “Oh yea? You’re going to fight demons while pregnant? I’d like to see that.” He laughed and then helped me stand. He helped me until we got to Isaac who seemed surprised to see my brother smiling.
“So what’s the situation with Damien?” Isaac asked Erick. “If he gets anywhere near Erin I swear I’ll…”
“Calm down, Isaac.” I assured him and then looked to Erick. “Where is Damien anyway?”
“He is under house arrest and cannot leave his quarters. He also will be escorted at all times and is not allowed anywhere near either of you.”
“It’s my pleasure.” Erick replied to me and then I left with Isaac. He brought me back to my room and I told him everything that had happened.

I sat up quickly at about midnight a week later when I felt something wet on my left arm. I threw back my covers to see watery blood and quickly ran to the bathroom. I stuck a towel between my legs like I had seen a woman on a movie do and quickly but quietly ran to Erick’s room. I knocked on the door frantically until Erick opened it. I was covered in sweat and looked odd with my legs so oddly put together. “Erick…” I gasped between heavy breaths. “Something’s wrong.”
“Something’s wrong with my baby.” I gasped as I tried to not fall to the floor.
“Let’s go to the doctor’s room.” He suggested and I nodded. Erick picked me up and moved as fast as he could to the doctor’s room. He knocked on the door like I had to him and the doctor quickly opened it. “Something’s wrong with the baby.” Erick explained and we were let into his room. We went into the doctor’s part of the place and I was set on the large chair in there. The doctor took the towel from my legs and seemed shocked in a bad way. He quickly lifted the end of my nightgown, which made me uncomfortable, but I knew I should trust him.
“Sir Erick, go wake up my assistants! Quickly!” The doctor ordered and Erick ran out of the area.
“What’s wrong, sir?” I asked him.
“You’re dilated, Miss Erin. You are going into labor.” He replied and I sat up quickly.
“What!” I yelled. “But I’m only five months! I’m only halfway through the pregnancy!”
“Lady Erin had her children in half the time of usual so your body must be following the same trend.” He explained and I started to cry. He moved the chair so that it was flat and took out an IV. He stuck it in my left arm’s veins and then gave me two shots for numbing. Erick came in with four people behind him and then Isaac ran in behind them. He came directly to me and gently moved hair from my face.
“Erick came and told me you are sick. What’s wrong?” Isaac asked me as the doctor talked to his assistants and I held his hand in mine.
“I’m having my baby.” I whispered as I cried again.
“What!” He asked but then brushed my tears away and seemed sad. “Why are you crying?”
“Gale isn’t here to even see his child!” I cried as I put my hands over my eyes. “I wanted him here for this!”
Isaac went over to my brother and talked to him. They both left in a hurry but my brother came back as the doctors set up. “Where’s Isaac?” I asked him.
“He’s gone to look for Gale.” He said and I was happy but sad at the same time.

I woke up a few hours later and saw the room was dark, lonely, and still. I sat up to see a little boy in a basinet pulled next to my bed sleeping happily and I knew this was my son. The baby had on a thick one-piece pajama footy and a hat that kept him warm. I leaned over and touched his tiny fingers and he opened his eyes. He gave me a toothless smile and giggled adorably. “Hey there little guy.” I whispered in a motherly tone as I picked him up. He snuggled against my chest and seemed content. I knew he felt safe since he was near my heart beat that had put him to sleep so many times just like I felt safe as a kid when I could feel Erick’s heart beat. His little hand took a light grip on a piece of my hair and tugged on it without any force. I smiled and he giggled but after a few minutes he fell asleep with my hair and heart beat with him. I sat up and took the blanket in the bed he had been in and put it around him. I then slowly got up and left the room. I walked around the castle but could not find anyone. I went to Erick’s room and knocked on the door.
“Erick? It’s me.” I whispered and I heard him scurry to the door. He opened it and immediately looked at my son. His eyes seemed determined and happy.
“This is he?”
I nodded and held back tears. “You’re an uncle.”
“Have you given him a name yet?” Erick asked.
I shook my head. “I don’t know what to name him.”
“To me he looks like an Oliver or Lucas.”
“Oliver…I like that.” I said with a smile and touched my son’s hand again. He woke up and I smiled. “Do you like the name Oliver?” I asked and he giggled. I laughed too. “Then Oliver it is.”
“Hello, Oliver.” Erick said as he slowly and gently took Oliver from me. He rocked Oliver gently and smiled to me. “He has our eyes.”
“I know,” I smiled back, “Has there been any word from Isaac?”
He shook his head. “He should be coming back soon so the soldiers can sleep.” I nodded and took Oliver back.
“I want Isaac to meet Oliver…” I said and then looked down to Oliver but looked back to Erick after a few seconds. “Erick, do you think Gale is still alive?”
Erick caressed my cheek to comfort me. “I know he is. He would never die and leave you. He’s too stubborn.”
I smiled. “Yea.” I whispered and then walked off. Oliver played with my diamond necklace as I walked outside. I sat on the stone railing of the front entrance and rocked Oliver as he discovered his world outside of the castle. My focus was taken from Oliver when I heard horses running. I looked up to see horses running from the forest that were led by Isaac. I quickly stood and Isaac made his horse sprint to me. He quickly hopped off the horse when he got to the stairs leading to me and ran up them. He got to me and was out of breath but still looked at me with kindness. “Isaac…this is Oliver.”
“Oliver…” He repeated and then ticked Oliver’s stomach, which he laughed at. “It’s good to meet you.” He added to Oliver and then looked up to me. He kissed my cheek and then gave me a look with hope. “Erin, we found him. We found Michel and Gale.”
I felt tears pour down my cheeks and I hugged Oliver closer to me. “Oliver, did you hear that? They found your daddy.” I whispered and Oliver giggled with innocence. I looked to Isaac again. “Where are they?”
“At a hospital about two hours away. They got caught in a storm while on their trip and were in bad condition for a while. But they will be getting out of the hospital in a week.” He replied and I cried again with happiness. I took Isaac’s hand in mine and led him inside. I brought him to Erick and knocked on the door that he answered quickly.
“They found them.” I whispered and he was happy for me. “I have to go to them…” I said but Isaac grabbed my arm to stop me.
“You can’t leave Oliver.”
“I’ll take him with me.”
“Then I’ll go with to help.” I nodded and we left. I got to my horse and she was excited to see me. I balanced the patient child as I rod the horse next to Isaac’s horse. I made my horse sprint for a long time until the end of our journey in front of a new building with many levels. I quickly got down with Oliver and Isaac joined me. I felt sick but hid it under my happiness as I followed Isaac inside and to the front desk of the building. A woman behind the desk dressed in a nurse’s uniform smiled and stood to me. She bowed proudly and then came to me.
“Princess Erin, it is an honor.” She said kindly and I smiled as I pulled Oliver closer to me in excitement.
“I am here to see Sir Gallium and Sir Michel, are they here?” I asked and she nodded. I followed her down a hall to a door that we stopped at. Time slowed as she opened the door and I saw two men sitting on separate white beds with bandages on them. They looked over to me and time came back to its regular pace as I fell to my knees and burst into tears. The nurse quickly dropped at my side and grasped my arm.
“Princess Erin! Are you alright?” She asked me frantically and I looked up to her with a bigger and more important smile on my face.
“I’m alright, Miss. I am just happy.” I said and she smiled as she stood. When she helped me to stand again she turned to Gale and Michel with kindness.
“You have another visitor.”
“Erin…” Michel whispered in shock as Gale froze at his spot. I nodded and he smiled to me.
“I’ll hold your son while you…” The nurse started to say but when she picked Oliver out of my arms he burst into crying loudly. I quickly took him back and sighed as he closed his eyes to the sound of my heart.
“He’s very temperamental.” I replied and she nodded. I went over to Michel and he stood. I held him with one arm as I balanced Oliver in the other. When we let go Michel looked at me with concern.
“Who is this?”
“Oliver…” I said and then rocked Oliver slowly. “He is my son.” His face changed quickly.
“Son?” He asked and I nodded. He looked down at his feet with disappointment. “So while we were here you married Erick and had his child? Or is this the child of Damien?” Michel asked and I slightly jumped when Isaac quickly came over to me.
“You have it all wrong, Michel.” Isaac said to him. “Damien is being sentenced to death for trying to kill Erin a while back and she has refused to marry Erick.”
“Then whose child is it?” Gale asked as he came to Michel’s side and Isaac smiled over to me.
“Oliver is…” I said and then set my hand on Gale’s shoulder. “Your child.” I whispered and then my hand dropped. I lifted Oliver and handed him to Gale. Unlike with the nurse Oliver closed his eyes to Gale’s heartbeat since it was familiar like mine. Isaac took Oliver from Gale and rocked the child.
“Michel, I need to talk to you privately.” He said and I smiled. He was giving me some time with Gale and everyone knew it. They left with the nurse and shut the door so that we were alone. I went and sat on his bed as he watched me.
“So…” I whispered and then looked up to him. “You have been gone for almost five months.” I looked away from him and to my hand that slid across the bed sheets. “How have you been?”
“Not good. We were attacked by a group of demons about four months ago while on our way to a friend of Michel’s that was having trouble with the demons killing his people.”
“How badly were you hurt?”
“A few broken bones…”
“That must have been painful.” I replied and he sat next to me. He caressed my cheek.
“It was nothing compared to the heart ache I had from being away from you for such a long time.” He whispered and I felt a tear fall from my cheek. He brushed it away.
“I thought you were dead.” I cried. “For the past five months all I could think about was you and Michel. I prayed almost every day for your safe return.” I hugged him tightly. “And when I was told I was pregnant I knew it was your child. After that I cried myself to sleep every night to the thought of you never coming back…” I let go of him and looked him in the eyes. “All I could think of was regretting never seeing you again without telling you how I really felt. I was scared I would never get the chance to tell you how truly much I loved you.”
He smiled. “I already knew, Erin. You didn’t have to tell me, I could just tell. I am your best friend after all.”
“But I wanted to tell you...”
“It’s okay.” He said and then kissed me. “But what I don’t get is how is Oliver mine if he was born lately? We had sex five months ago.”
I smiled. “I am just like Lady Erin in many ways. When she had children it only took her half of a regular human pregnancy and that is what happened to me.”
“So Isaac said Damien has been sentenced to death for trying to kill you? When did that happen?”
“A week and a half ago. I hadn’t told anyone about Oliver and went to pray for your safety to Lady Erin. But Damien listened to what I said and when I was done he tried to kill our child. I didn’t know where to go so I got away and ran to Erick but in front of his door Damien pushed me. He tried to kill Oliver again but Isaac showed up and fought him. Erick then came out and stopped Damien.” I said and then looked to the door of the room. “Isaac had a bruise for a few weeks on his cheek.”
“So were you okay?”
I nodded. “For the most part.” I said and then lifted my dress so that he could see the stitches. “But when Damien kicked me he broke the skin and cracked my rib.”
“He should die for that.” Gale agreed and I sighed.
“I don’t want him to die, but it’s the only way to save Erick and Oliver.” I whispered and then stood when the door opened. Oliver was crying in Isaac’s arms as Michel followed right behind them.
“I think he’s hungry.” He told me and I smiled.

I woke up in the middle of the night to the opening of my door. Oliver still slept in the cradle next to me, but I got up and went over to the wide-eyed Erick. He said nothing as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to his room. He stopped in front of his door and let go of me. “There’s a ghost of the Lady in my room. She told me she has to talk to you alone, but did not want to wake Oliver.” He explained and I nodded. I moved past him and opened the door. He stayed outside like ordered and I shut the door behind me. A colorless figure of an older I with slightly different features looked at me.
“Lady Erin…” I whispered and she smiled.
“I had to come talk to you, my child.” She said and I moved closer to her. “The demons have chosen a new leader and he is much stronger than the last. He is planning to kill Gallium.” She said and I just froze. I had to be dreaming. “Please, Erin. Take heed to my warning. It will be happening very soon.”
“But… who is the new leader?” I asked and she sighed with deep regret.
“I cannot say his name, Erin, for if I do he will kill Gale sooner than planned.” She looked me deeply in the eyes. “But he has deceived everyone, including you. Just do not let him get to Gale.”
“Is he at the castle?” She nodded but we were both stopped when the door flew open to the room and Lady Erin disappeared. Isaac came into the room and seemed shocked to see me by myself in an empty room.
“Erin, Oliver is crying.” He informed me and I nodded. I smiled to Isaac and then followed him to my room as Erick went back to his room. I picked up Oliver and rocked him as he calmed. “What were you doing in Erick’s room by yourself?”
I looked to him. “I was trying to contact Lady Erin.” I took out a bottle from the bag next to me and let Oliver drink the breast milk. “But she could not help me.”
“What did you want from her?” He asked as he sat next to me and I sighed.
“I wanted to hear her wisdom on being a mother.”
“Sorry she couldn’t help you.”
I shook my head. “It’s alright. I will just have to take this one day at a time.” I said and then looked at Isaac. “But I need to speak to Michel and Gale. Do you think you could have them come here today?”
“I will go get them.”

Oliver was with a nurse while I waited outside for Michel, Gale, and Isaac. When they showed up they were all on light brown horses and smiled to me. I ran to Gale as he dismounted his horse. I smiled and he brushed my hair from my face. He kissed my lips and I hugged him. When we parted he took my hand in his and I brought him to my room in the castle with the other two following. I sat on my bed and the other stood. “Michel, I want to have Gale stay at the castle with me. Is that possible?”
“But why?”
I looked down to my hands. “For Oliver and I.” I said and then looked to Gale. “I want to have Oliver’s father with him as much as possible.”
“But Erin, you are supposed to hate Gale and the others. It would be bad to have him here.”
“The demons will kill him.”
I sighed. “That’s the problem…”
The door to my room opened. “Erin…” Erick said and I smiled to him as he walked in. “I have to talk to you.”
“What is it?”
“I need your signature to this.” He said as he handed me a paper. I read it and looked up at Erick with amazement. “What do you think?”
I quickly wrote my signature and smiled. “This is what the Lord and Lady would do.” I said as I stood and held Erick’s hands in mine.
“This is what we were sent to do.” He said and then smiled over to Gale for the first time. “Gale and Michel were our signs.”
“What?” Gale asked me and I smiled again.
“We have officially declared war on all hectarine demons.” I replied and Isaac’s eyes widened. He sighed with relief and I smiled. I went over to him and set my hand on his arm. “Isaac?” I asked and he looked to me. His eyes changed to an orange and I froze. He grabbed my wrists and smiled to me like Damien had before he raped me. “No!” I whispered and a tear ran down my cheek. I quickly looked back to Gale. “Gale run! Get out of here!” I yelled and then tried to pull from Isaac.
“What!” Erick yelled and I pulled even harder.
“Michel! Get Erick and Gale out of here! It’s a trap!” I yelled and Michel immediately broke my bedroom window and grabbed onto Erick. Gale froze as he saw Isaac’s eyes and I felt his heart tearing. Isaac was the only person Gale trusted to protect me and now Isaac was trying to kill him and take me. “Gale! Go!” I cried. “Please! I can’t lose you again!” I felt tears pouring down my cheeks as Isaac started after Gale. Unlike before I was holding onto Isaac and he was trying to pull away. I shoved Isaac with all of my might and he fell to the floor. I quickly looked to Gale who was coming towards me. “Go.” I whispered in a plea.
“I can’t leave you here…” He whispered back and I tensed when Isaac grabbed my arms when he jumped to his feet. He was more concerned with me leaving than killing Gale, so I used that to my advantage.
“I’ll be alright…go.” I whispered and with a look of sorrow Gale jumped out the window to Michel and Erick below. I pushed Isaac off of me and sprinted to my door. I opened it and didn’t stop running because I knew he was right behind me. I sprinted to the nursery to see Damien standing next to the nurse I had trusted would keep Oliver away from Damien. I quickly ran to Oliver and cradled him in my arms. Isaac set his cold hand on my shoulder and I knew he was right behind me. Oliver and I were trapped within the reign of the demons. I looked down to Oliver and wished he could be with Gale, but I knew we were both trapped. I held Oliver with one arm as I used the other one to push Isaac’s hand off of me. I looked back to his orange eyes and then to Damien. How long had this plan been set up?
“You’re trapped, Princess Erin.” Isaac said with a crude smile. “There is no use in fighting us.”
I looked to Isaac and smiled which made him tense with confusion. Right now he was proud to have control over the situation but when I smiled he was not so sure he was in full control. “You only have Oliver and I trapped, demon.” I retorted. “But you do not have control over the Lord and Lady so you will never win.” I said and then looked to Damien. “Good thing you hinted to me that I should not trust Isaac, Damien. If it was not for that I would not have been in a situation that I could get the others out of.” I said and Isaac hissed in anger.
“You did what!” Isaac yelled to Damien, who was startled and unsure.
“I did no such thing!” Damien protested.
I smiled. “But you said, ‘I like pray that struggles and is clueless about the enemy.’” I looked down to Oliver who was listening to my heartbeat. “So I looked in even more and found out that there was a new leader of your kind and a day ago I figured out it was Isaac.”
Isaac frowned towards me and then gently brushed his hand across my cheek, “You seemed so unequipped to deal with us mentally, but I guess I was wrong. Setting it up so I would set up the freedom of the other three I need. That was very brilliant. I did not see it coming.”
“There are a lot of things you do not know, Isaac, if that is even your real name.”
He nodded, “It is. I made it so that you could not find out my name regardless of how deep you dug. I am glad I did so because if I had not you would have found out easily, unlike Lady Erin. She was typically the bronze of a situation when it came to fighting us. Erick was always the brains of the operation, yet it seems you received both traits while Erick only seemed to receive your affection and became your weakness along with Gallium, Michel, and,” Isaac tickled Oliver’s stomach and the clueless child laughed, “this child. Erin was never too close to her children. Erick was always the more affectionate one.”
I frowned, “And what makes you such an expert upon my lord and lady, demon?”
He claimed a smile that sent a chill up my spine, “I was the demon that befriended the two lords in order to find their weaknesses.”
“So you have lived since this world was created?”
He shook his head, “I died a few years after the lord and lady, but my followers of today resurrected me in order to duplicate my success once again.”
I smiled even more, “But you have already failed,” I looked to Damien, “You’re people were foolish for thinking my lady would send someone not capable of overcoming the man that destroyed her to save her people. She chose me to be her heir because I am capable of overcoming your leader,” I looked back to Isaac, “You do not even possess my brother anymore so you can never overcome this country. Even with me captured, Erick holds the most of our power. My lord and lady were smart enough to make it so I had almost no spiritual powers since I would be able to get Erick away and you would not be able to win.”
Isaac grabbed my chin, “Don’t think you are so smart, Erin,” He hissed, “You are hundreds of years too naïve to overcome me,” He suddenly smile and I felt disgusted, “But this will be interesting. You certainly are the first opponent I have had that has made me worry and check every move I make. Yet I will be the one to claim the victory of this game.”
I moved from his hand and gave him an evil grin, “We shall see.” I replied before walking out of the room. I went to my room and shut the door. I sat on the window sill and looked in the direction Gale, Michel, and Erick had gone in. I put my hand against the glass as tears covered my face, “Please, my Lord and Lady! Watch over those that I love but cannot protect!” I whispered in plead, “Keep them from the horrible touch of our enemies until I can find a way to bring them back to my side.” I lay my head on the glass as I cried, “Stay safe my love.” I added in a quiet breath before going to my bed with Oliver. I lay with my body around him to try to shield him from the grasp of the demons surrounding us.

“Oliver!” I gasped as he started to fall from the couch outside in the garden. I quickly grabbed his hand and pulled him to me. I let out a shaky breath as I tried to make my heart slow from its racing speed. I looked up as I heard someone walking on the grass and crushing it beneath its weight. I looked up to Isaac who smiled.
“You have very quick reflexes, Lady Erin.” He commented as I pulled Oliver closer to me.
“I shall take that as a compliment, sir.” I replied as I looked down to Oliver to check his body for wounds.
“You do not have to be so formal to me, my lady Erin,” He said as he put his hand near me and I quickly backed away, “Are you that terrified of my touch?”
I looked to Oliver with regret, “Tainted hands should not touch me or they may someday touch my son.”
He sighed, “I am not tainted.”
I stood and rocked Oliver in my arms, “Let us go to dinner, Oliver.” I said and then walked away. I brought Oliver to eat and after he was done I brought him to my room so I could guard him. A knock sounded at the door and I looked up from my sleeping child to Isaac.
“Is he asleep?”
I nodded, “Are you here to torture him further, sir? If so I ask you to leave.”
He came closer and shut the door, “Come now, Erin. Do not be so cold.”
“Any man who deceives my lover, tries to harm me, and defies my Lord and Lady will not be greeted kindly by the likes of me,” I replied, “Please leave us be.”
He came over and grabbed my chin with power, “You are my captive, Erin. Do not talk so harshly towards me or I shall kill that child.”
“Over my dead body shall you touch Oliver!”
He smiled, “That would be a waste. I have waited to have my child of power since the last Lady Erin died and I will not give up this opportunity.”
“Well you must wait longer.”
“No, you shall bear my child of power.”
I hissed, “I shall kill any child of mine that is anything like devils such as you.”
He grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of my chair. He pinned me against the wall nearest us and kissed me deeply. When he pulled away slightly I spit in his face. He back handed me powerfully on the cheek which sent me falling to the ground. He pulled me off the ground by my hair and I felt tears slowly falling down my face, “You are mine for the taking, Erin. Do not think you have any power here!” He hissed and then picked me up in order to throw me onto my bed. Isaac raped me for the 8th time since I had been separated from Erick, Michel, and Gale. It had almost become routine for me to sit there quietly as he invaded me. When it was over and he had become less angry he left. I quickly grabbed Oliver from his bed and embraced him in my arms. Even if I was not safe here, I had to make sure he was. He was the only thing left that reminded me of the people I missed most since Isaac had taken everything out of the castle that had anything to do with the three men I waited for. In the morning I went outside so Oliver could play with a farming dog that was always kept on the grounds by Isaac’s request since it pleased me to see Oliver play with the animal. A maid that worked in the stables came over to me with a smile. I had talked to her a few times and knew she was one of the people Michel had sent to keep an eye on me. She wiped her hands off on her dress and then sat beside me on the rock wall off to the side of the front yard. She let out a sigh of exhaustion and I gave her a smile.
“You sound tired, Miss Ellen. Maybe you should rest.”
She shook her head, “I would much rather stay at your side, Lady Erin. And I certainly love to watch Lord Oliver play. He is very precious.”
I nodded, “Indeed. He loves that dog.”
She gave me a look of worry, “You sound unwell, Lady Erin. Shall I watch your son so that you may rest?”
I smiled towards her, “Of anyone here I would certainly trust you to watch Oliver, but leaving him is impossible for me. I feel heartsick when he is gone.”
She squeezed my hand in hers, “Does he remind you of Lord Gallium? He looks much like his father.”
I nodded, “They are much alike, but leaving Oliver reminds me of how lonely this place is.”
“I wish I could save you from this cage, Lady Erin. I have seen how cruelly Sir Isaac and Sir Damien speak to you. It is not right. You are their Lady.”
I sighed, “Those heartless demons only listen to Isaac who would never listen to me.”
Her voice became quieter than the whisper she had been using prior, “Has Isaac found Lord Gallium, Sir Michel, or Lord Erick?”
I shook my head, “Not as I have heard. Have you heard from them in a while?”
She gave me an upsetting look, “Not for almost a month, Lady Erin. I am terrified they have been found.”
I kissed her head and she blushed, “Do not worry, Miss Ellen. They are the strongest and smartest men I have ever come to know. They will not be found.”
“But…” She started to argue but froze when we heard footsteps. I looked up to see Damien with his hands on his hips with anger.
“A maid should not be speaking with her Lady.”
I stood and took her hands in mine, “Please take care of my horse for me, Miss Ellen.”
She blushed, “Of course, Lady Erin. Please excuse me.” She whispered before quickly running away. I watched Damien but flinched when he moved closer to Oliver and the dog.
“Don’t touch him, I warn you.” I hissed.
“Since when have you started talking like a proper woman, Erin?”
I frowned, “My title insists it. Besides, the first Lady Erin spoke in such a manner and I want to follow in her footsteps.”
“So you want to also lose to us?”
“You twist my words, Sir,” I hissed, “What do you need? If you do not need something of me, please leave me to spend time with my son.”
“Isaac thinks you are becoming too familiar with that maid Ellen and told me to stop any conversations between the two of you. He knows she is not one of us and thinks she may be working for Gale.”
I leaned back against the wall, “If she was in contact with Gale I would not be here, would I? If I had contact with any of those men I would have already left to bring Oliver to them in order to keep him protected.”
“If that is the case then maybe I should just get rid of that boy.”
I looked away, “Then you will lose your second Lady Erin because I shall kill myself if any of you demons hurt my child.”
“You used to talk to me with love in your voice but now you talk to me as if I am nothing higher than scum.”
I crossed my arms, “I do not think scum is below you. There is no worse than your kind.”
He suddenly slapped me across the face and I felt hot tears fill my eyes, “How dare you talk to me that way! I am in control for once instead of you and yet you still act as if you are superior!”
I put my hand on my cheek and looked away, “When I loved you, I spoke to you with kindness and compassion, but now your face burns my soul to realize I thought I could ever trust you. I even thought of choosing you over Gale for a short time,” I brushed a tear away from my cheek as it fell, “But you have never been truthful to me! You have lied to me about everything since the moment I met you! You didn’t care for me when I was just a regular girl; you just wanted to manipulate me so I would have a demon child! I trusted you! I fell in love with you! And now I realize all of it was a lie! I love a Damien that does not exist so I will never talk to you like I used to!”
He suddenly shoved me to the ground with another hit across my face. I fell on my back while I cried but did not stop staring at Damien, “You know nothing! Don’t think you can talk to me like that!”
I nodded, “You are right, sir. I do not know anything. I had never met the real you until the night you raped me so I really do not know,” I stood and quickly picked up Oliver, “But I can speak to you any way I wish! I hold the key to your people’s future!” I hissed and then quickly made my way into the castle. A maid quickly stopped me when she saw my wound.
“Lady Erin, shall I get you ice?” She asked with worry but I could not accept her sympathy. One of her kind was the one who injured me. I quickly made my way to Erick’s study and placed Oliver in the extra bassinet that was put in there. He slept as I scanned the books lining the wall for what I searched for. When I found the album I brought it over to the desk and sat down as I opened it. A very dated picture of my Lord and Lady stared back at me and I just watched them. I did not move until there was a knock at the door. I looked up as Isaac stopped in the entry way of the door.
“What in the world gave you such a wound?” He asked as he came in. I quickly shut the book and pulled it against my chest as I looked away.
“It is nothing of concern.”
“Did one of the soldiers give it to you?”
I looked to Oliver, “No.”
“Then who?”
“No one.”
He suddenly came over and grabbed my chin. He squeezed it in his hand and forced me to look to him, “Tell me who I must injure back!”
I closed my eyes, “You are not my husband that must restore my honor by attacking the person who injured me, so just stop this.”
“It was a demon?”
I nodded, “None of my people would hurt me.”
“Tell me who or I shall attack your son.”
I stared at him, “Damien, per your request.”
“I requested no such thing of him!”
My glare intensified, “You requested that he keep me from speaking to Miss Ellen so he did so. He was merely following orders so do not blame him.”
“Are you defending the man that raped you?” He hissed but he seemed to become angrier when I started to laugh and it took a few moments to get myself calm.
“Pardon my rudeness, sir, but you have no room to talk in this situation. He merely raped me once while you… I actually have lost count of how many times you have defiled me.” A knock came to the door of the room and I turned as a young human boy came into the room, “Oh, Mark, what do I owe this visit?” I asked as I walked over to him with a smile, “Should you not be working in the kitchen as of this time of day?”
He nodded with a smile, “Ellen saw the general hit your face and she asked that I come check on you,” He placed a cold pack of ice on my cheek with care, “He hit you fairly hard, didn’t he? Are you alright?”
I looked down to Oliver, “If my child is alright then so am I.”
He sighed, “Please allow me to bring you to your room so you can rest.”
Isaac grabbed my arm and I turned to him for an explanation to see his dark orange eyes, “Take the child and leave us, boy.” He hissed and I quickly handed Oliver over to Mark.
“Please make sure he rests for me while we continue to chat, alright?” I asked and Mark nodded before leaving the room with Oliver.
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