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Erick and Erin

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I sat in class and watched my friend eat her sandwich. My stomach automatically growled when I saw her take another bite. She rolled my eyes at me and sighed. Her sandwich was laid onto her lap and she gave me a look of annoyance. “I’m only going to say this once more, girl. You can have some of my lunch.” She offered as she held half of her sandwich to me. I pushed it back to her as I shook my head.
“I know my dad will get my message and bring me my lunch,” I repeated for the second time, “He will.” I emphasized and she sighed. Her eyes of the sun left me and went outside to the basketball court where sunlight reflected to us. I looked there also to see my brother trying to grab the ball from his best friend. The game was 4 on 4 of my brother’s best friends and my friend’s boyfriend. She sighed as she watched her boyfriend dribble the ball and shoot. He made the shot and laughed at my brother from it. I laughed lightly, “Your boyfriend sure is good.” I admitted to my friend and she turned to me with a sway of her deep brown hair.
“He practices every day.”
“Well it’s paying off.” I replied and she smiled. We turned back to the court but I looked back to my friend and knew what she wanted to do. I stood and she was surprised. “Alright, come on.” I said and she seemed confused.
“Let’s go watch up close.” I said and she happily jumped up. We walked down the hall of the school and went outside to the court. When we came outside my name was shouted across the front lawn. I looked over to see my friend Hannah waving to me. I waved back with a smile but then went to the basketball court. My brother gave me a nod and got back to the game but my friend’s boyfriend ran over and gave her a quick peck on the cheek before going back to the game. I was slightly shaken when I felt two arms go around my waist. I turned my head to the side to see my friend Gale smiling down at me. “Hey.” I said kindly.
“What’cha doing out here?”
“Watching my brother.” I replied and he nodded. He eyes diverted to the court.
“You and your brother look a lot alike.”
I laughed. “We’re twins. Of course we look alike.” My brother came over to Gale and me with a look of anger. Immediately Gale let go of me. “Hey.” I said kindly.
“Can I talk to you for a sec?” He asked me and I nodded. I turned to my friend.
“Faith, I’ll be right back.” I said and she nodded. My brother took my hand and I followed him inside the school.
“What’s up with that nasty guy touching you?” My brother asked me angrily.
“You mean Gale? He was just hugging me.”
“But he’s a senior! You’re a sophomore. He shouldn’t even talk to you.”
I frowned. “He’s my friend, Erick.”
“Well don’t let him do anything, okay?”
I nodded. “Don’t worry.”
He sighed. “By the way, I can’t walk with you to practice today.” He said and I sighed with a look to the floor.
“Okay.” I said and then looked back to him. “You should go back to the game.” He left me with a sigh and I followed a few feet behind.

After school I went outside with my two bags, one on my back for classes and another in my right hand for my archery practice. I took out my Ipod and turned it on as I stuck the headphones in my ears. I went on my way down the center of town but stopped when I saw Gale with a group of his friends. I thought of my brother’s words and tried to get across the street but stopped when Gale quickly came over to me. I smiled at him. “Hi.”
“Hey, where ‘ya going?” He asked me kindly.
“Archery practice.” I replied and his left eyebrow moved up slightly in a confused look.
I nodded. “Every girl in my family takes it, so I’m no exception,” I said with a sigh, “Well I have to hurry, so I’ll see you later.” I added and then started past him, but he grabbed my wrist. I turned back to him curiously.
“I’ll walk you there.” He said and was surprised.
“Alright.” I said, feeling bad to refuse. He smiled, let go of me, and then walked at my side. He talked about his friends and asked me about mine while we walked. In ten minutes we had walked to my archery practice so I stopped in front of the building. “This is my stop.”
He smiled to me. “Alright.” He said but didn’t leave.
“I’ll see you later…” I urged but squeaked a yelp when Gale grabbed me and pulled me to the ground. I was blushing and tried to push him away but stopped when a large noise sounded and the building next to us burst into flames. Screams and crackles flew from the fire as I watched in horror. Gale quickly stood and pulled me up with him. A girl in my archery group ran out of a door with a burn on her shoulder.
“Erin!” She cried through tears to me and I started to run to her, but was pulled back by Gale. I tried to push him off of me, but he threw me to the ground behind him. A small hand knife came from his jean pocket and he threw it at my friend. I screamed in horror but stopped in a millisecond when my friend turned into a demon I had never seen before, but struck my soul with fear. Then the demon burst into flames and disappeared with a holler of pain. A man jumped from the roof of the burning building and sprinted at me.
“The girl!” The man yelled and I screamed in fear as the crazy looking man got near me, but I was even more frightened when Gale wrestled the man to the ground. Gale slammed his fist into the man’s head and the man disappeared in flames like the demon before. Another demon showed up a few yards away and hissed at Gale who grabbed my hand and sprinted off. I tried to keep up with his fast pace of running and was relieved when he stopped running a few blocks away. I immediately slumped to the ground and started to breath heavily. I looked up to Gale who was still standing, but quickly looked away when he looked back at me. I pulled my knees to my chest and looked down the alley I sat in. Images of those demons floated in and out of my mind with a shiver made by me every time. My thoughts then drifted to my family and I quickly stood. Gale walked over to me but I took a step back and he was concerned.
“I have to go check on my family.” I whispered and he shook his head.
“No one else will be attacked by those people now. Their damage is finished.”
“People? Those were demons!” I argued angrily, “I don’t really get what happened back there Gale, but I have a feeling I should just forget about it all,” I said and then looked at my feet, “I have to go make sure Erick is alright. He was in the area at the same time as us.” I picked up my bags off of the ground and quickly walked off. Gale called after me but I ignored it and just kept walking until I reached my house. When I got there I ran up the stairs and threw the front door open. A faint sound chimed as my cat trotted over to the door and purred me a hello. I smiled and picked up my cat. My bags dropped as I shut the door and I found myself wanting to lie down so I went to my couch. After a few moments I felt my body running down and ended up sleeping while cuddling my cat in my arms.

I woke up to a barely lit house. I quickly moved my cat from me and turned on a lamp next to me. I looked around but found no indication that anyone had come inside the house while I was asleep. “We probably just dozed off for an hour, Michel. Don’t worry.” I reassured my cat. I turned on the TV in front of the couch and was extremely shocked when news came on. Two people talked while holding coffee cups and I checked the time at the corner of the screen, 6:47 a.m. My bus comes at 7:00! I jumped up and ran up the staircase of the house. I ran into my room, quickly took a shower, and then threw on a jean mini-skirt and purple tank top. I followed with make-up, hair, teeth, and hoop earrings. I flew back downstairs and to my cat. I kissed him on the head, grabbed my bags, and left. When I got outside I saw the last kid getting on my bus one house over and sprinted there like a mad woman while the bus’s doors shut but reopened at my arrival. I quickly went into the bus to see a mad bus driver, but smiled at her. “Thanks for waiting.” I said and she frowned even more. I ignored it and went to the back of the bus. I took the last seat in the left row that was empty. I took out my Ipod and listened to music as the bus sped and slowed for stops. I quickly looked up at the last stop when someone tapped my shoulder, but was annoyed when I saw it was Gale. I looked to the front of the bus and saw my other close guy friend named Damien. “Damien!” I called and his eyes automatically locked on me. Gale watched as Damien came up to him with a frown but neither moved.
“Out of my way, Gale.” Damien spat.
“Make me.”
I quickly grabbed Damien’s hand and pulled him around Gale. I sat him next to me and smiled. “Morning.”
“Hey.” He said to me kindly and ignored Gale, who finally understood what I was doing and sat down. The bus ride was awkward with Gale watching me and I was happy when I got to walk inside and lose his gaze.

At lunch I followed my friend Faith to her locker and she grabbed two brown bags today. She handed one to me and smiled. “Don’t say anything, just take it.” She said and I smiled with a nod. We went outside and sat on the ground next to the basketball court to watch her boyfriend play. “So where is your brother?” Faith asked me and I flinched. I didn’t know. “I noticed he hasn’t been here all day.”
“Uh…he had a dentist appointment.” I lied and she nodded. We watched the game again but froze like everyone else.
Gale shoved Damien and yelled “Back off!”
“What did you say? Who do you think you are?” Damien yelled when he shoved Gale back. I quickly stood and ran over to them when Gale almost slugged Damien.
“Stop!” I yelled and they both immediately stopped. I grabbed Gale’s wrist and pulled him to the side of the school. “What were you thinking?”
Gale just looked at my angry face. “Stay away from that guy, Erin. He’s bad news.”
“Don’t tell me what to do, Gale.” I crossed my arms across my chest but was shocked when Damien came over to us and set his arm around me.
“Can we talk, Erin?” Damien asked me and I nodded. He pulled me away from Gale and we sat under a tree.
“What do you want to talk about?”
“I just wanted to say I’m sorry. Gale and I should not have started yelling.” He said and I nodded. “Also, I want to take you somewhere after school.”
“I can’t do anything after school.”
He gave me a smile that I could not tell where it came from. “I want to bring you to your brother. He asked me to.”
“You saw my brother?” I asked and he nodded.

Damien drove his car to his house and we got out. “My brother is at your house?” I asked and he did not respond, instead he took my hand in his and brought me inside. We went up to his room and he insisted I sit on his bed. He brought a black sharpie over to me and asked me to hold out my right wrist. I did in hopes of seeing my brother and was confused when he drew a symbol of some kind on my wrist. He closed his eyes and mumbled under his breath. My eyelids felt heavier and before I knew anything I had fallen asleep. When I woke up I was in a large room in a huge bed covered with large sheets. I sat up and Damien stood from the small chair next to the bed. “Where the hell are we, Damien?” I asked but he ignored me and went to the door of the room. He opened it and nodded to someone. Erick walked in with a fancy shirt on and nice pants. I quickly got out of the bed and ran to my brother. I jumped into his open arms and squeezed him tightly to me. Without Erick I felt like I wasn’t myself and now that I was finally back with him I felt better than ever. When I let go he did too and I rested my head on his chest as I relaxed. “Where have you been?” I asked him.
He smiled. “Right here.”
I looked around. “Where is ‘here’?”
He laughed lightly. “This is our real home.”
I looked at him oddly. “But our real home is our house where you weren’t yesterday.”
He shook his head. “Mom and Dad told me yesterday morning that we are adopted and that our old parents needed us, so I came here.”
I looked over at Damien and he smiled to me. “Then who are our parents?”
“They passed away this year, but they were the rulers of this country.” Erick said and then held my hand in his. “This is our real home, Erin. We are the Prince and Princess of this country.”
“What country is this?”
“What on earth is ‘hainsilvania’?”
Erick smiled. “That’s exactly it. This isn’t a country on earth; this is planet Aquarius in a second solar system in the Milky Way. This is our true country!” Erick held a beautiful diamond necklace to me. “This will help you remember, it is just like my necklace that helped me understand.” He said as he showed me his necklace. Damien came to my side, took the necklace from my brother and clasped it around my neck. Immediately my fake memories of the past disappeared and I saw the world through a new light. I was Princess Erin Joy Hansil, the next ruler of my homeland and a murderer of a land outside of my country. The other country on Aquarius was called the Forest, which is where all that despise my family were sent. Damien was my head bodyguard and I was supposed to marry my brother. The last thing shocked and concerned me, marrying my own brother? Was that sane? I looked down to my necklace and sighed with a heavy heart. “What is it?” Erick asked.
I looked up at him with sad eyes. “So our real parents died?” I asked and then looked away. “But I never got to see them again after they sent us away. We never got to be a family again.”
His warm hand caressed my right cheek and I put my hand over his. “We can still be a family.”
I nodded. “Yea.” I whispered but quickly looked to the door of the room when a small bell rang. Michel meowed to me and I gasped with joy as he looked at me. “Michel!” I exclaimed as I let go of my brother and went to Michel. Within a second of moving Damien grabbed my arm and moved in front of me. I pulled myself up so I could see over his left shoulder. “What are you doing?”
“Don’t get near that thing, Princess.” He said and I was shocked.
“That’s my cat! Why can’t I be near him?” I protested and Michel hissed at Damien.
“Because he is not a cat, he is a human shape shifter.” Damien said and the sound of a gunshot flew down the hall. Damien grabbed me and pulled me further from the door as 4 men shaded by cloaks ran into the room with guns pointed at my brother and Damien.
“Give us the girl!” One yelled in a deep tone as another man walked in bold and strong. He was muscular, tall, handsome, about 30, black haired, brown eyed, and looked like an actor playing a trucker. He pulled out a 5th gun and pointed it at my brother.
“Unless you want your precious prince dead, give us the princess!” The trucker yelled.
“Like hell I will!” Yelled Damien from in front of me, but he was pushed away from me as a firm grip formed around my upper right arm. A gun moved to my side and was pointed at Damien who was on the floor. An alarm sounded and the men put away their guns.
“Grab the girl and come on!” The trucker yelled to the man holding me, who quickly threw me onto his back and from under his hood he spoke.
“Hold on tightly, Princess.” He whispered to me and I did so. Damien ran after the man who was running with me, but stopped when my brother started running too. The man holding me sprinted at an incredible speed like his comrades and before I knew anything we were stopped inside the forest part of the country. The man pulled me off of his back as he and his companions took off their cloaks and let me see their faces. Most dressed like the trucker except for the man who had carried me, he was in a black fighter’s suit and had more guns on him. He handed me a medium sized suitcase and I took it. “That has your clothes in it so you do not have to wear the same thing.” He whispered and I looked at the ground. Who were these people and if they lived in the forest did they hate my family? But why were they being so nice to me? I asked myself but stopped when the trucker man bowed to me and I looked back to him.
“It is good to have you with us, Erin.”
I looked at him oddly. “Have we met?” I asked him curiously and he laughed lightly.
“It is I, Michel.”
“Michel!” I gasped and he smiled. I dropped the suitcase I had and ran to him. Even though he was not a cat anymore, he was still my best friend. I hugged Michel and he seemed pleased with it. When I was done Michel carried my suitcase for me and took my hand in his.
“Come along, Erin. I have someone you should see.” He said and I nodded. I followed him further into the forest but screamed lightly when I tripped. Michel caught me and then we kept on. We stopped in a clearing of the underbrush but still had trees over our heads. In the area were about 10 large tents and people walking around. Everyone stopped when we came into sight and bowed to Michel and I. Michel then led me to one of the many tents and opened the flap. “Come out here, sir.” He said and a man in a cloak came out and took off the hood. It was Gale! He stared at me just like I did to him, but I quickly looked down to the ground.
I grabbed my necklace in my right hand tightly. Sir Gallium rang in my ears as I looked up at Gale and I quickly curtsied. “Good day, Sir Gallium.” I whispered as I did not look at him and he seemed even more shocked than before. I looked over at Michel and sighed as my memories forced me to look away. I had dealt with these people before I left Aquarius. I was not supposed to look or think about these men anymore than haters. The man I was starting to fall for now became my enemy within moments as my best friend became my worst nightmare. “Sir Michel, when shall I be going back home?”
Michel’s eyes widened. “You are home now, Erin. You are back with Gale and I which you said a few weeks back was all you needed to have a home.” Michel said and tried to set his hand on my shoulder. I quickly flinched and he stopped. I looked up to the trees that covered the sun.
“I did not know my identity then, sir. If I am with the two of you I should fear for my life.”
“What are you talking about, Erin!” Michel yelled and he clenched his hands into fists.
“My TITLE is Princess Erin, sir! And I intend to go by such as the soon to be queen of my country!” I yelled and felt horrible about it. I did not want to yell but my brain was working without my consent. I looked out to my right to see a young mother watching me with fear and it tore my heart. My people hated me. “Please, sir.” I whispered to Michel as I finally looked at him, “Take me back to my home. I have frightened your people enough.”
“Princess Erin…” Gale said and I looked at him. “Please follow me.” He ordered and I felt forced to do so. I was brought into the large tent Gale had come out of with him. He sat and I did the same across from him, but the space was quickly demolished when Gale hugged me tightly. When he loosened his grip he looked into my eyes and then kissed me deeply like he had secretly at the beginning of this school year. I was shocked when I felt his warm tongue against mine and automatically followed his desires. He leaned me onto the ground and slid his fingers through my hair. When his lips left mine I was breathing heavily, but Gale did not stop there. He kissed my neck over and over as I felt the urge to give myself to Gale. Finally Gale stopped kissing me and just looked at me with a smile. “Now do you get what happened yesterday?” He asked me.
I sat up and so did he. “Those demons…what do they have to do with anything?” I asked him. “All that is here which I know well is you, Michel, Damien, and Erick.”
He sighed. “Those demons…they work for Damien.” He whispered and I gasped.
“But in all of my memories of this place those demons never showed!”
“You parents believed you and Erick were too young before you left to understand the truth…everyone who guards at the castle is controlled by or is a demon.” He said and then set his hand on my necklace. “But there is something else you have to know…it is about you and Erick.” He whispered and I nodded.
“Tell me.”
“You two are direct descendents of the two people who created our world. Lord Erick and Lady Erin were like the God of earth. The demons that hold the castle are going to try to control you and Erick. They want to use your combined powers to kill the people of the forest, then they will kill you too.” He whispered and then moved his hand to my cheek. “I left the castle ten years ago with my mother to get away from your parents who almost reached the full power the demons need, but when they died of fatigue I went to earth to try to kill you and Erick so that the demons could not kill my people.” He said and then caressed my cheek tenderly. “But from the moment I met you I could not harm you because I had fallen in love with you.” He admitted. “I then waited for the demons to come for you so that I could protect you and keep you out of their reach. But they sent Damien to get you and I could not stop him. I then met up with Michel, who was also protecting you, and decided to save you from the castle’s demons.”
I looked down at my legs. “So I am the new Lady Erin? I am her descendent?” I asked and he nodded in response. I looked up at Gale. “Did Lady Erin marry Lord Erick?”
He sighed. “Yes.”
I looked at him and felt horrible. “The demons…they want to marry me to Erick so that we will have to true bond Erick and Erin had before. They want me to marry my own brother!”
He brushed a tear off of my cheek and gave me a look of sorrow. “That is what I am here to stop, Erin. I am here to help you fight the demons.” He stood and smiled. “Everyone in the forest wants to help us save you and your brother from the demons.” I stood and he hugged me tightly. “I love you Erin. I won’t let those demons take my chance of marrying you without a fight.” He said and then held my hand in his. He led me out of the tent but a raindrop hit his hair and he put me back into the tent. I watched him go to a bag in the tent and pull out two black trench coats. He threw one to me and I put it on. The end of it hit my ankles as a tie in the front held it to my small build. He took my hand again with his hood on also and we left the tent. Outside we went over to Michel who now had on a trench coat too and I smiled to him. “We need to head to Lady Parish or it will get too dark to ride.” Gale told Michel who whistled and five people came to him. Four of them were from before but one was a girl with white hair like me. The eight of us went over to a stable of horses and Gale led me to a dark brown one. He got onto the horse and then helped me onto the spot behind him. He looked back to me and smiled. “We’ll be riding for about an hour through thick rain so just hold onto me tightly and everything will be fine.” He said and I nodded. He used the reigns to the horse as I held tightly to his waist. My view went from wood of the stable to a white sheet of wetness. All I could see was diluted images of the surrounding areas as the horses galloped through the wind and rain. I held onto Gale tighter and he seemed to relax slightly. I closed my eyes and let the running horse rock me to a light sleep. I saw white for a moment but then I saw Damien! He was sitting at a desk across from me and above a map as he read the areas like a palm reader does his job. I stood and saw my room at the castle from higher in the air. I moved quickly to the door and opened it. I then walked down the hall without knowing where I was and opened another door. Inside was what I guessed was my brother’s room as I went to a dresser and opened the drawer. A mirror caught my eye and I gasped! My brother’s face reflected back to me and knew I had done something I had only done once before when I lived here as a kid. I had gone into Erick’s mind and was seeing the world through his eyes. All the sudden Erick’s eyes grew and he gasped.
“Erin! Is that you?” He asked as I felt his mind touch me. I jumped out of his mind as fast as I could and opened my eyes to see my knees and Gale’s horse stopping. He jumped off and ran to me as I realized I was sitting on the mud soaked ground. Gale knelt to me as the other 6 people stopped.
“Are you okay Erin?” Gale asked me as he helped me up and I stood correctly again.
“Yea, I just slipped off.” I lied without knowing the truth. Gale got back on the horse and then helped me back on. I squeezed his waist and we started off again. This time I did not close my eyes and did not think of anything but Gale. After some time Gale stopped his horse in front of a small house and so did everyone else. Gale got off the horse and then helped me. Our horse was moved by one of the men as Michel came over to me and smiled.
“You okay? You took quite a fall back there.” He commented and I nodded.
“I just slipped and lost my grip, sorry.” I whispered and he seemed even more concerned. He then walked to the door of the house and everyone followed. He knocked and a mid-aged woman of about 35 or so let us in. Gale had me sit on a couch between him and Michel as the other 5 sat on another couch. The woman came over to me as I took off my hood and bowed.
“Good evening, Princess Erin.”
I smiled. “Good evening.”
“I am Perish, a friend of Sir Gallium.”
She looked at me oddly. “Could you stand up for a moment and take off your coat, Princess?” She asked and I did so. She smelled the air deeply and then set her hand above my left hip. I winced in a gasp of discomfort as she sighed. She lifted up part of my shirt to show a large black and blue bruise on and above my left hip with a large bloody cut going through the middle.
“Erin!” Michel gasped in nervousness.
“You fell off a horse on your way here?” She asked and I gave her a look of confusion. “You had been frightened when you telepathically disturbed your brother’s mind and he felt your presence?”
“How do you know that!” I gasped and she smiled to me in a way that made me feel like a child.
“You weren’t going to tell anyone about it were you?” She asked me and then lightly chuckled. “I am telepathic too, my girl. I am also a blacksmith’s wife.” She said and then walked over to a table and brought back a box. She opened it to show emergency supplies. “Raise your arms please.” She said and I did so. She set a large layer of gauze on my cut and then wrapped my waist with a brown stretchy material that was sticky and made the gauze stay in place. She then pulled my shirt back down and instructed me to sit. “So, Gallium, are you here for your swords?” She asked and he nodded. She left and went to the back of her house, when she came back she was carrying 7 swords which she handed each to its’ owner. I sat there quietly until everyone had inspected their sword and was satisfied. I felt a slight tingling in my head and quickly threw my head between my legs and squeezed my eyes shut. Everyone stood and started to come to me.
“Stop! Everyone be still and quiet!” I yelled and the room went silent. The pain ached my whole body until a voice rang in my head. Erin it whispered and I gasped. “Erick?” I whispered and I felt joy coming from him. Where have they taken you, my love? I clenched my hands and started crying. “Get out of my head!” I whispered as pain set in and I finally shut my brother out of my thoughts. I then lifted my head up and brushed my tears away. The woman above me seemed sad.
“Your brother just tried to see where you were through your eyes didn’t he?” She asked and I just looked down. Her hand set on the crown of my head. “I felt the fright you had when his voice came to you. You were scared he was going to find out who took you and come kill them.” She whispered and I felt myself start to cry again. I felt her arms hug me in pity and love. “Its okay now, dear princess. He is gone.” She whispered in a soothing way.
“Yea.” I whispered and she moved away.
“The 8 of you should sleep at the hotel a few miles away. It is too stormy and too late to ride.” She said and Michel stood.
“Alright.” He replied and then we all stood. I followed everyone outside and got on Gale’s horse and we rode for a little while until we stopped in front of a hotel. When we went in our coats were soaked, but we were given two rooms. When we walked down the small hall at about midnight we stopped in front of two rooms across the hall from each other. “I will share this room with Gallium and Erin.” He told the others and they nodded. The other five went into the left room as I followed the two guys into the right one. We went in to see a bed and a pull out couch. I took off my jacket and hung it in the bathroom. I walked over to Michel and he was confused.
“I’ll put up your jacket.” I offered and he sighed.
“You are a Princess, Erin. You do not hang up clothes.” He chuckled and I smiled as I took the coat.
“I am your owner, Michel. I need to take care of you.” I teased and he laughed again. I hung up his jacket and then went up to Gale. “I’ll put up yours too.”
He shook his head. “You’re not my owner.”
I smiled to him as I took the jacket from him. “But you are my best friend, Gale.” I said and then left to put his jacket up. When I came back Gale and Michel were pulling out the couch bed. I walked over. “I will sleep on the couch.” I offered and Michel sighed.
“You have to get used to getting the best, Erin. And as you pet I want to give you the best.” He said and then looked over to the bed. “You can sleep there and I will take the couch with Gale.” He said and I nodded. I sat on the edge of the bed and slid my fingers through my hair as a substitute for a brush.
“I’m going to go get a drink.” Gale said and then looked at me. “Do you need anything?” I shook my head and he left me with Michel.
“You look a lot different from a cat.” I commented and he smiled to me.
“Well shape shifting into a cat was not my idea, it was Gale’s since he knew you liked cats.”
I looked at my feet. “We can’t outrun Damien and Erick for much longer, Michel.” I admitted.
“I know, but I had to let you find out the truth before the demons changed you.”
“What’s the point, Michel?” I asked. “The demons have my brother. I can’t do anything but follow their wishes.” I whispered. “Having me here with you just makes it more likely that you will be killed.”
“We aren’t that easy to catch, Erin.”
I hugged myself. “With me you are, Michel. I can feel my brother coming closer to us.” I whispered and then stood as the door opened. Gale came in and I walked over to the right side of my bed. “We should go to sleep.” I said and they nodded. I turned off the lights and slid off my shirt and the jeans I had gotten from the castle. I lay down until I finally went to sleep.

I woke up to see Michel still sleeping as Gale sat up and read a book. When I sat up he looked from the book to me and smiled. “Morning.” He whispered.
“Morning.” I whispered and while still covered with the sheets I grabbed my jeans and slid them on. I then stood in just a bra and pants. “I’m going to take a shower.” I whispered and he nodded lightly as he stared at my half naked body. I quickly went to the bathroom and started my shower. When I got out I put my jeans and shirt back on. When I came back out I had air dried my hair and stood with now damp hair as I saw the two guys putting up the bed. “Are we going?” I asked Michel.
“Yea. We are going to head back to the village.” Michel replied and I nodded. The three of us left the hotel and met the other 5 people outside with the horses. The owner of the small hotel sprinted out to us and bowed to Gale.
“Sir Gallium, I just got news that the soldiers were seen in the next town over.” He warned us and Gale nodded. The man left and I got onto Gale’s horse with him. We started riding in the areas of the forest that were fields and beautiful sunlight fell on us. I put my head on Gale’s shoulder and he looked back at me for a moment but quickly looked back to where he was going.
“So this is your home?” I asked him.
He smiled. “Yea, this is it when it isn’t raining.”
“It’s beautiful.” I said but immediately gasped and squeezed tighter to Gale. “Quickly! Get us to the trees!” I yelled and he did not ask questions. He quickly turned the group into the trees and stopped the horse to look back to me.
“Why are we over here?” He asked and I felt my stomach ache.
“Erick is about a mile behind us. He is following our horse tracks in the tall grass. If we move through the trees he won’t be able to follow us so easily.”
“We’re going to stay in the trees while moving. We are being hunted.” Gale informed the others. They followed us through the trees until a gun was fired. “Faster!” Gale yelled to the others behind us. Everyone whipped the reigns and the horses ran at full speed until a yelling was heard. I looked behind us to see a man in armor on a horse sprinting at Michel who was in the back of the group. The man pointed a gun at Michel.
“Michel!” I yelled. “Veer left!” Without a word Michel did so and so did everyone else, but the trigger was pulled and I cringed when the bullet pierced my left arm near my wrist and went through it. I grabbed my arm and let go of Gale who quickly grabbed onto me and looked back to see blood pouring from the wound.
“Spread out!” Gale ordered but he quickly stopped his horse when a figure stopped a few feet in front of us. I looked around Gale to see Damien pointing a sword at Gale as another bullet was shot and hit the guy riding behind us.
“Give back the Princess, monster!” Damien yelled to Gale in a hiss of anger.
“Never!” Gale yelled. “I won’t give her back to you!” He hissed back and was about to whip the reigns of his horse but I grabbed it tightly. He looked back at me as I hopped off the horse and squeezed my arm as blood fell in droplets between my fingers. I felt light headed but looked up bravely to Gale.
“Get out of here,” I whispered, “I will sneak back to you as soon as I can.” Gale nodded and trusted my promise. He yelled to the others and they rode away. Damien hopped off his horse and ran to my side as I slumped to the ground. A running horse caught my attention and I looked up to Erick, but quickly looked away. Damien ripped off part of his shirt and wrapped it around my arm before Erick saw the blood clearly. Damien held out his hand and pulled me up, but when he let go of my useable arm I quickly slumped back to the ground. I grabbed my arm as blood started dripping from the piece of Damien’s shirt. Damien picked me up like a child and carried me to his horse. Unlike with Gale, Damien put me in front of him on the horse. He held the reigns with his right hand as he kept me close to him with his left arm that went around me. I felt faint and laid my body against Damien while my head rested on his chest. He started his horse as everyone followed and he pulled me closer to him again.
“Hang in there, Erin.” He whispered and I closed my eyes. I just listened to the surroundings as I kept my eyes closed and stayed like that until the horse stopped. Damien hopped off and quickly took me off the horse also. He quickly carried me inside and brought me to a doctor. I ended up getting 6 stitches in my arm, a major bandage around it, and a blood transfusion. When I left the doctor’s room Damien carried me to my room and laid me on the bed. He sat on the side of the bed and ordered a maid to get me some water. When the maid came back with the water Erick followed her. He came over to us and looked to Damien.
“Could you give us a moment alone?” He asked and Damien nodded. He left with the maid and shut my bedroom door. Erick sat on the edge of the bed by me and looked to me. “Why did you push me out of your head earlier, Erin? I was trying to find you and save you.”
I looked at my legs. “I was scared that you would fight Michel and Gale.”
“They abducted you, Erin! Of course I was going to fight them!” Erick protested.
“Even if I am supposed to hate both of them, Erick, they were my two best friends on earth and I can’t get around that! I can’t just watch you kill my old friends!”
He seemed frustrated but then sighed. “I get it.” He said quietly. “It makes sense.” He leaned over and kissed my lips lightly. “Did anyone try anything?”
I shook my head with the guilty pleasure of my love for Gale in the back of my mind. “They treated me better than I ever have been, actually. When I tried to hang up my coat they insisted to do it.” I said and bent the truth to make it seem like Michel and Gale weren’t bad people.
He frowned. “I have to go.” He mumbled and then left the room. Damien came back and sighed.
“Why did Erick leave so angrily?”
“He’s just mad because I did not hate my time with other people, I think.” I said quietly and then threw the covers off of me. “Can I change?” I asked and he nodded. He went to a dresser and took out a long summer dress for me. I tried to take off my shirt when Damien turned around, but could not. I felt stupid. “Damien, could you please help me?” He came over and slid off my shirt slowly to make sure he did not hurt my arm. I could feel his gaze to my bare back as I slid on the dress over my head. I undid my jeans under the dress and slid out of them. I picked up the clothes and a maid got them. “That’s better.” I said mainly to myself. “Damien, am I allowed to leave my room?”
“Of course!” He laughed. “Where do you want to go?”
I looked at him and shrugged. “I don’t know, where did I go as a kid?”
“To the garden to read.” He replied and I nodded.
“Then I will go to the garden to read.” I said as I took a book of the bookshelf I had found hidden on the side of the dresser. “Can you lead me there?” I asked and he took my right hand in his. He led me through halls of the castle until we got to a beautiful flowered garden. There was a couch that had just been pulled out after the storm ended so I went and laid on it. Damien sat in a chair next to me and just relaxed but that was shortly lived since my brother called Damien. “Go on.” I offered. He left and I sat, but did not read. I just moved the pillow to make it more comfortable for me and closed my eyes. I felt better and fell asleep.

When I woke up I saw a guy about 18 years old trimming the bushes in the garden. I sat up and he looked to me but with a look of disgust he turned away. I stood and walked over to him. I sat next to where he was working. “You’re a person from the forest, aren’t you?”
He looked up at me with surprise and nodded.
“Are you part of Sir Gallium’s village?” I asked and then handsome guy seemed even more surprised.
“I am, but how do you know of Gallium, Princess?” He asked me as he sat down next to me.
I smiled. “Sir Gallium was a very good friend of mine before and is a very great man.”
“So when Gallium left the planet to kill you he ended up becoming allies with you?” He asked me and I nodded with a smile of truth.
“What is your name?”
“Isaac, Princess.”
“Please, Sir Isaac, call me Erin.” I said kindly and then looked at my bandage. “How often do you go back to your village?”
“Every weekend I am allowed to go back.”
I smiled as I looked at him. “I have something I need to tell Sir Gallium.” I whispered. “If I gave you a letter could you give it to him? I would really appreciate it.”
He looked at me with surprise. “But it is Friday, Erin. I am leaving at 6.”
I nodded. “If I have it done by then will you give it to Sir Gallium?” I asked and he smiled.
“Thanks.” I replied kindly but slightly jumped.
“Erin.” Erick called out of the castle and I quickly stood. I curtsied to Isaac and then left. Erick did not seem pleased with me. “Why did you just curtsy to a worker, Erin?”
“I don’t know. I just wanted to.” I slightly lied.
“Anyway, Damien had to leave for a few hours, so for safety precautions I want you to go stay in your room.”
I nodded to him. “Alright.” I said and then walked to my room. I shut the door before Erick could follow me in and I went to my bed. I took out a pen and stack of paper as I leaned back onto my pillows.
Dear Gale,
I have gotten my arm healed and recovering well, just in case you were worried. How is the other person who got shot? Is he all right? How are you and Michel?
Also I need you to help me with something. I need to get something from my house on earth, but cannot find a way there. I know the ritual I am supposed to use yet I am being checked on all the time and if I leave I am scared they will come kill everyone in your village because they may think you or Michel helped me. Also, I am trying to find a way around marrying Erick and will tell you if I find something. I love you and hope to see you soon.
With all my heart,

I folded the letter into thirds and let out a long needed sigh. How would Gale react to me going straight out and telling I love him? Would he be mad or happy? But I decided sitting around wondering what he would think would do nothing and that I should quickly bring the letter to Isaac since he was leaving any moment. I quickly got up and ran to the door but jumped when the door opened without me touching it. I was frightened when Damien stood in the doorway with Erick behind him. “Erin, can I talk to you for a moment?” Erick asked and I felt my mind blank. His eyes immediately went to the paper in my hand and I quickly pulled it to my chest.
“I’m sorry, but I have to go.” I replied as kindly as I could and tried to move past Damien.
He held my unharmed arm. “Where are you going?”
“I have to give this to someone right now.” I replied quietly as I looked into his eyes strongly. He frowned.
“Who is it for?”
“A friend.”
He frowned again. “But you don’t know anyone here other than us two.” He could tell I was hiding something.
I shook my head. “No I have to give this to my friend Isaac.”
“Who is Isaac? I’ve never heard of him.” Erick said and I frowned like Damien was to me.
“He is one of your workers, Erick. You should try to meet them like I have.” I retorted and then pushed Damien’s hand off of me. “Now if you will excuse me…” I started to say but stopped.
“Erin!” Isaac called as he walked over to us. By calling me Erin he was given angry looks by Damien and Erick, which I ignored.
“Hey, Isaac.” I said kindly to him.
“I was just coming to see you.”
He nodded. “I’m leaving for the weekend right now, so I was going to see if you have that letter ready.”
I handed the paper to him with kindness. “Thanks again for this, Isaac.” I said kindly. “Have a safe trip.”
He smiled back to me. “Don’t worry, I will.” He said and then looked up to my brother, but back to me quickly. “I’ll see you on Monday.” He added and then walked off. I went back into my room and the two guys followed. Erick shut the door and I sat on my bed.
“Whom is Isaac giving that note to?” Damien asked me with a frown even though he knew the answer.
“No one.”
Damien seemed angrier. “I have to know everything you do, Erin. Tell me who you sent that letter to or I will go hunt down Isaac and take it.”
I looked out the window of my room. “He is bringing it to Gale.” I replied and my brother grabbed my unhurt arm so that I turned back to him.
“I told you to stay away from him, Erin!” He yelled and I felt my whole body shake in a rush of fear. “He is trying to kill our family! That means he will kill you!”
I stood tall and looked up at Erick with anger. “Don’t talk about Gale like that!” I warned, “Gale would never hurt me just like I would never hurt him!”
“He is our enemy, Erin!” He yelled to me and I put my hands on my hips.
“He might be your enemy, Erick, but he is not mine! Gale and Michel care about me more than you ever could!” I yelled and then turned to the window of my room and spoke in a whisper as I chocked back tears. “They don’t lock me up in a room or yell at me constantly.” I brushed a tear away and then hugged myself. “They do everything for me and only me. They treat me like I’m priceless to them and they wanted to fight an army of hundreds even though they only had 7 people just because they did not want me to go back here…” I then turned to Erick and frowned as more tears fell. “They understand that I am miserable here and hate being used for YOUR people’s own benefit! They also hate that the only reason I came here without a fight was for my brother even though he is not here anymore!”
“What are you talking about? I’m right here!”
I looked at my feet and a tear dripped off my nose. “No, Prince Erick is here. I want my brother I loved so badly back! I want the brother I cried over because he did not show up at home and worried me horribly!”
“Erin…” Damien said as he tried to put his hand on my shoulder but I quickly moved and they were both shocked. I walked over to my door and looked back.
“I will be in the library. Don’t bother me unless someone I want to be here shows up.” I replied rudely and then left.

I left the library to see it was pitch black outside. I walked through the dead halls and went to my room but stopped when I saw Damien sitting on the ground in front of my door. I walked over to him and kicked the sleeping man. He stood quickly and smiled at me. “Hey.”
“I can’t get into my room unless you move.” I replied dryly and he sighed.
“Can’t we talk Erin?” He asked me with sad eyes.
“I don’t want to talk to a hectarine right now.” I said and his eyes widened I frowned even more. “Obviously I know what you are, Damien and I also know what you want to do with Erick.”
“What?” He asked while playing dumb.
“I don’t have time for your games, demon.” I said and then pushed past him. I went into my room to shut the door but I was stopped when Damien put his foot in the way. I pushed even harder on the door but he didn’t move. I pushed even more but was frightened when the door pushed open. I looked to Damien and was shocked to see he had done that by himself. He pushed the door open and I fell onto the ground. He came in as I scurried to a sitting position and he locked the door. “What are you doing? Why did you lock the door?” I yelled and he came over to me. He put his hand over my mouth and then picked me up with his other hand. He threw me onto my bed and came on top of me. I struggled but he grabbed my wrists and held my legs down with his own. I watched his eyes as I struggled and saw the brown part turn a deep orange. He smiled in a way that made my skin crawl.
“I like pray that struggles and is clueless about the enemy.” He said evilly and I opened my mouth to scream for help but was petrified when I felt Damien’s tongue against mine. I started to cry and he seemed happier.

I woke up and felt a warm object on my arm. I looked over my shoulder to see a sleeping Damien. I looked off the bed to see clothes all around and busted out in tears. I calmed myself and then carefully slid my arm from Damien as I got off the bed. I grabbed a short black dress from my closet and slid it on after finding my under wears on the ground. I also grabbed a blanket from under my bed and took it. I left my room quietly to see it was still slightly dark outside and went to the garden to lie on the couch from yesterday. I used the blanket to warm me in the cold morning air and went to sleep.

I was woken up by Erick and looked up to him as he sat on the edge of the couch. I quickly sat up and looked at the sky. The sun was high in the sky so I knew it was near noon. I pulled my legs towards me and hugged them. Erick gave me a look of curiosity with a touch of regret. “Erin, what can I do to fix everything between us?” He asked as he laid his left hand over mine. “I don’t want you to hate me.”
I shook my head and looked to the garden around us. “I don’t hate you, Erick I just wish you could be like you used to be on earth.”
“But I am the Prince, Erin. I have to act like a prince or I will let down our people.” He said and I sighed.
“Erick, these people…the ones in this castle other than us and the maids…they are not human.”
He seemed offended. “What do you mean by ‘not human’? They are humans.”
I shook my head again. “I have seen their real form, Erick and when I went to the library last night I found out what they really are. They are called ‘hectarine’ which is a name Lady Erin gave them when they first came to this planet.” I squeezed Erick’s hand in mine. “They want to use you and me to take over this planet from the humans that created it. You and I are direct descendents of Lord Erick and Lady Erin. The hectarine demons ended up killing our mother and father by trying to make them use enough power to kill all humans, but they did not have enough power to do that so the hectarine demons decided we could do it.” I brushed a tear from my cheek. “They want us to marry so that we have to same bond as the Lord and Lady so we can destroy what we made at one point. But after we are successful with the plans they…” I started to explain but was crying too hard to finish. Erick hugged me tightly in his arms and comforted me.
“Please, tell me.”
I nodded and looked back at his face. “They will kill you too, Erick and once you are gone they will have me give birth to more powerful hectarine demons so that one day they will become invincible.” I whispered and his eyes were widened. “Please Erick, tell me you believe me.” I whispered and he looked away.
“I don’t know what to think, Erin.” He whispered and I cried again.
“I promise you on my life that I speak the truth.” I whispered and he looked back to me. He stood up.
“I have to think about this, Erin.” He said and I just watched in horror. He didn’t believe me and I knew I could not stop this conspiracy without him. I wanted my old brother back that would believe me and protect me. I could not do this by myself. I needed Erick. I took another second to think and realized I did not really need Erick, who I needed was Gale. I quickly got up and ran inside. I sprinted to my room but jumped in horror when I opened the door to see Damien. I walked in and he came towards me. I quickly moved to my dresser and grabbed my chucks that had been brought here from earth for me. I slid my feet into them and gasped when I stood. Damien pinned me against the wall as his orange eyes pierced my soul. He kissed me deeply and I tried to push him away but it didn’t work. I finally let go and he smiled to me in an icy way.
“How is my prey this morning?” He asked evilly.
“I have to go meet Erick, Damien. Excuse me.” I whispered and he moved away. I quickly left the room as tears fell and I ran to the stable on the north side of the castle. I found a deep brown horse and went up to it. The animal kindly took a liking to me and I got on her without a saddle but with reigns. She started running and kept at a strong speed until we reached the forest. I slowed her down and remembered the route I had taken with Michel and his people last time. I slowly moved the majestic creature through the trees but did not see anyone for hours. I felt my heavy heart affecting my eyes to form tears but kept on. I then stumbled upon a small house with a picket fence holding a garden of fruits and vegetables and a young girl watching me. I moved the horse closer and she stood strongly. “Excuse me, I am looking for the nearest town.” I said kindly and she blushed. When I dismounted off the horse she ran off. “Wait! Come back!” I called as I ran after her into a small barn, but stopped when the girl appeared with a tall man next to her. The guy took off the hat on his head and I was shocked to see a friend. “Isaac!” I exclaimed and he walked over to me with curiosity.
“Erin, what are you doing here?” He asked as he walked towards me. I burst into tears of joy and he seemed startled. He ran to me and tried to figure out why I was crying.
“I thought would never find anyone!” I whispered and then brushed my tears away. “Isaac, have you given that letter to Gale yet?” I asked and he sighed.
“Gale is on a mission. But he should be here any moment.” He said as he handed me the letter. I took it and got back to my horse.
“I hope to see you soon, Isaac.” I said and then started off. I rode in the opposite direction of the house and saw a group of horses. I quickly rode that way and was so happy to see Gale at the front. “Gale!” I cried and he looked over to me in shock. I quickly got off my horse and ran over to him. He got off of his horse also and I hugged him as I cried. He was shocked but held me tightly in his arms, which made me cry even harder. He brushed the tears off of my face as I looked at his beautiful eyes.
“Erin, what are you doing here?” He asked me and I held back more tears.
“I…I had to see you, Gale.” I whispered.
“Get back on your horse. We will go back to my tent and talk.” He said and I nodded. My horse seemed fine with me getting back on so we got to the village within minutes. Gale took me to his tent and we sat down. “What happened to you, Erin? You seem weak and keep crying.”
I looked at him. “The demons…they are planning to kill Erick.” I whispered in shame. “Then they are going to make me conceive their children so that they are more powerful.” I added and chocked back tears.
“What!” He yelled with anger.
“And…” I started to say but looked away.
“And what?” He asked me as he came over and sat next to me on the ground.
“I was raped…” I whispered and he was silent. He then turned me to him.
“By who!”
I looked down. “Damien.” I whispered and then looked back to him. “He is a demon too.”
“How the hell did he get away with that!” Gale yelled. “How could Erick let that happen?”
“It was at midnight last night and Damien made it so I could not call to Erick and wake him up.” I cried again. “He raped me when I wanted to lose my virginity to someone I loved and that loved me.” I whispered and then looked over to Gale. “I wanted you to be my first.” I whispered and then looked down at my body. “But now I can’t even look at myself without feeling disgusted.” I then looked at my dress. I laughed lightly. “And you know what, I trusted Damien. I really trusted him even though I assumed he was a demon. I was starting to really like him.” I said and then looked to Gale. “But I came here so quickly today because I want you to get every human off of Aquarius.” His eyes widened with surprise. “I will allow the demons to think they have won and then I will get Erick off of the planet. After that I will find a way to get away or will die trying, but either way everyone will get away and be alright.”
Gale grabbed my wrists and pulled me right to his face. “I’m not going to leave you here by yourself to fight the demons.” He said and then slid me onto the ground while he lay on top of me. “I love you too much to let you go.” He whispered and then kissed me again.

I sat up when Gale came back into his tent while I covered myself with only a blanket. He seemed angry and distressed about something as he sat down next to me. He had just left a minute ago when Isaac came to talk to him with an urgent message. “Damien and other demons are on their way here to get you.” He said with a sigh of stress. I knew he wanted to fight Damien and also that he could not win if he did. I laid my head on his shoulder and he kissed my head. He held my left hand in his right.
“I will go with them.” I whispered and he was about to protest but I stopped him. “I have to go back to Erick. He is defenseless without me there. I can’t just leave my brother to die because of me.”
He sighed again but deeper this time. “I know.” He said and brushed my hair with his fingers. “I will come to you tomorrow and every day after until we come up with some kind of plan.” I nodded to the answer and then stood. My blanket fell but I did not care as I slid on my clothes. I tied my shoes and then left the tent as Gale followed. We went to my horse and I mounted it without a saddle. I took the reigns, leaned over, kissed Gale for the last time today, and then went off. When I reached almost the end of the forest I saw about 30 horses with riders and frowned as they noticed me. Erick rode over at full speed and pulled his horse up to the right side of mine as he tried to keep it still, but mine was calm and still. I looked away from Erick’s beautiful eyes because I knew I could lead to his death because I was a woman.
“We’ve been searching this area for hours! Where have you been?” He asked with slight relief.
“I was with Michel.”
“Why were you with him? After we talked this morning you ran off without anyone knowing.” He said and then looked over to Damien. “Damien and I were worried sick about you.” I looked away from the whole group but quickly looked back to them when a soldier moved quickly.
“Who are you?” The soldier yelled as I looked to the man running towards me. “Halt!” He ordered as he loaded his gun but I quickly moved my horse to the man.
“Stop! Don’t shoot him!” I yelled and the soldier stopped. I stopped in front of Isaac and looked at him with curiosity. “What is it Isaac?” I asked.
“I’m coming back to the castle with you.” He replied with a smile.
“Why? You’re supposed to be here until Monday.” I replied and he nodded.
“I want to and I was requested to.” He replied and I sighed. Gale had sent him to protect me. “Is it alright if I come with you, Erin?” He asked me.
“She is Princess Erin to you, boy!” Damien yelled and I gave him a glare that stopped him.
“If you call me Erin so can Isaac.” I spat to him and then held my arm to Isaac to help him up. He grabbed onto my elbow and I grabbed onto his in order to get him up. He got on behind me and held onto my waist. I looked over to my brother and then towards the light outside the trees. “We should go.” I said and then started off.
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