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Chapter One

A cloaked killer ran through an obscure, dark hall found deep in his master’s castle. This hall was one of many leading to the throne room of the King Tyron, ruler of Sillvados, also known as The Master.
The cloaked killer wove in and out of the labyrinth expertly. He had done this more times than any man, immortal or mortal. Not a single being could find their way without his guidance. Many who wished to go to the throne room but refused to wait for the Servant, became lost in the halls and perished in a dark corner of the vast castle where no one dared go. The Master only trusted and permitted one man to walk the halls freely. That was his immortal Servant, Casper.
The Servant knew nothing of freedom. Casper had lived his life in service to the King and couldn’t even imagine living otherwise. He loved his Master and did whatever his Master bid him do.
The Servant had more power than any man in the world, even his Master, but his Master had wisdom, which in many cases proves to be better than power.
The Master was not cruel or harsh, in fact he loved his servants and the people of his kingdom more then he loved his own life. He would go through endless pain because of his love.
Love. That was what the King followed and trusted. Even though he himself was King over many lands he still followed one far greater than imagination.
His Servant, however, had different views on life. Casper cared not for the commoners and killed those who offended him, without a thought. He did not follow Love no matter how much his Master tried to persuade him. He was stubborn and proud in many ways. Foolish is the one word that describes him perfectly. He was not wise as expected of him because of his age, but foolish like a young adolescent.
Casper moved like a ghost. His feet barely touched the floor and silence wrapped around him like a blanket. He glided to the great doors leading to the throne room of his Master. He pushed a door open without a sound and slipped into the room. The guards nodded towards him as he gracefully moved down the aisle towards the throne.
Then he noticed something was different, very different. There was no one seated on the throne. Instead, standing beside the throne was a bent over, old man. The old man looked worried and troubled. He glanced up at The Servant but did not nod or bow. He was a mortal man and was nearing his death. The Servant quickened his pace and as soon as he was near enough to the man, he grabbed the man’s shoulders and shook them with fury and panic, “Where is my master?!!”
It was strange sight, seeing those two standing beside each other. It was like a twig compared to the trunk of an oak tree. Casper was strong and thick, the old man was frail and thin.
Casper could feel a shiver pass through the old man’s body as the old man spoke, “He has been captured sir, by his brother the Slayer, King of Dilplis. It was well planned and very sly. You would not have been able to stop it even if you were here. It’s hard for even me to explain. Dark magic was deeply involved.”
“The Slayer? I can only imagine how long it took that blunt minded hag to plan this.”
“You’d be surprised.” The old man answered weakly.
“And what were the guards doing during this time. I should’ve heard a few minutes after he was captured!” Casper realized he had been shaking the old man the whole time. He released him and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself.
The old man seized the arm rest of the throne to steady himself, “Have you forgotten the Slayer’s great powers?” He straightened up stiffly, “He wouldn’t just let the guards go and alert the whole castle. Even you should know that. The guards were killed. I was the one who discovered the bodies.”
Casper’s jaw worked, and his bright blue eyes showed his panic, “I must go and save him!” The Servant turned to leave but the old man grabbed his arm. The Servant turned around and waited.
The old man spoke, “You are not strong enough on your own.”
The Servant balled up his fists at his sides, “Not strong enough? Who else is going to save him then? Do I need to gather an army?”
“You are going to save him with a few companions.”
“Who is strong enough, brave enough and knowledgeable enough to help me get through the Slayer’s defenses?”
“There are four humans that will help you.”
Casper immediately interrupted, “Humans?”
The old man ignored the question, “Some may not seem useful to you, the reason they are coming along is because they need their lives changed.”
Casper opened his mouth in protest but the old man raised a crooked hand, “Don’t argue. A chosen one for this time and age will be amongst this group. And be careful, she’ll change your life.” He smiled to himself and his eyes twinkled making Casper feel uncomfortable, “Now you must go. You’ll know them when you find them. Go through the cave of Yupto.”
The Immortal Servant stared at the old man wide eyed, “You expect me to go through Yupto?! The world through that cave is so dangerous and unknown! And what do you mean she’ll change my life?”
The old man ignored the last question and said, “They’re our only hope. You must go through the cave! You must go now.”
The Servant nodded and didn’t push the subject. He turned to leave but the old man called after him, “You must not tell them of your quest until you have returned to this world. Tell them nothing of your heritage or your immortal life. They do not need to know.”
The Servant raced out of the room without a single belonging. His eyes were set firmly on his goal and nothing would distract him from it.
The old man sighed with relief as the killer man disappeared from sight. Casper could have killed him so easily. Thankfully he had been too worried about his master to kill instantly.
He could only wonder what would happen to the humans under Casper's care. Near death would be a good guess
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 22 Next »

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Ladywarrior123 said...
Dec. 31, 2011 at 1:08 pm
This was actually really amazing. I was looking for something good to read all week!!!! well I found it!!! Nice work. Keep reading.
Klassian said...
Jun. 4, 2011 at 8:41 pm
I liked the cover it made me curious about what it could be about. Your book is awesome, please check mine out. It's call My Life As A Goddess
manbilongpng said...
Feb. 17, 2011 at 8:53 pm
This book is amazing, but the cover needs some work.
Timekeeper This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 1, 2011 at 4:22 pm

I liked this, teh cover didn't do it justice.

Please check out my novel SuperNOVA and leave your thoughts on it. Thanks


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