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The Fallen: Cassiel

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Locked Out of Heaven

Cassiel’s fall: 2,000 Years ago.
I could hear the sickening crack as Adriel crushed my wings between his very own hands; the pain came later once I could actually focus.
“You are guilty of high treason brother Cassiel; the tribunal that is held by your people have found you guilty of murder. How do you yourself plead?” Cerviel was asking a question, I would not lie down as my so called brothers trampled me like the very Earth they fear.
I stood up, struggling to get up from my knees, but once I was up I stood tall, “I plead innocence brother, I was framed and I will find the traitor who should be blamed.”
The crowd erupted in shouts and words that shouldn’t have been used from our kind towards our kind. I looked around at my brothers, searching for only one, when my eyes landed on Arael she averted my gaze, the shame of me written clearly on her face.
“You have been found guilty Cassiel, your punishment is severe. Your wings have been broken and you are being locked from Heaven for the remainder of eternity. You are now an archangel, may our lord and savior have mercy on you as you walk his lands on a crooked path of sin. Adriel, open the gates and finish this tribunal.” Cerviel walked away from the scene not wanting to see the pain that has to be caused.
“You are making a mistake brothers and sisters, you will see that soon enough!” Adriel grabbed my broken wings and opened the gates with a swift kick, throwing me outside of them in 2 swift motions. I could feel the wind as I fell, and taste the air around me polluted with humans waste. As the ground grew closer I braced myself for the impact. I tried to move my wings but sharp pains were sent through my body.
I tried to brace myself for the impact, but nothing could prepare me for the jarring pains that were sent through my body once I finally made impact into earth’s soil. Leaving a crater almost 5 feet deep, and making it look like a smoke bomb had gone off around me. I lay there for minutes, hours, maybe a day before I opened my eyes and looked around.
Once I could stand I got an uncontrollable urge to yell my survival and my innocence, “Brothers! I shall forgive you for your sins, but I will never forgive you for your treachery! I will prove my innocence and you will all fall to your knees before me!”
The heavens boomed with replies, I could feel their hatred and some of their fear. I looked at my surroundings and saw nothing but desert, but I would survive this fall, I would climb my way back to my brothers.
I walked in the direction I thought would take me to civilization, waiting for my wings to heal so I could fly over deserted land. Plotting my revenge and knowing it was wrong of me to plot. Once my mind was set, my plan would be put in action and I would have my wings back, my snowy white wings with no imperfections. Looking at them now I was disgusted, colors of black and red, making me look like a winged demon. My brothers fault of course, so my plan came easily.
My revenge would be their fall from Heaven just as I had fallen.
I yelled out of anger and the grounds I stood on shook, as though an earthquake was upon the world. A hole fell through the ground and steam rose from it, what walked out of that hole was beyond anything I had seen in all my years. The beyond fallen arch devil Asmodeus, and he was unlike any description I had ever heard.
“Come fallen brother, we have many things to do with little time.” The Supreme of nine hells stepped aside to offer me entrance, a sickening smile slowly spreading across his face as I took each step.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 Next »

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