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Looking left and right, I searched for any signs of movement. Everything was clear. Even the trees were still just like the stars in the sky. They only light that shone was from a street lamp a couple of yards away and the cars that passed on the nearby highway. The other house in the cul-de-sac were dark. I turned to the glass window in front of me. A thin screen blocked the window. I pulled a knife out of my pocket. Its hilt fit perfectly in my hand just like hers would. I wiggled it underneath the screen, popping it while keeping it intact. I grabbed it and placed it behind a nearby bush. Putting my knife back in my pocket, I walked back to the window. My heart began to beat rapidly. Smiling, I slid my fingers underneath the cracked window and gently pushed up. It silently obeyed and soon the window was opened ready for my to enter. I climbed in as carefully as I could so I wouldn’t make a sound.
Once inside, I turned around and closed the window. I was immediately captivated by her smell. Minty rosemary and spearmint filled the air. Turning around, I saw her grey walls with white floor boards. I small growl warned me of an awoken creature. I looked over at her velvet chase. A small black and white dog stared at me with big brown eyes. The little dog slowly got up and trotted over to me. I bent down and help out my hand. Her cold black nose sniffed my hand. Once she stopped sniffing, she sat down and wagged her tail. I smiled and petted her. Her fur was soft and fluffy like a marshmallow. She jumped onto her hind legs begging me to pick her up. I gently lifted her to my chest. She snuggled against me and licked my nose. I returned the affection by giving her small kiss on her fluffy head. Still holding the sweet little dog, I went to her black bookshelf. It took up the space of the entire wall.Textbooks filled the shelves ranging from her high school textbooks to veterinary textbooks from many differently colleges. On the top shelf, however, there was one book that didn’t fit in. The worn out cover had a red wolf howling with a girl’s figure running threw a mystical woods. It looked like the girl was running from someone or something. I picked it up. It was called “Blood and Chocolate” by Annette Curtis Klaus. I read the back of it. Interesting, I thought. It was about a female werewolf who falls for a human but her pack didn’t agree with their love. I quietly placed the book in my jacket.
I turned to my left to find a set of white bunk beds. There she was sleeping on the bottom. My beautiful angel. Her round face looked as if it had been carvel out of the finest pearl marble in the world. Her dark eyelashes rested on her rosy cheeks which were the same color of her perfect, forbidden lips. Long brown waves flowed like a river on her pillow. I walked towards her and sat on the floor, gazing at her beauty. Her exposed neck curved so perfectly. I traced an invisible line from her hair line to her shoulder. Her skin was so soft and smooth like silk. I saw her shiver and a ghost of a smile appeared on her face. I wondered what her voice sounded like or her laugh. Would it be a booming laugh or a quieter one? Did her eyes close when she laughed? What color were her eyes anyway? A deep ocean blue or a bright emerald green? Maybe big sweet brown puppy eyes. In mid-thought, I saw her raise her hand in her sleep. She covered my huge hand with her smaller, more delicate one. Her touch sent chills down my back and my heart wanted to burst. How badly I wanted to scoop her up and take her now. I gave her one small kiss, feeling the warmth that radiated fro her cheek on my lips.
“Soon, my love,” I whispered. “Soon.”
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 Next »

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FallenAngel170198 said...
Apr. 8, 2013 at 7:28 am
This is great :D Keep writing please! I give it 5 stars :D I love Jeremiah :D he's just an awesome character and does she get to meet the mysterious man of her dreams that watches her sleep? Hurry and post another chapter! Would be greatly appreciated :) <3
Story_Teller replied...
Apr. 8, 2013 at 10:37 am
Thanks! I'm working on it. I've been super busy lately but I will try to finish it ASAP. :)

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