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The Knights of Halloween

Author's note: I think this book embodies the whimsical, magic side of Halloween, with a bit of darkness to keep it interesting.
Author's note: I think this book embodies the whimsical, magic side of Halloween, with a bit of darkness to keep it interesting.  « Hide author's note
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Halloween Part Three

Halloween Part Three

After the short climb up the ladder we reached the surface. Night had fallen shrouding the graveyard in pockets of darkness. I tried not to think of the demon lurking behind them. We made our way to the place where we saw the demon. “This part is very important.” said Mr. Jameson, “We need to be quick and precise.”

“What do we have to do?” I asked as he took out the scroll and the vial of liquid and the chalk.

“I’m going to draw the runes to summon, bind, and banish the demon.” he said, holding up the chalk. “And then I will strengthen it with this.” he held up the red vial. “And you will hide behind the tree until the demon is bound. Okay?”

“Okay.” I agreed.

He put on the helmet and, after the accompanying flash of light, was clad in steel armor. I walked over to the tree and crouched behind the trunk, keeping Mr. Jameson in sight. He rolled out the scroll and began reading.

As he chanted the night seemed to quiet down. Insects stopped humming, birds stopped calling. A heavy atmosphere of dread fell over the area, strengthened by the cloud that had just covered the moon. Mr. Jameson let go of the scroll to make the chalk runes, amazingly it stayed where it was, floating in mid-air. Mr. Jameson bent down and began scrawling the chalk marks. The first was a large red circle like the one the cloaked man at the house had drawn. The secondd was a green ring sitting inside the red circle. The last rune was a white cross that rested above the other circles. As the chanting increased flames licked the edges of the red circle, the green circle began to steam.

An inky black cloud escaped from the center of the cryptic light display, slowly coalescing into the demon. The moment it appeared the green circle rapidly spun, rising slowly. In a few moments the demon was enveloped in a swirling emerald vortex, which quickly dispersed. The demon made no move to attack.. I noticed a faint green sheen on its skin. The only marks left were the red circle and the white cross.

The cross slowly spun, steadily gaining speed. The demon started sinking into the ground, being swallowed by the white whirlpool the cross created. The red circle began to shrink. Forlorn wails escaped the slowly shrinking whirlpool, so sad I almost felt sorry for the demon. Almost.

The circle was about two feet wide when Mr. Jameson stopped reading. I looked up just in time to see him crumple to the ground. The magician stood behind him clutching a silver knife, the edge stained red. “Mr. Jameson!” I yelled racing over. As I neared him I saw the gaping wound across his chest. The magician held the knife over the scroll and allowed one drop of blood the fall from its tip onto the scroll.

The anguished cries of the demon stopped. The swirling whirlpool slowed, and the red circle began to grow! “Yes!” cried the magician. “You thought you stopped me boy! You thought you were so clever. But in the end you actually worked to my advantage. I decide to have the demon follow you to the graveyard so he could kill you both. But I had no idea you were in possession of a Helmet! So I let you believe you won and could seal the demon away. But now with a few minor alterations I’ll be able to free him! There is just only one problem, I need someone to take his place.”

He looked at me, an evil grin spreading across his face. “And I believe I’ll chose... Ahhh!” I looked down and saw Mr. Jameson drive his knife into the magician’s foot. “You insufferable old man!” cried the magician, “I think you will make a much better candidate than the boy!” he pointed at Mr. Jameson and blasted him with red lightning. He flew towards the portal, rolling to a stop at the edge. A flash I noticed out of the corner of my eye told me his helmet had been knocked off.

“NO!” I cried, diving towards the helmet. I managed to narrowly avoid the magician’s secondd onslaught of lightning. I reached the helmet and put it on.

“Noooo!” screamed the magician. I looked down, my clothes were still the same. There was no flash of light, I wasn't wearing steel armor, no glowing sword hung at my side. Then I remembered what Mr. Jameson had said. It will only transform you if you were a Knight! The helmet’s magic was useless!

There I was, facing a powerful wizard and an ancient demon. My only protection being an old knight helmet.

End of part 3...
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