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The Knights of Halloween

Author's note: I think this book embodies the whimsical, magic side of Halloween, with a bit of darkness to keep it interesting.
Author's note: I think this book embodies the whimsical, magic side of Halloween, with a bit of darkness to keep it interesting.  « Hide author's note
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Halloween Part Two

Halloween Part Two

“You!” Cried Mr. Jameson, as he lunged aside narrowly avoiding the claws of the monster. He was about to get up but the monster was too fast. It pounced and held Mr. Jameson to the ground with its foot.

“Mr. Jameson!” I yelled, and flung the helmet at the monster. It flew through the air, and just as it reached the monster flashed harshly. The monster was blown back, a charred mark on its shoulder. Mr. Jameson got up and dove for the helmet. He grabbed it and put it on. As soon as he did light flared and his clothes changed into steel armor. A glowing sword hung at his side. He charged the monster and drew the sword.

As he drew near the monster vanished in a blaze of fire. Mr. Jameson lowered his sword and took off the helmet, armor vanishing and being replaced by his normal clothes. I ran towards him. “What just happened?” I yelled, completely confused. He looked around as if to see if we were being watched.

“Do you know what this is?” He asked holding up the helmet.

“Yeah,” I said “Its just a old helmet.” I had worn it before and it never did that.

“This is a relic from a past order of knights who defended the world from demons like that.” He gestured towards the black mark on the ground from the monster’s fire. “This helmet is charged with the magic needed to fight them. Where did you get it?” I had to think for a moment.

“I think my Mom got it a garage sale.” I said. Mr. Jameson looked somber for a moment. “It must have belonged to a Knight who was killed.” “But I've worn it before!” I sputtered “And it never did that!” This couldn’t be happening!

“It will only give you the armor if you are a Knight. But back to the point, we need to stop the demon.”

“I’m sorry,” I said “Did you just say ‘we’?” I couldn’t do this. I was supposed to be back home!

“Yes ‘we’ have to finish this.” Said Mr. Jameson “You need to come with me.” He walked up to the willow, looking around the trunk for something.

“What are you doing?” I asked, confused.

“This is an emergency entrance to a Knight base.” Said Mr. Jameson, not looking up. He searched for a few minutes, “Aha!” He said at last, pressing a small knot on the tree.

There was a creaking noise and suddenly a hatch opened in the tree near the bottom, large enough for a person to fit through. Mr. Jameson climbed inside holding the helmet under his arm and started descending a ladder. “Well?” He asked, already out of sight.

“Coming?” I started climbing down the latter.

When I reached the bottom I saw a room much larger than expected. It had a dirt floor and walls with roots coming through at places. But it had fresh air and was clean. Filling the space where many crates and chests.

“Wow.” Was all that I could manage, for the place was certainly ‘wow’.

“Come on.” Said Mr. Jameson “Help me with this.” He was struggling to lift a heavy lid from a stone chest. I ran over and pushed it up. After a few more minutes of grueling extortion the lid finally hit the ground. Inside the chest were many rolled up pieces of paper, some with grips at the ends. Mr. Jameson began rifling through the piles, apparently looking for one in particular.

“What are you looking for?” I asked, Mr. Jameson was now bent over searching the bottom of the chest.

“A rather thick scroll with golden grips and silver ink.” He said, finding this and adequate description, I began searching as well. I pushed aside multiple rolls of paper, some as big as toilet paper rolls, some longer and thicker than my arm. I moved aside a few other scrolls and saw a thick roll of paper with golden end grips.

“I think I found it.” I said, pulling it out of the box. Mr. Jameson came over and looked at it.

“Yes.” He said, “That is definitely it.” He took the scroll and placed it in a small pack, which he gave to me.

“What is is for?” I asked,

“This scroll contains the only spell of sufficient power to banish the demon.” He said.

“Why are you doing this? Why do you care so much?” As soon as I asked the question I regretted it. Mr. Jameson expressed such pain, such a terrible loss, he looked away.

“My family was killed by the demon.” He said sadly, “So I have devoted my life to tracking it down and killing it.” He sounded so sad I didn't say anything else. “We need to get a move on.” He said, “I'm going to read this back at the graveyard where we last saw the demon. But for the spell to work it needs to be present. Thats why I brought these.” He held up a vial of red liquid and a stick of white chalk. “I’m going to summon the demon while you wait on the other side of the graveyard.”

“What!” I exclaimed, “I want to help!” Mr. Jameson thought for a moment.

“Fine,” He said, “You can wait a couple of yards away, but you must stay out of sight.”

“Deal.” I said, and we climbed out of the bunker.

End of part 2...
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 Next »

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