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Author's note: I actually had a dream about a girl riding a hover board and in her head all she wanted was to save her dad.
Author's note: I actually had a dream about a girl riding a hover board and in her head all she wanted was to save her dad.  « Hide author's note
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The Best Day for Trouble

Kellsea: It starts with my jet black hover board in my hands. The window it open and I throw the hover board outside. It glides just below the window, making it my turn to come out. I balance pretty well. It’s no trouble to close the window before I spree away. I notice a hover car waiting at the corner. The window lowers and I catch a glimpse of Preston. He’s my best friend and sometimes my only friend in this town that gets lousier by the minute.
I used to have other friends, like Margo and Pam-Ella. When I was younger, my parents tried to homeschool me, but that didn’t work when my parents tried to teach me grammar and math, I had trouble actually understanding anything. Apparently I would say things like, “Why will not I?” And my writing was imaginably wrong.
So our neighbors on either side came to help me, Margo and Pam-Ella who were experts in the fields of English and math. Then we were best friends, but the two of them are no longer my neighbors since I moved. Sometimes it’s hard to keep contact. I wish I could go back to the way things were. Best Friends together – forever, but now it seems being far away has made us different people sometimes.
Pam-Ella and Margo like big parties.
I would prefer a slumber party with just a few friends.
Pam-Ella and Margo wear and know all the latest fashion trends.
I just experiment with whatever I have at home.
Pam-Ella and Margo love to talk - a lot.
I like hoverboarding and screaming at each other at the parks.
Pam-Ella and Margo have a larger ring of friends from their school.
I have only two friends now, Preston and my dad, Danael Hughward.
So that’s all. No big deal. I’m just this girl on a hoverboard now. I’ll be laughing in no time with Preston. When I’m in the car with him I feel like I can forget about Margo and Pam-Ella. They’re not my problem.
Preston asks, “So are you ready?”
“Mega Rad, let’s go!” Then we drive off.
We’re going to the biggest, baddest place any ameature hover-boarder would go to. That’s why we’re professionals. It’s all in our heads, but we’ve got the guts for this.
You would need guts to puke out later on.

Preston: Damn. Kellsea sure knows what she’s doing. I met her a year ago on these rails. Whenever I’m with her she’s always on that hoverboard and talking like there’s no tomorrow. It seems like when she touches the ground her quiet side comes back and will even take away her smile. We weren’t always friends if you haven’t guessed already.
A year ago I was just that random kid in the back of the classroom. Got pushed around, but I held on to plenty of things. Mostly hoverboarding. Suddenly the teacher got Kellsea and me sitting next to each other and things have changed. For the better I guess, but sometimes I feel like Kellsea doesn’t tell me everything that’s on her mind.
“Whoa. Hey, are you okay?” She had fallen off her board, but wasn’t even scratched.
“Yeah. I’m fine.” She got back on.
I tried to read off her body language, usually I was able to read people. Kellsea wasn’t one of them. “I guess you are.”
In a flash Kellsea was right over my head, “Hey!”
“So what!” She was almost vertically above me.
“Crazy person!” I watched as she was spinning back down. Just before meeting the concrete she pulled up again to do a loop.
“Hey, come back down!”
“No way! Check this out!” Another one of her flying stunts actually freaks me out. Once the kids called me the King of this lot, but now I think Kellsea took that position when she started hoverboarding. Kellsea is the true Queen of Hoverboarding.

Kellsea: By the time I return home. It feels like a dream. Then the next best thing happens. I remember what day it is and why I got Preston to take me out. It’s possibly the best day in the whole world is National Masquerade Day. The day when the entire world dresses up, parades in the streets and becoming anything they wish from dawn to dusk.
This year I am a legal driver and I have permission to be on my own in the city just with friends, no adult supervision any longer! My dad, Danael Kris Hughward made it a zillion times a zillion times better for me, “I can’t believe you got it!” I ran to my dad throwing my arms around his neck,“Thank you! Thank you! So much. By-doggers, I can’t believe this. By-doggers!” I kiss his cheek and rush back to the dress that’s fit for royalty.
I’m not a girly girl, but who doesn’t want to dress like a princess?
A princess is beautiful or so they always are in fairytales.
“You’re my little princess, Kellsea.” Then he laughs, “Anyhow, your brothers are too old for me to choose their customs. I thought I could do it one last time or you.” My brothers Jarrett and Liam tend to prove their masculinity every year by trying to outdo each other. Last year, Mom and I tricked the guys into both wearing caveman outfit. They were shocked to find they had exactly the same leopard skin cloth and underwear.
“Dad, you can pick my custom out every year!” Then I say sarcastically, “And I think Liam would love this gown in bright neon!” I started to swirl around in the bedazzled gown that I imagine princesses and duchesses wearing from so long ago.
This is the 48th century, but like I said on Masquerade Day you can become anyone. It’s funny, because that’s what my dad does every day. My dad is a secret agent for the – actually that’s a big secret in my family.
So if I tell you, I may have to kill you.
You do know I’m just kidding, right?
I’m just the daughter of an ordinary Computer programmer, I was just joking about the secret agent stuff. Every year my dad just dresses as a nerd, big, goofy glasses and a multi-colored cardigan. My dad isn’t the most exciting person; he travels across the country sometimes and always sends us the V-posts. I especially liked the one that was filled the computer screen with fireworks and in the background was New York.
New York, someday I want to be there – in the lights, on the stage. I suppose you can tell what my dream is. I will be an actress someday.
My dad says anything is possible, especially when you believe in it. “Belief is the first step to possibilities.” That’s what my dad has taught me. I guess I’m so excited that I forgot to twirl anymore. I was just standing in the middle of the room and holding the dress so tightly.
“Kellsea think it’s time you get ready.” Dad says, “Your friends will be here soon.”
I glance at the time, “Oh!” I jump to see the numbers at 6:23, “Margo could be right outside! Dad! Get out! I need to get ready!” Even as I say this, he’s already a foot out of the door. Just as I close it I take another glance at the dress, I can barely imagine this on me.
Yet it’s on me in a matter of seconds.
“Oh – wow. Doggers.” I say, stunned by my appearance. Even without makeup I felt gorgeous in this gown.
My door opens again and my ex-best friends which somehow remember Masquerade day, but not my birthday; Margo (a rather caliente pirate) and Pam-Ella (an equally caliente, sexy Egyptian) rush in, “O’ Doggers! Who are you!?” They cry, almost synchronized.
“You better mean it! Isn’t this dress – “
“The most specutiful sight imagined! O Mega Doggers!” Shrieks Pam-Ella, “You gotta tell me where you got this!”
“My dad got it. Last minute or else I would be a fairy again.”
“This is so digging better!” Margo takes me by the shoulders, “Especially when we’ve been invited to – the Arik Karlos party!”
“Directions? Do you solemnly swear the truth! O Mega Alpha!” All three of us are screaming, up and down until I can ask, “Where, now? How? Why?”
“Duh, you’re looking at the future novia of Aronn Karlos, he so flirted with me when I met him in the mall. Remember Pam-Ella? She was there, saw everything, and then he asked us to come – to bring anyone we wanted!”
“That mirazing, I never thought – this is just perfect!”
“Isn’t it, but girl – we’ve got to make you more unrecognizable, or what’s the fun of –” Pam-Ella paused, and all three of us screamed, “MASK DAY!” So the party doesn’t begin until they paint my face like a very pretty porcelain doll.
Then we sneak out, just in case my parents will have something to say of the makeup. But I’m not that kind of daughter, so as we’re driving away in Margo’s car I decide to text my mom. We go now, luv u.
My phone vibrates just a second later in response, us too.

Karlos Home - Kellsea: When we drive up to Arik Karlos’ house, it’s an enormous mansion surrounded by artificial trees to preserve privacy. The entire place is already humming with music. Vibrations are in the air and you can see everyone through the walls of glass.
“Direct the way!” Pam-Ella shouts.
Margo pulls out the fake pirate sword that she has, “Aye! There be a party!”
All I can do is whisper, “So unbelievable.” And I follow my friends towards the door. It opens the moment we step on the linoleum flooring. I can hear footsteps and dance moves upstairs, but there’s not a soul in what appears to be the living room. Except for one soul who sits with his back to us, but he must have heard something, because he swerves around in the stool.
“More friends?” I must’ve been the only one that heard his sarcasm, because Pam-Ella and Margo run up to him and apparently start to scream his name, “Yes, yes. I am Antanie Karlos, eldest of this family.” He spins around again avoiding the gushing Pam-Ella, but Margo comes to stand beside me.
“Not at all like Aronn, so cold. As if he doesn’t know there’s a party.” Then she grabs me and Pam-Ella, “Come on girls, we’ve got to start having fun!”
“Fun! Fun!” We start cheering, but I glance back and the guy called Antanie glances over his shoulder. Only to notice me and to turn the other way and I had to agree, he was cold. But I also believe there must be a reason that he’s not dressed up or happy.
After hours of dancing, the mood slows down in the afternoon. Everyone is chatting and I’ve lost my two friends, but I catch glances of them in the crowd. There’s one guy that Margo is always with which must be Aronn. I think back to Antanie and they must be the two out of the three brothers that everyone is crazy about.

As I’m sitting in the corner, I think about how this day was supposed to be my favorite day in the whole world. Yet I’m not even enjoying anything or even with my friends at all. I decide to wander, but then I wander down the stairs and back into the first floor.
I notice how spacious it is, but there aren’t any pictures of family and friends. I see a lot of rewards and I’ve heard – from Margo mostly – that the Karlos family is made out of geniuses, including their sons, Arik, Antanie, and Aronn. Oddly I don’t know what makes them geniuses; these awards are vague, For Their Distinguished Service and Honorable Dedication for 30 years.
The pictures I do notice are shaking hands with apparently important people; the president, ambassadors of foreign nations and oddly I always find the man with a grey bowler hat in the background, but his hand distorts his face that I would’ve otherwise seen clearly.
“Pretty princess, don’t you like dancing?” I turn abruptly to face the guy I recognized as Aronn earlier.
“What I don’t like is people creeping behind me.” I try to slip past him, “Pardon-a-me.”
“Nein, Ich gerne dich.” He tries to grab my arm, but I fall back. Hitting my head on the coffee table, “Hey! Hey, get up!”
All I can think about is the pain, but I feel him kneeling beside me and his mouth right over mine. Just as I’m about smack him I hear someone else and pull Aronn away from me. “What do you think you’re doing?”
“Dude, I was giving her the Kiss of Life.”
“Go give a Kiss of Life to your latest project, I saw her. You’ll be so happy for the next 48 hours.”
“Nah – this one will last at least 36 hours.” Retorts Aronn, I can hear him laughing as he climbs up the stairs. I have a hand over my eye as I’m feeling for the pounding bump that must be growing on my head. I open my eyes, but I can only see the ceiling. I don’t even want to make an attempt to stand.
“So, you’re not the latest project – are you?” I open my eye again to see Antanie smiling.
“My friend – my head is killing me.”
“You’re not dying,” Then Antanie adds, “Sorry about your friend, but it happens all the time with Aronn.”
“I should tell her.” I said. Margo had the right to know that Aronn was no good.
“She won’t believe you.” When he said that I didn’t doubt him.
When I call Margo my best friend, it only means we know each other. Moving to another neighborhood has changed us. It’s hard to keep a friendship alive when you have different interests. It’s just really hard, if they never call or ask for your help....

Margo: “Slow - slow down!” I pushed him away, but Aronn had his arms around my waist and he still held on to me. My heart is thumping like crazy and I’m close to panicking. I’m trying to keep my senses with me, but this is too wild.
Aronn tries to kiss me again, but I’m barely holding him back. He’s able to whisper, “Baby, come on, Mary, come on.”
Isn’t this what I wanted?
Maybe he doesn’t know my name, I’ve told him my name about ten times already. Why was he being like this? He isn’t the guy that flirted with me at the mall. I finally get out of his reach, but I’m against the wall.
“Just trust me, baby. Don’t you trust me?” His hand is on my stomach, but I feel that my shirt has curled up just a little. His hand touches my skin. He kisses me over and over again, but I’m still feeling that hand under my shirt and my chest tightens.
I want Aronn to like me. I feel his lips all over mine and his hands are holding me. I want him. I need him to want me. This is my fate. I’m supposed to belong to none other than Aronn Karlos.

Kellsea: I’m still on the floor. I’m starting to worrying that I may have a concussion, but when Antanie tries to see my head I say, “Oh, you don’t have to do anything for me.” Antanie tries to pull my hands out of the way. I try to duck, but I just sink in between pillows. He catches my head in between his gigantic hands.
“You said that bump is killing you. I’m trained in the arts of healing – just let me get the First Aid Kit, to see if anything can help.” He pulls me up and I fall into the sofa. Then he glances at my bump again, “Scraped a little, your Highness. I think antibiotic will be enough, you’re bleeding a little.”
“What? Oh - okay, doctor.” I say, just as he’s walking away I mumble, “Thanks.” He looks back at me and nods a hint that he heard me. I guess Antanie was just in a bad mood earlier.
When he comes back, he has the tin case that looks ancient to me. The Red Cross painted on the white background has tiny scratches that are slowly rusting. As if this kit had gone through some action once. As Antanie medicates me I have to wonder about the story I’ll be telling my parents, but I also wanted to go home.
“The truth.” I just say to myself, not realizing that Antanie would’ve heard me.
“Uh – I’m gonna tell my parents that,” the truth, “I got bonked on the head because I fell on table. That I got bonked because this guy was getting into my personal space, but I won’t mention names because I hadn’t been sure he was your brother and this was the first time I had ever seen this guy at the party.”
“Long story – the truth, but why not tell names?”
“It’s not important. He’s gone. I’m okay. You helped. We’ll never see each other again. End of story.” I get up, “I should go home, but if you see my friends then tell them for me.”
“Wait – wait, they trust you that much?”
“My parents? Sure. Why not?” I say
“Parents don’t’ –” I notice him glancing down at a picture, “Mine at least, think I’m the one hiding something.”
“Look, I should go. I don’t know about your family. I hear things from my friends, but I didn’t know your name until I came to this house.” I step in front of the door which opens for me, “That’s why I don’t need to see you again.”
Just when one foot is out of the door, the heel of my right slipper got stuck in a crevice. My barefoot landed on the gravel outside when I realized that I had lost my shoe. I was about to grab my shoe when the door closed in my face. O the other side laid my shoe like the last bit of snow in early spring.
I stood looking at the door waiting for it to open, but there was just the murmur of music above and footsteps as Antanie walked up to the door and picked up my slipper.
“So, does this mean your name is Cinderella?”
“Does this mean you can give me my shoe? Why won’t the door open?”
“A glitch sometimes happens in the motion detector. One time we didn’t leave the house for a day because it was stuck.”
“Funny. I want my shoe back.” Antanie played dumb as he looked over his shoulders and shrugged, “You’re holding it.”
“Oh! This shoe?” He shows it to me as if I hadn’t seen it before, “Actually this pair belongs to me, yeah, I got it last week at…”
I roll my eyes as I say, “Topshop.”
Antanie exclaims excitedly, “Yeah! Topshop, how did you know? Wow, small world you know. So yeah, can’t be talking right now. I’m going to crash my brother’s party and kick everyone out. You probably want to leave before the crowd, so bye!” He walks away triumphantly as if my shoe was his newest award.
I want to scream for him to bring it back, but I just pull out my phone to text a cab. Within minutes it appeared, but I hesitated when I looked down at my bare foot. Then I just got in. This would be something else that my parents would like to know and maybe in this story I’ll tell them the names.
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