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Journey For Future Time

Author's note: I wrote it out of the love i have for fiction. When I went through depression at such a young...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote it out of the love i have for fiction. When I went through depression at such a young age, my teacher and personal friend of mine told me that I needed something to pull me away from the dark depths of what I was falling into. The book brought me out of that hole and into a new begining of imagination and courage to express myself and my writing skills. Enjoy.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 5: Intruders
The friends had decided to watch a movie in the living room. Robin seated herself in her father’s old recliner, while Matt and Tim sat up a mat on the floor. Taylor sprawled across their small love seat, and Faith and Jeremiah snagged either ends of the couch.
Matt flipped through the channels and left on a Will Smith movie. Robin recognized it as her favorite movie Independence Day, and she curled up under the blanket she had retrieved and snuggled into her recliner.
The others started up a conversation about something Robin was unsure of as she began to drift off in the warmth of her recliner.
It was dark, cold, and slimy. Where am I? She thought, feeling the slimy walls for a light switch or something. She gave up the search and snapped her fingers, her hand quickly engulfed in harmless bright flames. She looked around and saw only stone and muck covering the walls of what looked like a cellar.
She continued to walk through the darkness until she came upon on large oak door, about 6 feet tall with a large knocker on it. She took the handle and knocked lightly, letting it fall back against the door quietly. The door suddenly flew open, and hooded figures ceased her. She screamed, but it was muffled by the cold hand closed over her mouth. She had known about these kind of men only in fairytales. They were Shadow Men.
In fairytales her mother used to read to her and Tim before bed, the Shadow Men were shadows of innocent men that had their shadows ripped from their souls by a dark sorcerer, then were twisted and tampered with to learn evil, and to serve only their creator. She struggled against their arms, but they were quite strong. They suddenly held her arms and forced her to look down. They were suspended in midair! What she saw below them made her heart stop. Thousands of people dressed in rags and dirty things were trapped beneath the dome like force they stood upon.
Suddenly they began to move, the force upon which they stood falling closer to the miserable people below. They stopped just above their heads, the Shadow Men cackling as the group they were above cowered in fear of being smashed by the invisible field. Then suddenly, a woman reached up and pressed her hands against the glass and looked into Robin’s eyes. “Mom!” exclaimed Robin, yanking her arms away from the men as she fell to her knees and placed her hands over her mothers. They looked into each other’s eyes. Robin smacked the field, trying to break through. Suddenly, they began to rise. “No! No, MOM!” she shouted, smashing against the force with the strongest of her magic.
She felt the elevation go faster, and suddenly she was thrown backwards into oblivion. She suddenly jerked awake with a gasp, clutching the recliner arms. She glanced around the room and saw Taylor curled up under a blanket, sleeping, Faith on the big couch doing the same. Jeremiah, Matt, and Tim were on the floor, sleeping on a mattress they must have dragged down to the living room while she had slept.
She glanced at the wall clock. 2am. She sighed and smacked her dry lips as she stood and trudged into the kitchen. She took out a coke and popped it open, taking a big swig then turned started to rummage for something to eat when she heard it.
Someone was whispering outside. She closed her eyes and morphed her ears to dog style, listening more intently.
“The girl has seen things, you know she has! Father has even witnessed the visions she had!” exclaimed a male voice, maybe about Matt’s age. “Maybe Father was wrong!” exclaimed a smooth cool voice of a female maybe 15 years old. There was a pause, then she heard a loud smack. The boy must have hit whoever he was with. “Tony!” shouted another older voice angrily, obviously on the girl’s side. “Do you dare question Father’s wisdom!?” snapped Tony. She heard the girl whimper a no. “Never say those words again.” Said Tony. The girl growled, obviously angry at her own weakness, and she heard her shuffle in the grass. He must have knocked her down. The older voice spoke again. “We must exterminate the girl and her family. We cannot risk the chance of her telling them what she has seen, and it getting out to the world.”
The other two agreed, and she heard their steps in the darkness, as if she were walking with them. She recognized another pair of footsteps, four people instead of three. She couldn’t wait any longer, for they were at least 30 yards from the house.
Robin rushed into the living room and shook Tim and the boys awake, then awakened Taylor and Faith. “What is it Robin? It’s 2am..” dragged Jeremiah, sitting up in just his pajama pants.
“I heard voices outside. Their planning to ambush us in our sleep and kill us, I heard them!” she whispered frantically. She explained how she had awoken and ventured into the kitchen for a drink when she heard them. Tim grabbed a jacket, slipping it on over his pajamas.
“Matt, you go one way, I’ll go the other. You guys stay here and watch the house while we look.” Said Tim, looking at Matt. Mat remained shirtless in his jeans as he nodded. “I’ll go with you to cover more ground. As you know, I mastered hovering, so I can move almost as fast as a vampire.” Said Taylor, suddenly floating above the ground as she slipped her jacket on. “Alright, you go with Tim, his areas bigger. If you guys need us, just whistle and we’ll come.” Said Matt as he slipped out into the darkness.
Tim held the door open for Taylor then nodded to Robin and closed it tight. Robin listened intently for the intruders. “Should we wake up Rachel and Joe?” asked Jeremiah. Robin suddenly went very pale, and opened her eyes. “Their right outside. We have no time!” she whispered. She looked at both Jeremiah and Faith. “One.” Said Faith. “Two.” Exclaimed Robin. “Three!” shouted Jeremiah as the three rushed out the front door. They stopped in the middle of the yard back to back, keeping a tight formation. From the forest came a tall boy with jet black shaggy hair, and a girl with bright purple hair following him.
A man about 30 came from another section of the woods, with shoulder length black hair braided back, and another boy with orange hair followed. They all had the same sickly yellow eyes that glowed in the dark. Robin gasped. “Full vampires. By the looks of it, bad kind.” She whispered, knowing the sign of a deranged vampire well: their eyes.
“Well, it seems you have awakened on our visiting!” said the young boy with black hair. Tony. Robin narrowed her eyes at him, clenching her fists tightly. “Why have you come to kill us?” she asked her face fierce and leader like in the moonlight. Tony chuckled and stepped forward. We were sent on an impulse by someone who shall remain hidden. My my…” he trailed, stopping in front of her. He reached a hand out and touched her chin. She flinched away and growled, her eyes flashing a bright blue. “So beautiful... what a shame. The things I imagine doing to you are numberless. Your scent…” he trailed, baring his fangs, “is most tempting to me.” Suddenly, he pulled her to him, clutching her bottom tightly with on hand, holding her off the ground to himself. His other hand rest upon her neck, craning her head back. “Let me go you bastard!” she shouted, punching him hard in the face. He growled and threw her on the ground, lying on top of her. Jeremiah went to pounce; the older man grabbed him from behind and held him tight, the girl grabbing Faith. “Stop!” shouted Faith, kicking and writhing in her capturers arms. The girl held tighter.
“Oh…so delicious…” trailed Tony, moving Robin’s hair from her neck. She struggled hard, kicking hard. She tried to transform, but was held tightly. She screamed in pain and stayed human. She looked into Jeremiah’s eyes, sending him a message from her mind. He understood, and so did Faith, catching a glimpse of the message. Not yet. Her eyes screamed, not wanting to give her plan away. She trembled in fear as Tony brushed his lips against her skin. He shuddered and slipped his hand under her shirt, wresting his hand over her bare stomach.
“Don’t kill me please!” she begged, then was suddenly flipped onto her back. “Shh… let me speak.” He said, holding her arms above her head.
Robin quieted, her breathe trembling. “What you said earlier was not very nice… do you agree?” he asked, stroking her face lightly with his cool hand.
“Oh yes, I agree. I’m sorry, don’t kill me!” she plead, tears brimming her eyes. Tony chuckled and his eyes flashed red with thirst. “Any last words?” he asked with a cackle. “Yes.” whimpered Robin, then suddenly she smiled. “Put you hands up boy!” she shouted, then her, Faith, and Jeremiah whistled as loud as they could. The shrill sound caught their capturers off guard, which gave them an advantage.
Robin jumped up and slammed Tony to the ground with immense force, and Faith and Jeremiah did the same with their capturers. They each grinned as they held their prisoners with triumph.
Matt, Tim, and Taylor came rushing out of the woods up to them. Matt grabbed the man and held him tight, for he was strong enough to imprison him, and Tim took the Tony easily. Faith kept the girl in her arms, tight and secure, even though she was strong.
The boy with orange hair only stared in fear. Jeremiah grabbed him before he could escape, and held him towards Taylor and Robin. “Please don’t hurt me! I never wanted any part in this!” he exclaimed. The boy sounded younger then he looked. “How old are you in human years?” asked Taylor. The boy looked into her eyes with truth. “13, but my mum always said I looked younger.” He said with a British accent. “Where are you from?” asked Robin more kindly.
“London! Their father had tricked my mother into letting him have me as his own!” he said frantically, big tears rolling down his face.
“Wait, what do you mean by he tricked her into letting him have you? Who is this him…uh…” trailed Taylor, not knowing the boys name. “My name is Vladimir Pole, Vlad for short. The man looked into my mum’s eyes and kind of sweet talked her, then suddenly she had no recognition of who I was! I cried and plead for her to remember me, but she struck me across the face like I was an animal and let that awful man take me away!” Vlad began to tremble and cry lightly, the true boy coming from within him. “Let him go.” Said Robin, giving Jeremiah a serious look. Jeremiah let Vlad slip slowly to the ground, where he began to cry even harder.
Robin wrapped an arm around his shoulder and gave him a squeeze. “Who is this man, and why did he do this to you?” she asked calmly, pushing Vlad’s hair from his eyes. He looked up into her eyes, his eyes now a pale blue. Robin knew he did not have much vampire blood in him, but he was like Matt and Tim.
“Vladimir, don’t you dare defy your father’s name! He has granted the gift of the choice between death and immortality! If you dare defy his name I will be sure to end you!” shouted Tony, trying to pull himself free from Tim. Robin waved her hand fast, and a bright light smacked hard against Tony’s ancient skin. He cried out in pain, then began to growl and fight harder.
Vlad began to cry harder, cowering in fear at Tony’s words for only a moment, then he dried his tears a bit and looked at him with a fierce look. “HE IS A MONSTER YOU TWIT! HE IS NOT MY FATHER, NOR WILL HE EVER BE! I CURSE HIM WITH ALL MY MIGHT! I SHALL RATHER BE MURDERED THEN STAY WITH MARCELO FOREVER!” he screamed in anger.
Robin looked at Jeremiah. Marcelo was familiar… But there was no time to think, for there was a screech of rage as Tony kicked Tim’s legs hard, knocking him down to the ground as he lunged for Vlad. Robin threw herself between Tony and Vlad, grabbing Vlad by the shoulders and swinging him around her and throwing him into a tree hard.
“Vlad, run for the house and wake up the grown ups inside after locking the doors!” she shouted. Matt’s capture turned and growled as they squared off into a fight. Faith was wrestling with the girl, throwing punch after punch as the girl tried to bite into her.
Robin glanced up from her fight and saw Vlad as he disappeared into the house. Robin ducked from a nasty punch that Tony threw at her, and grabbed his wrist as she pinned him to the ground with both of her hands.
“AH!” Robin looked up and saw the girl slash a hidden blade down Faith’s arm, digging it deep. Robin had made a bad mistake: she took her eyes off the enemy.
Tony suddenly rolled over and held her down, both hands over her throat. “I would never drink your dirty blood you mangy mutt!” he spat. Robin squirmed and fought, but soon her vision became blurry, and there was a weird pounding in her head. The last thing she saw was the mysterious girl being attacked by a big creature, then darkness.
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Naomii Lee said...
Jan. 11, 2013 at 3:47 pm
i know i didnt notice it until i read it over lol i have a boggled mind uhg but thank you (:
jetta.ck This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 7, 2013 at 7:40 pm
Great story so far... Just make sure you don't switch tense! That's a big issue in your writing. Good job, otherwise. (:

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