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Journey For Future Time

Author's note: I wrote it out of the love i have for fiction. When I went through depression at such a young...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote it out of the love i have for fiction. When I went through depression at such a young age, my teacher and personal friend of mine told me that I needed something to pull me away from the dark depths of what I was falling into. The book brought me out of that hole and into a new begining of imagination and courage to express myself and my writing skills. Enjoy.  « Hide author's note
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Visitors From The Past

For the rest of the morning, everyone was avoiding Robin, Tim, and Taylor. They gossiped about the fight, and many times Robin caught a glimpse of people mimicking her powerful swing. Jeremiah was still being held in the office.
At lunch, the three sat at their usual place for lunch, Matt joining them. “So I heard of what happened. Why aren’t you in the office?” Matt asked Robin, taking a bight of his salad. “Because Jerry decided he was going to lie and take the blame for me, and theses
Uh Oh!
two over here had me held back and shut up.” Said Robin, waving her fork at Taylor and Tim.
Matt sighed and looked at Robin. “You’ve got to control that anger sis. I hate to say it, but maybe you do need to get some kind of help, or take up a sport or something. I don’t want you sent off, I mean, you’re my little sister, but if Rachel gives the ok, we have no control what happens or where you go.”
Robin sighed and looked at the table. “He was grabbing me and tried to kiss me, then tried to make me go with him against my will. Of course I


was going to do something about it. Can we just drop it?” she asked, taking a slow sip of her coke. Matt got quiet, and they finished the rest of their lunch in peace.
For the rest of the day, Robin couldn’t help but worry about her brother. Would they want to send him off because of his temper, which wasn’t even his to claim? Would Rachel ground him forever? Soon, the end of the day came around, and the belle that signaled summer was here rang cheerfully in the hall. Everyone cheered and said their goodbyes, but Robin didn’t. She stood and hurried out of class, wanting to find Jerry as fast as possible.
“Robin wait!” said Tim as he and Taylor caught up to her. “I can’t come over right after school, but I can probably come over later on when I get my chores done. I love you girl, everything will be okay.” Said Taylor. She hugged Robin, then hugged Tim, though Tim didn’t expect a hug. She gave them a small wave and hurried down the hall. Tim stared after her. Robin rolled her eyes and grabbed his wrist, dragging him along.
The two made their way to the back of the school building, where they usually waited for Rachel to come pick them up. Her truck was already there, but she wasn’t in it. Robin moaned and laid her forehead against the cool brick wall.
“What’s got your panties in a bunch rob?” asked Matt, who was leaning against the wall with his hood up. “I feel so freaking mad! When Jeremiah comes out of there, I’m going to beat him to a pulp! I feel stupid, like I’m a failure! He’s getting punished for my actions, it isn’t fair!” she said angrily.
“No, it isn’t.” said a female voice from behind Robin. Robin turned around and saw Rachel standing there, Jeremiah behind her. “Jerry!” said Robin, hugging Jeremiah hard, then she turned away from him and looked at Rachel slowly.


“I know it was you who hit him. Yes, I know Jerry and Tim had a part in it. Kind of figured. Robin, I hate to say this, but I think it’s time you started to act right and grow up. He has a fractured skull and a completely shattered nose!
A normal human boy can barely do that, let alone a human girl! You could have killed him with that force! I’m sorry, but I have no choice. I’m enrolling you in camp this summer to get over your anger and that’s final.”
Everyone looked at Rachel in shock. “No! It’s not fair! When a guys hurting your family and trying to sexually harass you against your will obviously your going to do something about it! You can’t do this!” said Robin angrily, looking into her older sister’s eyes.
“I can do whatever it is I please. Get in the truck, and we’ll discuss this more when we get home. NOW!” snapped Rachel. Robin pushed past Rachel and jumped in the truck, Jeremiah and Tim piling in the back with her as Rachel and Matt took the front.
Jeremiah wrapped an arm around Robin’s shoulders, and Tim gave her a reassuring smile as they rode home silently.


They pulled into the driveway 30 minutes later, and filed out of the vehicle quietly. “I had a stew on before I left, so it should be done.” Said Rachel. Matt suddenly grabbed Rachel and motioned for the family to stop. “Someone’s in the house.” Exclaimed Tim, hearing the same sounds of rustling feet as Matt did.

“I’m ready to kick butt.” Said Robin as she quietly jogged up the stairs. “Robin, don’t you dare!” spat Rachel quietly. Robin rolled her eyes and suddenly kicked their door open. “Police! Put your freaking hands up!” she shouted, moving into the door.
“Robin!” screamed Rachel angrily. The rest of the Marsh’ rushed in after her, Rachel shutting the door behind her. “Ah, we surrender!” said a familiar voice with a laugh. The Marsh’ stood in shock, then Robin smiled as Josiah Atari came from the kitchen, Hope, Faith, and Zeth standing behind him. From the looks of it, they had teleported here.
“Hey!” said Robin happily as she met Faith and Hope halfway to a hug. Everyone began to greet each other warmly, hugging and laughing as they seated themselves around the living room. “You scared me half to death you mangy mutt!” said Rachel with a laugh, looking at Josiah. “Well Rachel, that was not the impression we wanted to give you. Oh, and nice kick on that door Robin.” Said Josiah with a laugh, giving her a
fist bump.
“Yeah, well she didn’t need to do it. She just wanted to show off.” Said Rachel irritably. Robin glared at her with a death stare, her anger flaring brightly. Robin never liked to show off, she just like the idea of scaring the robbers.
Faith noticed the thick rage between them, and cleared her throat. “So, what have you guys been up to lately?” she asked with a smile, looking at Jeremiah. He blushed and stuttered, looking down at the ground. “oh nothing just chilling like villains.” Said Mat with a laugh, leaning back in his recliner.
Faith giggled and flashed a smile at Jeremiah, then looked back at Robin. “So what’s the point of the whole awesome drop in all of a sudden?” asked Tim. Josiah sighed and looked at Robin. “Well, Mom and Dad left the youngsters in my care while they went off to Europe
on an emergency meeting somewhere. For some reason, though, they didn’t want us staying at the house, they wanted us to come here. They sent a note,” he said, retrieving a green, scaly envelope from his pocket,” and said you would understand when you read it.” “Can I see? That looks like the new edition of dragon hide envelopes!” said Robin excitedly. “Sure kiddo, but it will only open for Rachel I guess. Mom put a charm on it.”
He tossed the envelope to Robin. She caught it. As soon as the envelope touched her fingers, she shuddered and dropped it, making a little screech.
“What is it?” asked Hope worriedly. Robin bent down and slowly, cautiously, picked it up from the floor, looking at it curiously, a bit of sadness reflecting in her deep blue eyes. “I…” she trailed, then suddenly tossed it to Rachel. “I’m going out to the barn to work on Indigo.” Said Robin hurriedly. She jumped from the couch and disappeared through the hall. “That couldn’t have been any weirder. Anyways, I’ll read this later. Meanwhile, you guys are always welcome in our house! We’ll have to work out a bunking situation, but we’ll be ok!” said Rachel with a smile.
“Thank you Rachel! I trust we’ll be good house guests, right?” he asked, looking at the silent Zeth. “I promise I won’t clear out their fridge.” He said with a laugh. “Good to know! Well Josiah, would you mind going to the store with me? I need to pick up some stuff for dinner.” Said Rachel. Josiah smiled and agreed to accompany her. They left.
Jeremiah kept glancing at the front door. Where was Robin? Was she okay? He stood, going to look for her. “Where are you going?” Jeremiah turned around to see Faith looking at him. “To find Robin.” He said plainly. “I’ll come too. She looked upset.” Said Faith, standing and following Jeremiah. They walked out the front door and circled behind the house. There, they saw a big barn in front of the woods they lived in
front of. It was old and worn, but they usually used it for storage purposes. The two walked to the barn and heard something metallic fall to the ground. “Robin?” asked Jeremiah, walking in first.
Robin was bent over a blue mustang, her arm deep down in the hood. It was her car she had received from her dad when she was younger. She loved the car so much, she had even given it a name: Indigo, after it’s beautiful color.
“Yeah?” she asked, coming back up. Her bare arms were covered in dust and oil, and she held a wrench she had dropped. Jeremiah smiled as he looked at the care. Faith gaped at it. “It’s so beautiful!” she exclaimed with a smile, giving Robin a thumbs-up on the work she did.
Robin gave her a soft smile. “Thanks.” she exclaimed. Jeremiah detected a quiver in her voice, a sign of something bothering her. “You seemed upset when you left earlier. Are you alright?” asked Jeremiah, looking at his sister worriedly. Robin sighed and looked down at her wrench, fiddling with the tip carelessly.
“When the envelope touched my skin… all I could think about was Malcolm. Like, boom! He was there. The very instant it touched my skin. It scared me… and I think maybe there’s something wrong.”
Robin looked at Jeremiah and Faith. Faith suddenly gasped. “I knew it! I knew there was something wrong!” she exclaimed, pointing at Robin. “What do you mean?” asked Robin.
“A lot of things have been going on at the house lately. Mom and Dad have had meetings in the cellar with some people we haven’t met before, and once I walked in on them arguing late one night when I was going in the kitchen for a drink. I had listened to some of the argument, but not the whole thing. All I caught was Dad saying, ‘it’s not safe to talk about anymore! It’s barely safe to go outside anymore if you’re magical! Hell, even humans would worry if they knew who he was and

what he’s planning to do!’ Then Mom hushed him because she said she heard me coming down the stairs.” “Well then who could they have been talking about?” asked Jeremiah. Faith shrugged. “I really don’t know. I can’t think of anyone dangerous or as evil as this guy sounded. Believe me, if you would have heard my dad’s voice, it would have given you goose bumps for a week!” exclaimed Faith, shivering at the thought.
Robin sighed in confusion and leaned against the car, closing her eyes. “All I know is, I didn’t like the feeling I got from that card, yo. As far as I’m concerned, that card, and whatever’s in it, is bad news.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 9 Next »

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Naomii Lee said...
Jan. 11, 2013 at 3:47 pm
i know i didnt notice it until i read it over lol i have a boggled mind uhg but thank you (:
jetta.ck This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 7, 2013 at 7:40 pm
Great story so far... Just make sure you don't switch tense! That's a big issue in your writing. Good job, otherwise. (:

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