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Journey For Future Time

Author's note: I wrote it out of the love i have for fiction. When I went through depression at such a young...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote it out of the love i have for fiction. When I went through depression at such a young age, my teacher and personal friend of mine told me that I needed something to pull me away from the dark depths of what I was falling into. The book brought me out of that hole and into a new begining of imagination and courage to express myself and my writing skills. Enjoy.  « Hide author's note
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Their Story

Beep, beep, beep! Robin stirred in her sleep. “Mm... five more minutes!” She mumbles, pulling her pillow over her head. Still, the obnoxious noise continued on.
Robin sat up and looked around the room she shared with her little brother, Tim. She glanced at their bedside table and realized it was their alarm clock.
She pushed the snooze button and, then saw the time. Crap! 7:40! She jumped out of bed and threw her pillow at the still snoring Tim across from her bed.
He groaned.
If you wish for the rest, just ask! this is a full book I have written.
“What?” he dragged out tiredly. ”Get up dork; we’ll be late for school!” Robin snapped, grabbing some clean clothes from her trunk. Tim half heartedly began to get out of bed, but somehow tangled himself in his blanket and crashed to the floor with a loud thump!
Robin hurried out of the room and down the hall, banging loudly on her sibling’s doors. “Get up!” she shouted. Robin’s older sister and guardian Rachel came from her room, fully dressed.
Rachel is 20 years old, and has long black hair with brown eyes like her fathers. She is quite the motherly type, and is constantly worried about her sibling’s. Her nature: She was the best sorceress there was in the family.
Robin gaped at her. “Have you been up this whole time?” she asked, infuriated. “Nope, just used a little help this morning.” She said with a giggle.
“But you said no magic in the morning!” said Robin, her eyes glowing a dull red from anger. “Yeah for you guys!” replied Rachel with a laugh. Robin smiled sarcastically, then snapped her fingers quick, and the clothes she held were now on her body.
Rachel rolled her eyes then said, “ I’ll let it slide because your late brat! Mathew Ray and Jeremiah Patrick, get the Hell out of bed before it
crashes down on you! It’s the last day guys, come on! Timothy, you too!” Matt came out of his room quickly and wore his regular dark clothing. Dark jeans, dark shirt, dark hoodie. It all matched quite well with his pitch black hair.
Matt was 17 and he was a pretty good sport, though he liked a lot of dark things. No evil things, he couldn’t hurt a fly if he could help it. He just liked the night, considering he was a vampire, you know, they tend to like the dark. Even though he could go out in the day because of their fathers wolf genes, he preferred to be awake in the night rather then day if he could help it.
“I’m up, but numb nuts in there isn’t.” he said with a low chuckle, jogging down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Hold on Rach, I got this. You go get wee Timmy up!” said Robin, stretching and popping her knuckles.
Robin is 16, and a very interesting individual. She has long straight, beautiful blonde hair and bright mysterious blue eyes. She was a major tomboy at heart. She loved to wrestle with her brothers, and she ran faster then most of the family. She has a special nature: she is half wolf and half witch. She can transform into a wolf, and does very well with her magical abilities.
Robin cracked her knuckles, stretched, then suddenly morphed into a beautiful sleek wolf. She scratched the door to Jeremiah’s room open and snuck inside. Moments later, there was a shout, and wolf Robin came backing out of Jeremiahs room, dragging him by his pajama pants!
Rachel and Tim came back just in time to see the funny sight, and began to laugh hysterically. Robin morphed back to a human and bowed. “Thank you, thank you!” she exclaimed with a grin. “Why did you do that?” asked Jeremiah angrily. “Were late! Use magic to dress, we have no time to dilly dally!” said Rachel.

Jeremiah snapped his hands and he was dressed instantly, his binder in his hand. Jeremiah was also 17 like Mat, but Mat was to be 18 soon. They were a year apart. Jeremiah is like Robin: half wolf, half sorcerer. He has short dark brownish blonde hair and brown eyes.
Tim is the youngest, 15. He was not a wolf, nor a sorcerer. He was also a vampire like Matt, but he could care less if it were day or night. He has shaggy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Some people mistook him as Robin’s twin, but Robin refused to even think of having a twin.
The family rushed down the stairs and met Matt at the door. He handed their truck keys to Rachel, and the family rushed to the vehicle, hopped in, and was on their way to school.
___________________________ (o) ___________________________

As you can tell, the Marsh family isn’t exactly the, how you say, “average” family. They are magical indeed. For two years, they have been risen by their sister Rachel. Ever sense the night of their parents disappearance, their family was broken.
It had been a sorrowful night. Not only had they experienced the most unfortunate loss of their parents, but Robin also lost her best friend.
On a pleasant, warm autumn’s night two years ago, the Marsh family had been invited to a splendid party. Tim, Matt, and Rachel decided to stay home, but Robin, Jeremiah, and Robin’s best friend Malcolm Charleston had gone to the event with Robin’s parents. Malcolm was tall, with black hair and greenish blue eyes. He was a fine wizard, and a very nice person to befriend.

After the meal that was provided, the lovely party of five decided to stroll the corridors. “Oh how wonderful the meal was!” exclaimed Robin’s mother, Shine. She had sparkling blue eyes and long, luxurious blonde hair. She was a talented potion’s master, but her secret was of being the half vampire she was.
Her father had been a vampire, her mother but only a human. Shine was magnificent in every way. She aged regularly, but she did have her blood thirsty urges every other moment in time.
“How wonderful it was, indeed! They have my five star rating!” exclaimed their father, Jonathan. He was a marvelous man, of that. Long ago, he had saved his wife from the clutches of vampire hunters, fell in love, and made her his wife, his duty to protect and serve her, for the rest of their lives. He was a wolf with jet black hair and brown eyes.
“I’m surprised Jerry took so long! Usually he inhales his food!” said Malcolm with a laugh. Everyone laughed including Jeremiah, who gave Malcolm a good sock in the arm. “I could have just been the big bad wolf and eaten you!” he said jokingly as the group stopped to admire a few paintings upon the stone walls.
As they chatted about the beauty of it, footsteps were heard coming from down the hall towards the party of five. “Ah, Jonathan! Thank you for attending my dinner party! My word Shine, just as beautiful as ever!” he exclaimed, shaking Jonathans hand. “Well Maxwell, the family could not resist! Well, Robin and Jeremiah could not miss it! Mathew, Timothy, and dearest Rachel decided upon time for themselves.” Said Jonathan.
“That’s quite alright. Who may be this young fellow who has accompanied you?” asked Maxwell, smiling brightly at Malcolm. “Oh my stars, my dearest apologies, Malcolm! Maxwell, this is Malcolm Charleston, a close friend of the family. You know his parents, Baily and

Patrick Charleston, yes?” asked Jonathan. “Yes, I do believe I know them! Spitting image of your father!” said Maxwell, shaking Malcolm’s hand. “Everyone tells so.” Said Malcolm with a smile.
“Well Jonathan, I hate to rush, but the wife and I wish for you and Shine to attend a short meeting before the main event of the evening.” Said Maxwell with a smile. “As you wish, old friend!” said Jonathan. “Children, stay out of trouble! We’ll be back shortly.” The children promised and the adults trudged off.
“Let’s go outside you guys. Hopefully it should be warmer out there.” Said Malcolm, shuddering with a smile. “You guys want to race to the fountain in the garden?” asked Robin, a sly grin on her face. The boys laughed at her. “What?” she asked. “Dude, you’re in a dress, and heels. You wouldn’t have a chance!” said Jeremiah with a laugh.
Robin looked down. She had a pretty flowing red dress on that tied behind her neck, and wore a golden chain that cradled a red jewel in the middle. Robin balanced herself and removed her heals, then let her hair down from its bun. “Let’s go kiddies!” she said with a laugh. The three stood in a line. Robin counted, then started them off!
They raced head to head, Robin holding her shoes and part of her dress. “I’m going to win!” shouted Jeremiah, laughing at Malcolm. “No you won’t!” said Malcolm with a laugh. “I win!” shouted Robin. The boys stopped and looked at Robin in shock. She had beaten them to the fountain!
“But how did you…?” trailed Jeremiah. “You know you slow down when your not paying attention, right?” said Robin with a laugh. The boys moaned in agony at their loss to a girl. Robin continued to laugh, the suddenly gasped as something grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into the water of the fountain. “Robin!?” shouted the boys, rushing to the edge where she disappeared.

They looked for a moment, then suddenly each boys were pulled by their necks hard, and they fell into the water! They sputtered back to the surface, looking around for their attackers. Suddenly, five figures rose from the water, one of them Robin. The other four were the Atari’s, their magical friends!
Jeremiah blushed as he saw Faith, the oldest girl. He was quite fond of her.
The Atari’s were a big family, like the Marsh’s. First was their eldest son, Josiah, who was Rachel’s age. He was tall and his hair was dirty blonde, his eyes brown. Josiah was a wolf.
Then came Faith, the eldest of the girls, Jeremiah’s age. Faith was very pretty with her long blonde curly hair and grey eyes. She was half wolf, half witch, like Robin. They were great friends.
Zeth was born not long after Faith, being sixteen, and he was born with a very interesting feature. His hair was brown like normal, but his eyes were gold! He was also a wolf, like his brother.
Last to come into this world was Hope, and her red hair, brown eyes, and freckles were passed to her by her great grandmother. She was Tim’s age.
They all greeted each other and splashed each other, having a great time. Soon, though, they withdrew from the water, soaking wet. Robin waved her arm, and they were all instantly dry. They thanked Robin for her keen mind.
They knew it should be time for the main event soon, so they hurried into the main hall, where they had left their cloaks and jackets. Everyone found theirs with ease, except for Robin. “Where’s my cloak?” she asked herself, looking around curiously.
Suddenly from behind he, two arms wrapped around her with her cloak and clasped it in front of her. Robin gasped as she was spun around, then looked up. “Malcolm!” she whispered, trying to give him a mean
look, though she was blushing. He laughed and gave her a soft smile, then they all started towards the main hall.
They walked through the oak doors and were welcomed by beautiful music and everyone dancing in a wild and cheery circle. The beautiful gowns were amazing as they twirled and swayed to the tune.
Faith cheered and lifted the edge of her dress and cloak, then joined the circle, grasping the hands of her parents, Joe and Teresa Atari.
Everyone became part of the circle, and they danced for what seemed like hours. Finally, the music began came to an abrupt halt, and everyone began to clap and cheer. The band immediately started up again, but this time it was a slow, sweet tune. The crowd broke into couples, and the lights dimmed slowly.
Hope was lead away by a charming young man with red hair and freckles like hers, and she smiled as they swayed together. Zeth and Josiah disappeared into the crowd with twins.
“Want to dance?” Jeremiah asked Faith nervously. Faith smiled. “Sure. Let’s make it funny!” she said with a laugh, wiggling her hips. She took his hand and they became one with the crowd.
Robin chuckled, for she had heard Faith, and retreated to an abandoned table. She sighed and fixed her hair a little, then slipped her cloak off, laying it on the back of the chair. She was a little warm from all the excitement.
“He, hem?” groped a voice from in front of her. She looked up and saw Malcolm standing there, a smile on his face. “Would you like to dance, me-lady?” he asked with a pretty smile, holding out his hand. She chuckled and smiled. “Sure.” She said, taking his hand gently. He lead them to the crowd and spun her around, pulling her close to him. He locked hands with Robin with one of his hands, then wrested his other hand on her lower back.

Robin smiled and said, “Wow. Nice charm you got there, Shakespeare.” Malcolm laughed. “You know, I like this.” He exclaimed. “Me too. I can dig it.” Said Robin with a chuckle, her cheeks blushed up a little.
Malcolm continued to stare into her eyes, then smiled. “You know,” he whispered, “there’s something I’ve kind of wanted to ask you.” “Ok. Fire away.” Said Robin.
“I’ve always… well, I…” he stuttered, then sighed. “Never mind.” He said with a smile. Robin leaned back a little, frowning. “No, tell me what’s up.” She said, concerned. Malcolm blushed, then said, “I’ve always kind of, well, thought of you more then a friend.” He looked away, fear of rejection. Robin looked down, smiling at the ground. Malcolm got worried. “What?” he asked.
Robin looked up, then suddenly reached up and kissed him lightly, caressing his cheek. Malcolm gasped through his nose and held Robin’s hips lightly. A moment later, they pulled apart. She giggled and snuggled to his chest, Malcolm hugging her close. They swayed in there little heaven, two hearts together as one in the beauty of the moment.
Then their heaven crashed as a loud bang came from the corridor. Robin’s head shot up. She clutched Malcolm’s shoulders in fear. “What was that?” she asked.
Suddenly the lights went out, leaving the crowd in mostly darkness besides the light of the moon through the windows. People started to murmur quietly, some conjuring light form their hands, others calling forth candles and flame.
Suddenly the ground began to shake, and Jonathan came running through the crowd with others, shouting “Down! Everyone down!” Malcolm kneeled to the floor shielding Robin as the windows shattered. Robin shrieked in fear. After mere moments, the shaking stopped. They stood upright and looked at the damage.

Glass covered the floor, and a cold breeze blew through the shaken crowd. “Robin! Malcolm! Are you alright?” asked Jonathan, rushing towards them. Jeremiah and Shine following him. She held Robin to her, then let her go. “Yes, were alright. What was that?” asked Robin.
“Something has gone wrong somewhere, somehow! We have no knowledge of the whereabouts of the quake came from, but…” started Jonathan, then suddenly the ground began to shake again. “I don’t think it’s over Jonathan! Everyone, down!” shouted Shine. The ground shook harder then before, the whole castle shaking in the effect of the quakes.
The crowd retreated to the floor again. Malcolm covered Robin’s head and his own as debris feel from the ceiling. “Jerry!?” shouted Robin, looking for her brother. “I’m here!” he shouted over the wind, grabbing Robin’s hand and holding it tightly.
“Just focus on my jewel, we’ll be alright!” he shouted again. She locked her eyes on the similar red jewel that was nestled in the golden bracelet that Jeremiah wore. The siblings were very close. For some reason, they just clicked together well.
For their 7th and 8th birthdays, their parents had bought them each a magical trinket. Jeremiah got the bracelet because he was a boy, and Robin the necklace because it was more seated for a girl. The stones always told each other if their occupant was afraid, or in danger, or hurt. It also had special powers of its own that they could use, but they had yet to really look into those.
Suddenly, her focus was broken by many shrieks of terror. She looked up and screamed herself at the sight. People were being sucked up from the ground! Before she knew it, Malcolm suddenly began to float upward. Robin flipped on her back to get a good grip on his hand and almost fainted at what she saw.

On the ceiling was a giant black hole, taking people into its depths! Robin held tight to Malcolm’s hand, not letting the hole take him. She began to rise a little as well, but Jeremiah slid behind her quickly and held to her tight.
“Let go!” shouted Malcolm. “No! I won’t let go, I won’t lose you!” she shouted, holding his hand tight with both of hers. “If you don’t, you two will be sucked in as well. Let go!” he shouted. Robin still held tight.
Suddenly she heard her fathers voice, screaming her mothers name. “Shine!!” She looked in the direction of his voice and with horror watched as he tried to fight to keep himself and his wife on the ground, but it was of no use. Shine screamed in horror as the two flew into the hole, disappearing from sight. “MOM, DAD, NO!” shouted Robin, tears in her eyes.
Then, as if it never happened, the hole disappeared and Malcolm fell on the floor besides Robin and Jeremiah hard. “Mom, Dad!!” she cried, tears streaming down her face as she stood quickly. Many of the guests began to call out for their now gone friends and loved ones. Some cried, and others ran for help.
Joe and Teresa Atari rushed to them, looking worried. “Where are the others? Are you alright?” asked Teresa hurriedly. “Where are Shine and Jonathan?” Joe asked Robin. Robin couldn’t take it. Tears fell quick and hard. Joe’s face softened as he realized they were no longer with them. “Mom, Dad!” shouted Faith, running into the awaiting arms of Teresa. “Oh Faith, my dear! Hope, Zeth, Josiah!” she exclaimed as they appeared one after the other.
“Robin…” trailed Malcolm, trying to comfort her. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” she shouted, kicking her shoes of as she ran through the doors and out the hall. “Robin!” shouted Jeremiah. Malcolm and Jeremiah hurried after her, and quickly found her standing silently by the garden fountain. “Robin, don’t run off like that!” said Jeremiah worriedly.
Robin held up a hand and shushed him, pointing through the brush wall. They heard murmuring voices, and spotted feet under the hedges. “Something’s not right.” Said Robin, crouching down as she moved in closer so she could hear the mysterious guests words. “Robin!” snapped Jeremiah, but the two boys had no choice but to follow. Malcolm and Jeremiah crouched and followed close behind.
“We did not receive as many people as we should have liked, but it is a great start my friend.” Said a deep, cold voice. “Yes sir, I agree we have done quite well!” replied a much younger, squeakier voice then the first. The three children moved a bit of the brush so they could make out the strangers.
The two were crouched over a small golden box, eyeing it excitedly. “Marcelo, sir, we are most certainly on our way! Exclaimed the smaller of the two. He was a young man about his mid 20’s, and his face was dented with scars and cuts. He was hunched over a bit. The other man was quite tall and was tan with a scar across his eyes and a wicked grin upon his face. His hair was jet black with silver dots in it.
“Yes, Aster, we have. Finally, we may take over this world as our own, and punish those who do not believe in our plan!” exclaimed Marcelo, opening the box. A bright green light came from within it, followed by screaming and pleas for help. Robin gasped as she heard a familiar shriek, one she had heard only moments before. Her mothers.
This man had imprisoned the missing people in his box! “He’s got Mom and Dad!” she whispered frantically as she stood and jumped from the hedges. “Robin no!” snapped Malcolm, but it was too late, the boys stepped forward as well, ready to defend her. “Let them go!” demanded Robin. The two men looked at them in shock, then turn and began to run away from them.
“No!” shouted Robin, running after him. Jeremiah and Malcolm followed closely. Jeremiah and Robin suddenly went wolf, jumping on
the big man as he tried to escape. Jeremiah bit into him, and a putrid blue liquid seeped from his wound into his mouth. It was a horrid taste, but Jeremiah was a strong fighter. Malcolm began to throw curses and charms at Aster, keeping him away from the others.
Suddenly Marcelo yelled and threw both the wolves off. They flew through the air and hit the ground hard, each whining in pain. Then, before Malcolm could think, Aster hit him with a spell they had never seen before, and he fell to the ground, his eyes wide open as he screamed in pain. The wolves fazed back to human. “Malcolm!” shouted Robin, crawling to his side. Jeremiah stood to fight again, but the men had escaped. “Damn!” shouted Jeremiah angrily. Robin stroked Malcolm’s cheek. “Malcolm, Malcolm are you alright?” she asked. Malcolm looked into her eyes, then suddenly his body began to disappear. Then, as if part of the wind, he disappeared.
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Naomii Lee said...
Jan. 11, 2013 at 3:47 pm
i know i didnt notice it until i read it over lol i have a boggled mind uhg but thank you (:
jetta.ck This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 7, 2013 at 7:40 pm
Great story so far... Just make sure you don't switch tense! That's a big issue in your writing. Good job, otherwise. (:

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