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I Will Not Fall

Author's note: Okay this is the second book in the series "Chronicles of Ember Stone'"!Here you are guys the...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Okay this is the second book in the series "Chronicles of Ember Stone'"!Here you are guys the sequel to I will Not Break!  « Hide author's note
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Ceremony awaits

Chapter 1: Ceremony awaits
"Ember You ready yet?" My reflection gazed back at me with wide grassy Green eyes. My Pale face painted in a cherry red blush, midnight black Hair brushing my thin cheek bones and flowing down my shoulders. The image reflected of me was grasping the bathroom counter top for support as I tried to steady my heart beat. My lips swollen from continuous attacks from my mate standing out side the door, and whom could probably hear my heart beat anyways seeing as he has
Okay this is the first chapter guys! Let me know what you think. I won't update till I recieve comments:) haha
advanced hearing because he is a immortal creature, or in simpler terms vampire. Yes blood drinking, night roaming rip your throat out vampire. My mate is one of the monsters your children or younger siblings fear will come out in the night.
Yes I just said mate. He is the man,well male I am going to spend the rest of my life with. The one I will love continuously throughout time as an immortal being like him. No I am not a vampire, but I am immortal. I am part human, but also part angel.
I am the first of my kind in over a thousand years. Angels don't mate very much with humans because it creates unstable beings dangerous to all. Yep that would be me. A unstable angel with humanity. Did I mention angels don't have that either? The only reason I came into exist ants was from one of the fallen, or as you know them demons. My father Quinn was one of the strongest fallen known to angels. Which means I am to be the strongest immortal in all of existence. Lucky me.
The fallen Fear the halfings because they are still pure. They are angels that have not fallen yet, but are not in heaven. We have humanity, and a soul which means we can go to heaven if we take the same rout as a human would. The fallen are angry bitter beings, but they also fear us because along with that gift of humanity we also have free will. Which means we can fall, and will be tempted to quite often.
We call it the hunger. Angels feed off of emotions. the fallen feed off of negative emotions and angels positive. Us in betweenies feed from both because we have not chosen yet. Our hunger makes us unstable and means we have emotional outbursts. Which is why the fallen started wiping us out of existence. We were stronger than them. So half of the fallen species wants me dead because they fear me, and the other half want me to fall so I can rule over them all and help them take over heaven. So I am on the run with from my father and his kind because he tried to kidnap me and kill my mate, Graves.
Thoughts of Graves snapped me out of my mind babbling and on the fact he was quietly knocking on the door waiting for me.
The mirror me mimicked my nervous glances over my body that was trapped in a silk strapless Dress. The pearl white colors sparkled in the light reflected in from mirror, and my naked shoulders hunched over in fatigue. The dress clung to my chest in a heart shaped neckline, and followed the path of my curves till it reached my waste where a black velvet belt wrapped around. A White rose was embedded deep within the velvet fabric of the belt, and the dress flowed gracefully to the floor. This was it...
Graves knocked once more and I swung the door open mid knock to the sight of a dangerously handsome vampire.
Graves was dressed in a all black tux and a blood red tie. His sleek black hair swooped to the side above his eyes and framed his face. He Held a buque of deep red roses and his endless black eyes stare into mine with love and passion.
His gaze traveled away from mine to my lips, then up and down my body. He then settled them on my neck with a lustful expression, and a snort Burst out of my trembling lips. I stepped passed him covering my nervousness up with a roll of my eyes.
To my surprise and joy his arms snaked around my waste and pulled me gently back against his broad chest. Heat spread through out my shaking body as he buried his face into my neck in hailing deeply. My heart beat that I had tried so hard to calm down earlier sped up again beating wildly in my chest.
A murmur of approval vibrated against my neck as Graves felt my heart beat speed. His cool breath pricked my neck as he kissed it softly and his teeth grazed my skin. I shivered and the moment he traced patterns around my neck, my hunger awakened within me.
My hunger emerged and Took over. My eyes switched focused to the colors swirling around him like a soft breeze. Energy was built up inside him like it was about to explode. I swung my body around and pinned him to the bathroom door. A growl rumbled in his chest as I pressed my hands against his chest and smashed my lips to his.
Kissing Graves always seemed to make my brain all fuzzy with only one thought... More. The hunger dwelling inside me urged me forward and closer to Graves. He instinctively wrapped his arms around my waste and pressed me tighter against him. His lips parted and he waited more than eager for what was to come next.
The moment our tongues touched my hunger leaped in joy. His passion and love became visible to me. His emotions always looked like a era swirling around inside his chest. That was the thing about my hunger. It could only feed from his emotions orally. As in I had to be kissing him or at least pressing my lips to his in order to feed. It was like my hunger sucked it out of him.
Graves gripped my thighs hard in pleasure before lifting me up and taking me over to the bed. He gently place me on it and laid above me never breaking my feeding.
The familiar sensation of Graves laying above me on his bed overwhelmed me, from so many times of its temptation. It had been like that since the first time I was here. When Graves kidnapped me and made me his slave. Yes I just said slave.
Graves kidnapped me the night I found my mother dead in my backyard. I hated him so much because I thought it was him, even after the moment he made me his slave. I spent nights fearing the feelings I was growing for him and guilt for wanting my mothers killer. It was a huge shock to find out Graves Brother Rubin killed my mother to try and make me his blood slave(Idea from none other than my father). Graves ended up finding me before Rubin and saved me from that cruel fate. Turned out I was also Graves blood mate. Which his mother made sure will be official tonight.
Once my hunger was satisfied Graves pulled back, and smiled at me. He eyes full of humor and mischief. "Looks like someone missed me," He winked, and leaped off the bed pulling me with him.
Sudden movement caused me to yelp but Graves silenced me with a peck, and guided me to the door. "Shut up," I stuck my tongue out and skipped ahead of him, with my hold still onto his hand.
He held his other hand up in surrender and smirked at me. That smirk always seemed to make me nervous, but I held that in as he lead me out the front door of his house( more like manshion.).
He lead me to his limo, and kindly opened the door for me.
"Where is the ceremony being held?" I questioned. Graves looked at me and scooted closer to me in the limo as it began to move.
"The same place you stood up to my father and met my family."
A snort burst out my lips at the irony. The day I met Graves family His father wanted nothing to do to me. He tried to scare me off and his sister even attacked me! His mother though found me to be interesting and named me as a immortal and said I was no longer Graves blood slave but his blood mate.
Now his father loves me because I survived an attack against my father and Graves brother Rubin. He realized Graves needed me and I needed him.
He got Graves to renounce me as his mate and it almost killed us both. After my first change I saw through Graves eyes and he was in as much pain as me. My hunger sought him out and I made him my hungers mate also.
This ceremony tonight is to unite us as one. We will be blood mates forever. It's kind of like a marriage but so much stronger. Once you've done this ceremony there is no way out besides death.
"Ember." Graves voice whispered into my ear. He hands caressed my neck and kissed me softly, but I pushed him back playfully. "You don't get to feed yet Mister. I don't get to feed during the ceremony so that's why I did it earlier.You do so you've got to wait."
Graves face still held mischief as he pulled me to him in the limo seat and laid me down before he leaned over me. "I don't have to feed to eat you all up," He murmured.
My breathe caught and I held his gaze daring him to make the first move. He stared back before sliding his hands up and down my body pausing at my stomach, and tracing designs along the way. His cool hands sent shivers throughout my body, and I leaned in to kiss him. My breathing was shallow, and right as my lips almost touched his the car stopped and the door was yanked open.
"Ember! You stupid stupid girl you're not suppose to come in your dress let alone let Graves see it!" The voice of my best friend Beth wined at the sight of us. Graves was off of me and had us out of the car in seconds with his vampire speed.
"Let her do as she wishes Beth. You still get to do her hair and makeup so leave her be," Graves assured her.
I pulled slightly away from him and poked Beth in the arm with a grin. She grinned back, and her dark chocolate eyes squinted from the action. She then took my hand from Graves to yank me to the main doors. "We'll see you later at The ceremony as of now you can not see her until then!"Beth hollered and I took one last look at my handsome Mate of darkness before we disappeared behind through the main doors.

"Ouch! Beth watch it woman!" I squealed as she stabbed me in the head with yet another useless bobby pin. She stared intensely at my half up half down look searching for any mistakes or mess ups to correct. Her eyes didn't even waver at my squeal, she just pinched my arm. Her eyes scrunched up in heavy concentration as she slowly slid the bobby pin in, fearful it would screw up my already perfect hair.
Beth's seriousness about my hair always seemed to amaze me but it was ten times better then the Vampire beautician that dealt with my hair in the slave trade. She was cruel and very snappy. That was the first day I became a slave and the day I decided I would never break. I would never let anyone break me of my free will or my spirit. Cheesy I know but immortals have a weird obsession with breaking their slaves.
"Done!" Beth gasped as she slid in the last bobby pin in and backed up to examine her work. She had curled my hair and pinned half of it up and let the bottom fall around my shoulders. She always seemed to impress me because you never would have figured this girl as a hair freak.
Her own hair was cut very short in the back spiked up, and the front was cut in to cheek bone length edged bangs that framed her face. Her hair was a bloody red with black streaks. She looked like a bad ass.
Her eyes stared me down waiting for my opinion nervous of my reaction. I've never been a to big on fancy things being done to my hair but I let Beth because she didn't get to do it often. She had been a slave so long that that was a luxury she did not get.
"Hello? Angel of the underworld do you like your hair?" She waved her hand in front of my face pulling me from my mind babbling again. It's been really bad today.
"oh wha? yeah I love it thank you Beth," I smiled assuring her she did a awesome job.
I wasn't to worried about my hair. My stomach churned and my hands shook. I was so nervous my Lip was getting bruised from me biting too hard. Beth narrowed her eyes in concern as I stood up and walked toward the door.
We were in a fancy bathroom you'd see in a really expensive restaurant. The walls were a deep violet with gold trimmed mirrors all over the walls and the sinks were decorated in a shiny gold that trimmed the bathroom stalls also.
Beth followed me to the door, but before I could exit she stood in my way and folded her arms across her chest. "Whats wrong Ember?"
I bit my lip harder and stared at everything but her. She gripped a hold of my shoulders and shook them... Hard.
"Beth will you take your hands off me before I lose my temper!"I snapped. That was one of those things that I had issues with... My temper. She was really good at pressing my buttons passed their limits and she'd keep pressing them till I took a hint to do what she said.
"Not until you tell me whats bugging you. Its plastered all over your pretty little angel face so tell mama Beth how it is?" She tried to impersonate a old lady but failed miserably.
My laughter helped a little with the odd feeling coursing through me. She continued to wait not moving away from the door.
"Okay fine I just I don't know. I feel like somethings off. Like something bad is about to happen. The closer and closer we get to doing the ceremony the feeling gets worse," I frowned.
Saying it out loud sounded so much more stupid than it did just thinking it. Way to go Ember.
Beth stared at me in sympathy and punched my arm playfully. "Oh that's it? Ember your just having second thoughts. Everyone does especially the day you proclaim yourself to the man you love! Oh that reminds me. You two done the dirty yet?" She grinned and winked at me waiting for a response.
A growl of annoyance echoed through me and I shoved passed her out the door.
"Is that a yes? Or a no? Are you one of those girls that want to wait till marriage cause technically that's tonight you know! You gonna do the bow chicka wow wow? Don't you walk away from me Missy I want details!"
Beth's voice died down the farther I walked. I was so embarrassed it wasn't even funny.
No we had not done that! We never really actually tried. The feeding always was pleasure enough and brought us so close. The anxiety I was feeling seemed to multiply as I neared the room to which the ceremony was held. It wasn't as close to a wedding as Beth acted. It was closed off to me, Graves, a few vampires and some of the Ancient leaders.
Those were the big boys in charge of everything. They ran the whole immortal shebang. At least one of them had to be present at every Blood mating ceremony. It was a very private matter because blood exchanging would take place to unite us.
"Just stay calm Ember everything will be alright," I told myself.
I passed the doors to the ball room where I first met Graves family and found the last door.
They were made out of fine oak and doubled. I cracked one of them open and peeked in. The room was a small sitting room. The lights were out and candles were lit everywhere along the walls. A bench sat in the middle of the room while a old looking man stood in front of it along with Graves.
Graves was talking to the old man in whispers and he smiled once he saw me.
The old man next to him turned to look at me and smiled also.
He was around Graves height and Built like stone. His face was thin and pointy while his hair was silver and gray. He wear a suit with a ----- on it. It confused me and I figured now was not the time to ask what it meant.
"Why hello Ember. I am Mason, I will Be the one to lead the ceremony until you to do the blood exchange. Why don't you come in and take your mates hand so we may begin?" The old man ushered me forward.
I took Graves hand eagerly comforted by the feel of his cool hands against my own. I noticed a couple more figures standing in the shadows but I could not make out who they were or what they were.
"Now we may begin," Mason clapped his hands together and puled out a old matted Gray leather book. The binding was stitched with a wool type cloth and letters were engraved on the front.
Graves squeezed my hand excitedly and pulled me closer. I looked up and him and smiled wide.
He was focused on me, and only me as the man began to speak.
I was the luckiest person in the world right now. I was with the man I loved and was getting ready to for fill the rest of bonding for life... So why did That bad feeling just explode into pure terror?
That was when the doors exploded.
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Ms.PeytonLovesHP said...
Jul. 29, 2013 at 6:43 pm
It's been literally... months. I need more! I've been hanging on this cliff for so long... don't be like ABC Family and give up on it! Please! This is one of my all time favorite stories on TI and it can't just be... OVER.
PeytonLovesHarryPotter said...
Apr. 28, 2013 at 10:51 pm
OMG rereading this after like months...... MORE! You probably thought no one was still reading didnt you....... BUT ITS SOOOOOOOO GOOD
HarryPotterLover30 said...
Nov. 7, 2012 at 10:24 pm
Ugh, sorry I haven't been on for a while...... I've been busy. But I'm here now...... and I'm begging for more. Your two stories, are like, in my top three. I NEED more. And I'm defienetly not being dramatic when I say I wil die without it.....
Dudet95 said...
Oct. 24, 2012 at 1:14 pm
I just finished the next chapter:) It's a tad bit short though, I am sorry:/
HarryPotterLover30 said...
Oct. 23, 2012 at 9:05 pm
Oooooooooh. You know what i'm going to say......... MOOORE. Do i even need to ask anymore? i'm totally addicted....... CONTINUE. :)
HarryPotterLover30 said...
Oct. 7, 2012 at 1:52 pm
Dudet95 replied...
Oct. 8, 2012 at 11:16 am
AwwXD I will give you more! lol I had to pause for a bit on writing it because I am going through and editing the first one but I will start back up in writing this one now:)
HarryPotterLover30 replied...
Oct. 13, 2012 at 6:56 pm
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I needed more. Now.... XD. Don't want to be impatient, but..... I NEED EVEN MORE NOW. It's so good. Don't blame me! You gots me hooked. :) Keep writing because you gots some SERIOUS talent sistah. :{)~
Salamander5000 said...
Sept. 4, 2012 at 6:07 pm
Amazing! Plz write more!
Dudet95 replied...
Oct. 8, 2012 at 12:33 pm
Lol thank you and I will here soon:)

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