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His Only Girl

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Chapter 3

Zoe skipped happily into school Friday morning and her friends, who were standing at her locker as usual, seemed interested in Zoë’s happiness.
“So, why are you so perky this morning?” Maggie asked.
“Oh, I have great news I’m just bursting to tell you!” Zoe replied.
“Oh, well, we have some news too,” Veronica said. “Matt asked Maggie to be his date to the Sweethearts Dance and Andy asked me to be his date to the Sweethearts Dance.”
“You mean Chase’s friends?” Zoe asked. “Wow, I did not see that coming. But I’m going to the Sweethearts Dance with Chase!”
“Really?” her friends asked, acting like they knew nothing about it.
“Yeah. Did you expect to hear that?” Zoe asked.
“Well, why wouldn’t he ask you?” Maggie asked. “I guess we can just expect some things to happen.”
Only a few moments later, Chase, Matt and Andy came over to the girls and Matt stepped foreword and said, “Well, a good morning to you Maggie and Happy Valentines Day. I present to you, being a gentleman, this bouquet of roses.”
Maggie took them and gave Matt a hug.
Then Andy stepped towards Veronica and said, “My date deserves the best man she could get, so I give to her the best I can get.”
Veronica smiled as he handed her a bouquet of red and pink roses and blew him a kiss.
Chase smiled at his friends, only being thankful they had dates. But when Zoe turned to him, he slipped his in his pockets and smiled shyly at her.
“Hey Chase,” she said. “Happy Valentines Day.”
Chase reached out and pulled Zoe to him and she asked, “So, are we telling them now because it seamed to me when I was talking to my friends before you came they seemed like they knew something.”
“Well, I doubt it, and I have your gift but I’m afraid to give it to you in front of our friends,” Chase whispered.
That night, Zoe was getting ready for the dance and she was glad her older sister Maddie was home from collage to help her.
“So, the Sweethearts Dance,” Maddie said. “I’m surprised you’re actually going to a dance Zoë. Did you get yourself a date?”
“Yeah. Someone actually asked me,” Zoe replied.
“Really? Who would have the brains to ask my little sis Zoe to a dance?” Maddie asked.
“Why don’t you guess and find the surprising answer,” Zoe said.
“Okay. You’ve always had a secret crush on Brian Hanson. Did he ask you?” Maddie asked.
“No way!” Zoe cried. “They are so weird! And I only have a crush on him because he has pretty blue eyes. And Brian has a girlfriend.”
“Oh, that explains so much,” Maddie said sarcastically. “You know, I can’t think of any other cute guys at your school.”
“Um, Chase Mathews,” Zoe reminded her.
“Oh my gosh Zoe! Chase Mathews asked you to be his date to the dance?” Maddie asked. “Oh, it totally slipped my brain.”
“Yeah,” Zoe said. “And he actually knows I have a crush on him and he actually likes me back. But, Maggie and Veronica don’t know.”
“Why are you keeping this from them?” Maddie asked.
“I don’t know,” Zoe admitted. “I really want to tell them because they are forcing it out of me!”
“Then do it,” Maddie said. “Zoe, the reason they are forcing it out of you is because they want you and Chase to be together.”
“Well, he also doesn’t like being around me when my friends are around,” Zoe said. “He loves his “alone time” with me.”
“Well, that’s sending a message saying he’s getting ready to ask you out,” Maddie said.
Right at six, Chase knocked on Zoe’s front door and her little sister Hannah answered.
“Hey Hannah,” he said. “By any chance, is Zoe home?”
“Zoe! Chase is here!” Hannah called.
Zoe glided down wearing a satin pink gown and her hair was French braided down her back, and Chase couldn’t help but gaze at how gorgeous she looked.
“Hey Chase,” she said.
“Hey Zoe,” Chase said. “Wow, you look…wow I’m speechless.”
“Hi Chase,” Maddie said, joining them. “Long time no see.”
“Good evening Maddie,” he replied. “Collage seems to be going smoothly?”
“Yeah. Its all working out,” Maddie said.
“Oh, I’ve been meaning to say this all day Zoe,” Chase said. “Happy Valentines Day.”
He handed her a bouquet of red and pink roses, and she drew a step closer to him.
“Thank you, I love them,” she whispered. “And you couldn’t give these to me this morning because…”
“Because I have another little gift that would make our friends freak,” Chase explained.
“Oh? And that is…,” Zoe asked.
Chase slipped out a box and said, “Close your eyes.”
Zoe closed her eyes and Chase slipped his other gift to her around her neck. When she opened her eyes, she immediately kissed Chase on his cheek.
“Oh it’s perfect, thank you,” she said.
“There’s more,” Chase said, as he turned it over.
In swirl script were two lines engraved in the heart.
Be my Valentine
I love you
“That’s the most romantic phrase anyone could ever give to me on such a great gift,” Zoe said. “I love it.”
Before they headed out, Maddie said to Chase, “Don’t be surprised if she tells you she loves you tonight.”
Arriving at the dance, the music was slow and romantic, just the way they both liked it and immediately, Chase asked Zoe to dance with him.
Slowly they began, for the song was slow and they enjoyed every minute of it as Zoe began to talk.
“Oh, this feels awkward,” she said.
“Why?” Chase asked.
“Well, I’ve been crushing on you my entire life and I’ve never gone to a dance or danced with a boy before,” Zoe admitted. “But you know, now that I’m experiencing it, it so nice, so natural. It makes me feel like I want to kiss you.”
“Well, wait…you’ve never been to a dance?” Chase asked.
“No boy ever asked me, so I never went,” Zoe said.
They continued to dance. Not worrying about the future. Not worrying about the past. The only thing they cared about was the moment they were in. The time went by so fast that they didn’t realize their friends had arrived, and were watching them dance. They only had eyes for each other.
“Wow. And to think these two weren’t meant for each other,” Maggie said. “They are totally smitten with each other.”
By nine, Chase and Zoe were still dancing, but they had a strange feeling that they were being watched and they stopped dancing.
“Why is everyone staring at us?” Zoe whispered to Chase.
“I am proud to announce tonight’s Sweetheart Couple!” the principal said. “Zoe and Chase!”
Everyone cheered as they were crowned.
Then everyone backed away as they began to dance in the spotlight, looking like the most obvious couple to the whole school.
By midnight, they had danced the night away in each other’s arms, but Chase wasn’t ready to take his sweetheart home. ..Not yet anyway.
He took her hand and brought her down to the beach.
“Oh, it’s so pretty here,” Zoe said. “But why are we out here? The dance is over and I…”
But Zoe stopped when Chase began to move, and Zoe had no choice but to follow his lead.
The one thing that captured her that she somehow didn’t notice when they were at the dance was his hair. She moved her hand up to his hair and felt it between her fingers, noticing with his hair slicked back, Chase looked as handsome as she’d ever seen him. He smiled tenderly at her, and it was a night that swept them off their feet.
At last, Chase finally felt like it was time to take her home.
Walking back, Zoe said, “Well, it was an amazing night Chase. It really was.”
“Yeah. I can’t imagine how this night would have turned out if I asked another girl,” Chase said. “Cause you are the only one for me.”
They continued strolling back just gazing into each others eyes, not letting each other speak. They simply just looked at one another, lost in the moment.
On her doorstep, Chase asked, “Oh, and remember when we were dancing, you said you’d kiss me?”
“And what you’re thinking right now is a kiss in the moonlight to end this perfect night is all you want?” Zoe guessed.
“You are exactly right,” Chase whispered.
They began to lean towards each other, and Zoe said, “Oh Chase. I love you.”
As they were about to kiss…
“Zoe and Chase sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes Zoe with the baby carriage,” Hannah said.
They both looked up and smiled.
Chase gently touched her hair and said, “Another day. I love you too, and it feels great that I finally said that to you.”
He kissed her cheek as gently as he touched her hair.
“Good night my sweetheart princess,” he said.
“Good night my sweetheart prince. Sweet dreams,” Zoe said.
He turned and began to head home, as they both knew that they would remember this night forever and always.
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looloorocks said...
Mar. 15 at 2:41 pm
i loved this story, it reminds me a lot like myself. This was one of the best romance stories i have read.
queenngahuia said...
Feb. 23 at 3:25 am
I love romance books because it makes happy, I love what you have done in the book hope to see more of the book. Keep up the good work can you please write more!!!
booklover1212 said...
Feb. 18, 2014 at 2:53 pm
are the names based on that show zoey 101?  
ZackTheAlligatorThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
May 8, 2013 at 7:57 am
I like it so far--one suggestion would be that in the beginning, too many of the names ended with "son". It just seemed a bit distracting to me and pulled me out of the story. Keep up the good work!
nemish23 said...
Apr. 26, 2012 at 3:56 am

it's perhaps a little too romantic for me, but i'm not a totally romantic type so don't trust me on that.

but i love how it's a little fairytale mixed in the modern day world and you have great potential!

i'd love to read some of your other works!

arichman40 replied...
Apr. 27, 2012 at 1:36 pm
Thank you. I know it gets a little sappy romantic, but when I write, that's how I am. Glad you enjoyed the book.

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