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The Beast Within

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I glanced towards the young man who was still tweaking the headphone in his ear, even though he had been at it since we had sat here. The stormy air of the night seemed to hover around us and keep us freezing on the rooftop. One minutes until initiation. I glanced down to the city streets off the edge of the roof to see millions of lights coming from lamps, stores, and cars. None of the lights reached as high as the eighty floor skyscraper we sat on top of, but that did not seem to worry the man who still fiddled with the headphone. Twenty-eight seconds until initiation. I leaned back in the roof top and quietly looked to the sky, “Twenty seconds.” I whispered and was surprised when the man stopped moving around his ear-bud and just watched the building that stood next to our own and surpassed it by 20 floors, “Showtime.” I whispered before looking away from the sky and to the man. His eyes suddenly radiated green as I felt his brain waves focus and intensify. This man was no normal fighter if he could use fifty percent of his brain at will. The man pressed the button on the side of his ear-bud.
“Two guards to your left, Alpha, and one at the next corner. Gama, six guards down the next hall and three have guns. Proceed carefully.”
The ear-bud I had suddenly beeped before someone spoke, “Beta, is Delta in a secure location?”
I frowned and forced down the button, “Delta is secure and under full protection. Proceed.”
“Target spotted,” The man next to me whispered, “Gama, it is located in the next door to the right with two guards inside. Alpha, go down the next hall, I will lead you there after that,” There was nearly twenty seconds of silence, “Now go into the third door on the left. Gama is fighting the two guards.”
Neither of us spoke as we waited quietly for someone to respond back. I was relieved when Gama’s voice filled my ear, “Target retrieved. Fall out.”
I looked to the man beside me and we both stood, but I jumped in front of the man as a man with a knife suddenly appeared at the roof top staircase door. I threw down the button, “There is an attacker here for Delta, permission to attack?”
A smile slid across my face as the word filled my ears. I let go of my humanity and pulled the knife out of my side pocket, “Let us pass.”
The man seemed to anger, “You will not leave.”
“Suit yourself.” I whispered before going after the man. I let go of my mind and allowed my yellow eyes to show as the beast took over. I watched as the beast slaughtered the man within a minute before I took back control and looked to the man I was protecting, “Let’s go.” I hissed and made sure he followed me as I started in a sprint to the staircase. I ran down the stairs with the man following me until we reached the back entrance of the building and proceeded to exit. Al stood straight as we came out and then proceeded to grab my arm and the man’s arm. My eyes closed and when they opened back up we were at the front entrance of headquarters. I slowly went in as Al and the man followed.
“How long did it take you to kill the man?” Al asked, but I did not turn around to look at him.
“Forty-nine point three seconds.”
“Is that a new record?”
I shook my head, “Last week I got forty-seven point nine.” I stopped talking when I saw Henry and Chris standing in front of the chief. The three of us quickly went over so that we went down in line by Al, Henry, me, Chris, and the man I had protected. The chief looked to us from a paper she had just signed and smiled towards the new comer.
“So you are the man named Kesler I have heard so much about?”
The man I had protected took one step forward, “Yes, Ma’am. I assume you are the Chief and Leader of the Corpse branch.”
The Chief sighed, “I am merely the Chief, not the Leader. I only take on some of the responsibilities of the Leader.”
“Then is the Leader here? I must thank him for assisting me on this mission.”
The Chief smiled, “Yes, but he is very busy at the moment.”
Henry smile down at me, “He is very busy.”
I elbowed him in the side and he grunted, “Adelle, stop,” I frowned and crossed my arms over my chest, but did not fight her, “So, Kesler, the mission was a success?”
He nodded, “There were no problems, except for someone trying to stop me from leaving, but Adelle took care of him quickly.”
“Good work, Adelle,” Chief said but then stood and walked around her desk. She took my wrist in her hand, “How much energy did you use up?”
I looked to my wrist, “Not much.”
The Chief looked to Kesler, “Please excuse Adelle and I, she must be weak if she used her ability.”
“I actually have something to ask of Adelle.”
“Then please follow us. Adelle can’t wait much longer for help,” The chief said as she started dragging me behind her by my wrist and Kesler followed, “You promised me you would not use your ability!”
I looked to the back of the Chiefs head as she walked quickly, “I didn’t plan to, Christina. The man came out of nowhere and I didn’t sense his presence until he was right in front of me.”
“How could someone slip in without your knowledge?”
I watched as Christina brought me into the medical room, “You know what it was if I couldn’t detect it.” She brought me over to the operating table so I would lie down.
She went over to a machine in the room as Kesler stood near the door, “But why would someone like that be against a mission that had nothing to do with them?”
I looked to the ceiling as the needle went into my wrist, “Either he was hired by the people we stole from or came to fight me.”
“What do you mean? Wasn’t he just a regular guy you fought?”
Christina froze and looked over to Kesler as I also looked to him, “That is something you do not need to know if you are not part of the Corpse branch.”
Kesler watched me and never looked away, “Who exactly are you, Adelle?” He asked with all seriousness he could show, “You are so young but can kill so easily.”
I frowned, “How old do you think I am? You know there is an age limit for people of this corporation.”
“Yes, and you don’t look old enough to meet that. Sixteen is four years shy of the cut off.”
I smiled towards him, “Let’s just say I am much older than I look.”
“Is your age also a Corpse Branch secret?”
“Yes,” Christina mumbled as she took the needle out of my arm and I sat up, “Now if that is all, I ask that you leave.”
I stood and stretched, “If you ever need help again, feel free to come see us.” I replied before Christina brought him out of the room and I left to go to sleep.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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Mermaidmissy said...
Feb. 27, 2012 at 9:18 am
Ok, your book is totally awesome!!! And I hope you keep on writing some more pages soon. I was just wondering can you take a look at some of my poems and my book please. Im getting it published soon. Thanks! :)
headoverheels44 replied...
Jun. 6, 2012 at 7:56 pm

Congrats on that!

You are very confident, which is a stellar trait to have!

I don't have that sadly, so i do not believe I could ever publish!


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