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I froze, so did anna. the low, southern drawl of Kry chilled my veins. my boyfriend of sorts.
"who...wait you like girls?" he asked, his deep voice shaky, i couldnt see his face yet-but i could tell he was shocked and horrified.
"uhm..." i pushed Anna off of my gently, sitting up and looking at the tall, muscular frame of Hyde.
"wait...so this is why u wont sleep with me?" he mumbled, my face flushed bright red and i looked down.
"no...theres more.." i sighed, risng to my feet and taking a tentative step towards him
"lkie what, your a virgin? you know i love u...i wouldnt use u...but it looks like ur using me." he looked at me as if i just told him i was a boy.
"you dont love me, Kry. you think u do. as for u using me...i know what u did to Sophi.." i whispered, turning from him as my bottom trembled. maybe i didnt love him-but being cheated on still hurt.
but what was i doing to Kry? ddi he really deserve this?
"Sophi? that was just...we...we were drunk and....im sory Allyssa...but i do love u...at least i think this is what love is. i think about u all the time, i crave ur touch, ur kiss....but if u told me no, i would just walk away. is this what that is? u saying no?" he stumbled, quickly trying to fix his mistake with flattery.
"yes!" icried out, turning around-throwing my arms out and up. "you used me! you used my best friend! you pushed me! trust me...i'd be glad is u turned and walked away this minute." and i stod there, fuming and huffing.
"o...ok allycatt....im just...good luck...i-i'll see you later.." he mumbled

as soon as he was out of sight, i crumpled to the ground-tears pouring out of my eyes.
"allyssa..." anna murmmered, crawling over to me and taking my hands from my face, looking at me fall apart.
sniff "what?"
"you are so beautiful..." she smiled, and i looked at her with raw eys.
"i didnt even...like him." i sniffed, "why does it hurt?"
"because he...used you." she sighed, a smile playing on hyer lips "and cause he's a jerk."
i looked up, tears still dripping out of my eyes and sniffling. she smiled, her hand pushing my hair behind my ear gently.
"where were we going? before this happened?"
"to my trailer to give u a makeover." she smiled bigger. "you wanna go?"
"yes please" i smiled, standing up and stroking tears from my eyes, laughing slightly at my own mess.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 Next »

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