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The day was hot. ha, like that was anything but ordinary. it was always hot in Taylor. kinda like some climatal sauna. cosmic jokes on us huh? well as i was saying, the day was hot. the air was thick as was te sweat on my forehead as i trumped down the main street over to the local grocer..if thats what u cpould call it. it's a small maitinence store with three sorry looking gas pumps and a sun faded gas pricing sign with cracking numbers out front. with the exception of home grown greens, it was the only available food source in Taylor.
i stepped through the doors, the cold hitting me with such force gooschills instantly arose on my skin. i rubbed my arms, warming them to get accustomed to the sudden temperature drop.
"sup Garin?" i called over to the lanky super senior behind the checkout counter4. he lifted a slow hand up to let me know he acknowledged my presence and continuied to listen to his headphones, lyrics escaping into the cold air.

"blackbird singing in the dead of niiight,
watch these broken wings
and learn to fly"

i rolledf my eyes and walked farther into the peice of s*** place, looking for bread. along my way, i grapped some jolly ranchers and popped one in my mouth. if they didnt want u to eat it in the store, why sell it ya know? so here i was, unwrapping a green jolly rancher, my mouth watering with anticipation.
"hey, girl. u know u shouldnt do that right? i got busted for it back in tennessee, said it was stealin'" an unfamiliar girls voice sounded to my left, just out of my periphial vision. i turned, and resisted stumblingg nshock.
this girl was SOOOOOO not from taylor.
she was sitting on the counter in front of an oblivious Garin, her long tan legs folded in her shockingly short shirt, brown cowboy boots reached her shin and her flashy sparkling beaded shirt showed a little to much chest. her long black hair was held up in chopsticks and a few rouge curls spilled forward, creating a messy but cute look to her. and oh my god, her face. it was like..her eyes were gold. not hazel, actual gold. huge, darkly lined, and sparkling with laughter. hey lips....soft and pink..full and kissable. i found myself begingin to loose myself in her little lopsided smile.
"what? i got somethin in my teeth?" her hand shot up to her mouth. her nails were painted black and they were short stubs with chewed ends. on two of her fingers were little 25 cent kiddy rings from the machine dispencer next to the register.
"no, you dont. i was just....i thought i knew everyone in Taylor." i smiled, haphazardly patching the situation "or at least knew all the talk 'round town."
"ahh, a Taylor native in her natural habbitat. interestin." the girl jumped off the counter and walked slowly toward me, as if i was some wild animal. my laughter surprised even me. she stuck her hand out, bracelets jingling as they colided making some sort of theme noise that'd make the birds silence themselves. "Anna at ur service ma'am." she giggled
i took her hand gently, as if she wasnt quite real skin and flesh...but delicate porcelin. "Allyssa." i smiled, feeling rediculous compared to this beautiful new girl.
"pretty name. way better then anna."
"i guess. i like anna though."
"i guess i like Allyssa." she smiled.
"hey, Ally? u gonna pay for those or what?" Garin said, music blaring from his single headphone that was out of his ears.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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