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The Lake

Author's note: I always have story beginnings running through my mind, and i ran with this one! Please give...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I always have story beginnings running through my mind, and i ran with this one! Please give feedback! It will help me to keep writing and to improve. Also leave a comment and i will gladly see your work and try to comment and rate as well. Thank you!  « Hide author's note
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Lacey chapter 14

I took a deep breath. It felt as if I’d been holding it for hours. Keith and I were in the cafeteria and were drinking some coffee. We both escaped my mother without even the slightest hint that we were only a few feet away from her.

When I saw her walking in through the entrance of the hospital, she looked the same as she always did, professional. I remember that even as a little girl, she would take me to the park in slacks and a sleek top. Today she was wearing a black
Hey guys i know i've had quite a few spelling errors and may have done so with the names as well! Sorry!
pair of slacks and a nice red long-sleeved top that dipped into a v at the neck.
She had been digging in her purse and not looking forward, so I grabbed Keith by the hand and pulled him into the cafeteria. I went all the way to the other side so that there was no way of her seeing me while passing the entrance. I wouldn’t be able to stay in there forever - my mom was a bit of a coffee fanatic- and anyway, I’d be staying at Keith’s tonight, so I didn’t have to.

Keith owned a nice apartment. Two bedroom, big living area that opened into the kitchen. Like most guys homes, Keith’s apartment wasn’t messy with the exception of a few unfolded blankets and a couple of empty beer cans.

“Can I get you something to drink?” He asked
“A water would be fine.” I replied
“Coming right up. You can set your stuff down in that room over there.” He pointed down the hallway to a room with the door open.

The room was painted with a nice beige color and had a desk and a big dresser. The bed was twin sized and was covered with a blue and black floral comfortor. Keith came in with a cold bottle of water in hand.

“This was my sisters room. She comes and visits every few months from college, so I just sat up a room for her.”
“I didn’t know you had a sister.” I said
“Yep.” He replied then moved over to the desk picking up a frame. “This was when we went to Disney World together. We were planning to go to the same college, but my dad had other plans for me.”
“The cop thing?” I asked taking the picture. He nodded and I turned my gaze to the frame. It showed Keith who looked a bit younger with his arm around a girl who looked quite similar. Her hair was brown like Keith’s and her eyes were a blue color, almost like sapphire. I handed the picture back to Keith where he then put it back on the desk.

It was around six and we ordered pizza for dinner. We stayed up watching Disney movies like The Aristocats and The Tigger Movie. Surprisingly Keith didn’t look tired at all. And of course, I wasn’t tired at all.
“So, it’s about midnight.” Keith said with a chuckle.
“That it is.” I reply
“If you want to go to sleep, you can, you don’t have to stay up with Me.” he said.
“Well it’ll probably be a sleepless night, among others. I have insomnia.”
Keith looked a bit startled. “Me too.”
“Really? But you were asleep at the hospital.”
“Yeah I know. I hadn’t slept for about a week.”
“Oh. Well that makes sense.”

We stayed up all night watching movies and talking. I learned a lot about Keith tonight. I learned that his favorite food is pizza and he loves Pepsi. I learned him and his sister are really close, like Jake and I, and she goes to College about an hour and a half away. She comes every month or two to visit him. He hates the Twilight Saga and loves the band Of Mice And Men.

In turn he found out a good deal about me as well. He found out that I play tennis and that I love the bands Fall Out Boy and Sleeping With Sirens. He now knows my favorite food is spaghetti and I love Chinese food. I told him that Jake and I want to go to the same college and get apartments no more than 5 miles away from each other.

“What about your parents? Do they live here?” I asked
“Actually,” He said a little shyly “My mom passed away when I was a freshman.”
“Oh I’m-“ I begun to say I’m sorry but he just raised his hand up.
“I know you are, everybody is.” He answered.
“Were you and her close?” I ask letting the hand thing go.
“Not too much but of course I did love her. After she died my dad really tried to step up. Try to develop a real father-son relationship.”
“So you guys are close?” I ask.
“No.” He said with a bit of a chuckle. “Instead it drove us apart. He wanted me to be a cop like he was. You know, follow in his footsteps, are like your father. After mom died, it’s like I had an obligation to keep him happy. It just made me resent him. He was never the father I wanted. Always working, leaving me and my mom at home all day, sometimes all night. He still isn’t the father I want, he’s my boss.”
“I know how you feel.” I whisper.
“My mother, she’s like your dad. My mom and dad started arguing a lot when I was younger so I took up tennis because mom did it when she was in school. I figured it’d make them stop arguing. If I won they would be happy and not upset. But it didn’t work. Instead it backfired and they were arguing about tournaments, money, how Jake isn’t as determined as I am. My mom and I never became close like I thought we’d be, instead she became my second coach, always looking for my flaws in my swing, and as a daughter. My parents are always doing two things. Working and arguing. That’s how my brother and I became so close.”

Keith looked at me with a look on his face. What surprised me most was, not the look, but that I understood it. It contained a mix of anger toward his dad, understanding toward me, and sadness that our parents aren’t the way we’d like. I think of Jake and how my parents are probably there right now, watching him and pretending to care so much about him with a worried expression on their face. What others don’t know is that that worried expression is due to the cost the bills are going to be, the cost of classes that they are going to try to put Jake in, their reputation because their son tried to commit suicide. They don’t care.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 12 13 14

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JustAnotherDay. said...
Jan. 12, 2013 at 9:46 pm
PLEASE keep writing this. It's amazing and in a way that I can't explain it hits home.
Photographywonder replied...
Jan. 13, 2013 at 9:38 am
Thank you :) I actually have a few chapters done and I'll post them :) 

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