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A police officer wraps his shiny metal cuffs around my wrists. I stare down at the ground embarrassed, but also hurt. Salty tears roll down my cheeks leaving traces of my lash blast mascara behind.
“Step inside the charger.” Then police officer says pushing me towards it.
I climb in numbly staring out at the field of daisies. My oak tree sits strongly in the ground reminding me that tranquility is possible. “May I speak to her?” Ethan asks the police officer.
“I’m sorry young man buy you can’t.”
“Why not?” Ethan persists, “You can’t do this I want to at least say good-bye.”
“Please,” I say, “Let me say good-bye to my brother.”
The police officer turns looks at me, and shakes his head dropping his eyes. “Go ahead kid but make it quick I don’t want to get into trouble.”
Ethan rushes forwards and hugs me. “Courtney Shay it’ll be all right okay.”
My face crimsons as I try desperately to stop crying.
“Look at me. Hey look at me.” He whispers.
My eyes meet his.
“I promise that I’ll do everything I can to bring you back home.”
I shake my head, “Ethan I don’t have a home anymore.”
“Yes you do. You can stay with me. Listen Courtney Shay I love you stay strong.”
“I will. p-inky p-promise.” I reply shakily knowing that we’ve vowed never to break pinky promises.
His face crumples into despair. “I don’t believe this. I don’t believe this.”
“Ethan you tried I know you did. It’s my fault I came back home. She tricked us both.” I say before the policeman comes back and starts closing the door.
We both strain to see each other one last time. His midnight green eyes, messy black hair, and adorable dimple disappear from my view and I lose it. Immediately I start bawling and bury my face into my hands. If only I had checked the mail today as I had planned to. My mom wouldn’t have seen my acceptance letter to Columbia University. She wouldn’t have seen the doubt in my eyes she wouldn’t have called FLEET for immediate dispatch and perhaps things would have turned out differently.
Time seems to be crawling by because I’m still trapped in the back of the charger after what seems like hours. My hair is a mess and I know that my mascara is smeared but I make no effort to wipe it clean until I hear a voice crackle through the intercom.
“Courtney Shay Vanderbilt Welcome to Fighting League of Elite Elaqueate Tierce. Today your journey with us begins you will be inaugurated into the family and given power that no one else possesses. FLEET takes serious care of its members and it makes sure you will receive training, mental preparedness, and intelligence tactile to become one of the world’s best fighters.”
Upon hearing this I sit up and wipe away my tears run my fingers through my hair untangling the strands that get caught and slice my fingers. I may not like being here but if I appear to be weak my rank will be at the bottom. FLEET doesn’t tolerate any signs of human weakness everyone who wants to be the best comes here. Crying will only damage my reputation.
I must fix my appearance. Knocking at the tiny sliding window that connects the drivers cab to the backseat I request a brush. The passenger hands it to me along with a brush and a bag. I prop up the mirror onto my thigh and brush my hair swiftly. Then I open the bag it has all of my makeup from home and also replacements for everything. My mom must have had this planned prior to this.
As I suspected my mascara has smeared onto my cheeks staining my jawbone even. I wipe away the mess and apply a dab of foundation on each side. Swiftly I reapply my mascara and dab chap stick onto my lips. My dark velvet eyes harden and I mask all my emotions. Glancing in the mirror I dismiss the idea of slicking my hair into a ponytail because it falls beautifully making me look fierce and untouchable. After taking a deep breath I’m ready to join FLEET.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 8 Next »

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