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More Than You Know

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The Beginning

“What a storm it was last night! Almost swept away my car, it did!” yelled Gramps when he entered our trailer. The wind burst in as an uninvited guest along with some snow. “Gramps close the dang door I’m freezing!!!” scream a voice from the back. That’s my overly sensitive mother. But she is on the cranky side today, she’s down with a cold. “Sorry!” He slammed the door behind him. I ignored the cold and went back to my journal. His hair gleamed in the moonlight as i stared
I think the begging of this chapter is kinda cheesy because I started writing a long time ago!
at his masculine body. It twas like a mid-summers night dream. If only I could touch him. My mind craving his every move, it’s like I was a different person around you....
RRRIIIP! “Na na na na naaah!!!! I got your journal!!!” shouted my little brother. The most annoying little brat in the universe, his names Austin. “Give it back you twerp!” I wailed chasing him around our small trailer. Finally I tackled him and he hit the ground with a thump. He started to cry, but I ignored him and I grabbed my journal from his greasy fingers and walked calmly back to the couch as if nothing ever happened. I crashed on the couch to continue my journal about my dreams my cell rang my annoying ring tone. “Ugh!” I picked up the phone, “Hello?” I say with a lazy voice,
“Hey hey!!!” Cameron
“Hey" I reply
"What’s up girlie?”
“Nothin much, but hey guess what!,”
“What?” asked Cammie, her voice teeming with excitement
“ I had that dream again,”
“Seriously? If your that desperate for a date to the prom I can--”
“NO IT’S NOT ABOUT THE STUPID PROM!!!! I was in the dream with him,”
There was a static sound on the other end.
“I’m here”
Well what?”
“What do you think of it? Remember I thought I saw him at the mall but it was just some random guy and then we ran in to him at Hot Topic, and he ran out! You know the rest, and after that, I was having just as many dreams about that mystery guy!!”
"Amii, I really think that you should forget about him, its getting out of hand with this imaginary guy" Cameron said
"Cammie, it not getting out of hand, and YOU KNOW he's not imaginary!" I rudely replied
“I have to call you back Amii i gotta do some homework”
“Kk bye” I hang up. I know she was lying because she finishes all of her assignments in class. But I hung up anyway and I threw my indestructible phone across the room. I think for a sec then I grab my over-loved and tattered journal and continue my log. He stared at me for more than I expected. I try to move but it’s like I’m in a trance of his beautiful, brown, warm, comforting eyes. Then I am pulled toward him like there was an invisible rope tied to me. My body stops moving and right in front of me he disappears. My dream world pointed out the wall between our two different hidden lives because of our unknown existence of each other.... I shut my journal closed, feeling like someone was watching my every move. I walked to my fridge to get a little snack. Opened it, scanning it and apparently no one has went shopping for a while and forgot to refill on the food. “MOM!!!! THE FRIDGE IS EMPTY!!!!”
“THEN GO REFILL IT!!!!” So I decided it would be nice to clear my head and go to the grocery store and say hello to the stalker/freak manager, Carmsy.

* * * * * *
I get into my old Vauxhall Astra (The Vaux-a-nator, which is what my friends call it) and try to get the car into a jump start. VRRRRRRMMM SPUUUUURD PUUUUTT PUT *cackle*. “Stupid car”. I curse under my breath and try again. VRRRRROOOM! “There we go” Even though it looks nice, it kinda needs a little elbow grease every time to get it started. So I pulled out of the trailer park and started to drive to the store. I turned up the radio to see what was on. Nothing, as usual, our local radio stations suck. So I popped in my favorite mixed CD and played “Untouched” by The Veronica's. I sang along all of a sudden I felt woozy. My vision blurred and was outlined in black, the car swept back and forth in the ice and snow of dead winter. I swerved into a ditch. My car slammed into a tree, the last thing I remember from that was the distant sound of screaming, then I blacked out.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next »

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two<3 said...
Jan. 8, 2012 at 1:02 pm
It was great!! I love Amii, but Jet creeps me out...
swimster16 said...
Nov. 6, 2011 at 11:05 am
PLEASE COMMENT!  I really would like to know what you guys think

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