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Changing with the Seasons

Author's note: My insperation for this is that fact that I'm in grade nine, and my school is stranger then it...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My insperation for this is that fact that I'm in grade nine, and my school is stranger then it seems. Especially with the groups in it.  « Hide author's note
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Into the Imaginary Spotlight

Some people wonder what its like to be a teenager of today, the twenty first century, but do we really grow up? Do the jocks and cheerleaders go on to be the people working in McDonald's and Wendy's, trying to provide for their newly found families? I don't really think so. Who are the ones that make the toys for toddlers? The video games for middlers (also known as middle school kids but I'm just way to lazy to say that all the time) and teens? Grown ups do; how can the coolest thing of the week be made by a boring adult that tells you to clean your room when your playing Final Fantasy or Black Ops? Could it be possible that the most annoying people that your forced to live with, used to be the coolest or the smartest people in high school? Its not possible, I'm not even going to consider it at the moment, I think I might puke if I keep considering stuff like this.
Of course I probably shouldn't be talking, I'm one of the lamest and most disliked people out of everyone in my class. Probably not as bad as Alyx Kearnan though, she is the lowest since she... well I don't really know why actually. Anyways, I'm basically at the very bottom of the food chain, which is quite depressing since I've been with some of these people since I came here in the middle of Kindergarten. We've all been semi friends ever since then. We ran outside screaming together, playing very disturbing horse games back in fourth grade, that now that I stop to think about it, is the strangest thing considering one of us always got eaten by a dinosaur and had to be resurrected the next time we came out. Anyways, we'd be running around together, then the bell would ring, and we'd all race towards the door as though we'd actually want to learn something new in math or something about each other.
I could almost say I miss the good old days, when new kids were the best thing in the world because you got to show them where the crayons were and even show them which were your favourites. (Mine were the sparkly red and the black.) Now that its high school time though, and we are all stuck between being a junior and a senior, we tend to be in four main groups that don't tend to stray outside each other for any reason other then to politely ask a question then return to our 'friends' and giggle over what they said. (Yes that does tend to happen sometimes, but not very often just yet, and I personally have never done this.)
There's the girls who are 'Like Houses in a Block' which basically means they all are basically the same; hairstyles, clothes, likes, dislikes, and flaws are all shared between them. Have you ever drove down a residential block in a city or a small town, just to look at houses? Basically all the same; some even have the exact same house numbers as the ones two blocks away.
Then there's 'The Guys Who Shop Till They Drop' which means they go to the CO-OP almost every day at lunch. Believe it or not but most of them actually aren't that fat just yet; some can actually make it to Districts during Track day. The main group of boys are 'Sports Freaks' who are in almost every sport imaginable. I'm sure that if they could, they'd even be making up their own so they could add some more to the long list that is forever being added to.
And the last is the one that I'm unfortunately stuck in for life, 'The Island of Misfit Toys'. We are the ones that sometimes act like guys by burping in public, flirting with our boyfriends without really knowing it, and having fun and being nerdy at the exact same time. We are the only co-ed group in the entire grade nine class, which makes us stand out even more then we already do. And if your wondering, I made up all the names except for the last one; the other people in my group didn't like my idea of our name being 'The Amazing Alfa Super Squad that Kills' so they decided to stick with the name that everyone else labelled us as. Apparently Becki and May didn't really have to be in our group half the time so they decided to just give us a 'normal' name that everyone knows. As if, we couldn't be normal even if our lives depended on it.
I tend to not even try to go with any other group at lunch or during the break considering I don't have much money so the CO-OP is out, I tend to dress like a Gothic chick one day and the next a fluffy bunny hippie chick the next so houses is out; and lets face it, I have trouble running the hundred metre at track sometimes. I tend to just blame it on the fact that the wind could have blowing against me, or the other girls were kicking dirt into my face as they were passing, but that's just to make myself feel better. I don't think the guys would like it very much if I joined them either, considering I also really hate most sports since they are extremely competitive in this school, and I can't even talk to a lot of people to their faces, which seems to be too true when I need something.
If I could change groups, I think I would make my own, something to do with writing or maybe something about my favourite bands? I truly don't think many people in my class will join if I made a group for Disturbed, New Medicine, or Avenged Sevenfold though. I get lucky on days when the people in my group know what I'm talking about when I talk about the new song by Three Days Grace or Escape the Fate. It's just a little depressing when I go to the Uproar concert in Saskatoon for half the day of school, and when I get back the next day they asked me where I went even thought I told them where I was going before I left, and had been talking about how excited I was for about a week before the day I went to go rock out. I'm sure that May will always know what I'm talking about though, we are the only heavy metal girls in our group, but there's only two other girls so we don't really have that much competition in that area.
Becki is more of a Taylor Swift girl, and keeps trying to get me into it too, but how am I supposed to go from being able to do the devil horns at concerts to just swaying in the 'Peace Pit' at a country concert? Seriously, I'm used to smelling smoke from people lighting one up or doing drugs down in the mosh pit; and no flames? I think I would die without that gorgeous burst of heat bathing my body in more sweat, adding to the flow from the body heat of several people practically rubbing up against you because its so crowded and people just want to get that inch closer.
I have to admit though, I do sometimes indulge in a little bit of her sob stories that she calls songs; I swear, most of them are about a guy that left her even though they were soul mates, or they just met and they were having the time of their lives. That girl has more of a love life then me, or maybe just has more of a problem with constantly changing crushes, which happened to me lots before I actually got a boyfriend. Maybe she should stop looking at the guys and start going for them, but who am I to talk? I'm dating a guy named Carl Lee, who isn't doing to well in school; I think he would do a lot better if he actually showed up, but that's just my opinion. Its also a bit of a downer that we've only gone on one date and we've been going out for two months. He's already bailed on me three, no wait, four times already. Oh ya, I guess I should also say that he also hasn't texted me for the better part of the week, just on Tuesday for less then half an hour. My mother always asks me if he's dumped me and just hasn't told me yet, and my auntie says he probably ran away with his friend Zania. I just look down at my hands every time and just shrug my shoulders, trying to hide my tears because in reality, he probably did dump me and is just using this time to find a way to tell me that he doesn't want to be with me anymore.
My only message for the other teens out there, or wanna be teenagers that are reading the results of this test, if you want to switch lives, please look for the number on the back and call me. Yes I'm serious, and if the life of a teenage girl with a name that tormented me in Kindergarten since I couldn't spell it, I will also throw in a free batch of chocolate chip cookies. (Come to the dark side, we have cookies!) Like seriously, who names their child Carilynne Sylvia Edwards? My dad can shove this name where the sun doesn't shine; why couldn't you give me a three letter name like May's? Your nasty! Mean! And yes I'm going to hate you till you start making me those cookies, no forgiveness till I get fat or die from food poisoning because you can't cook! Oh, wait, that's moms cooking. Never mind then.
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