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Christmas in Fun

Author's note: I wanted to write a Christmas story. Something to make people happy, give people hope. This is...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wanted to write a Christmas story. Something to make people happy, give people hope. This is one of the few things I've written where I came up with the ending write off the bat, worked backward - and it worked!
I'll sincerely appreciate anyone who reads through this, gives me feedback. Tell me know whatever you want - I'm a big fan of comments - but above all the question I'd like answered is How can I make this better?
I'll write an updated, improved version of this story next year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!  « Hide author's note
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Dear Diary

December 23rd,
It was warm on the way into town. Late sixties, in fact. Cold enough for a jacket, for a dreary sky and lifeless streets, but warm enough to start melting the inch of snow under my snowmobile this morning.
If you haven’t guessed yet, ‘cold’ is a metaphor. Normally I have patience for games – I’m a master of them – but I’m not in the mood, would like to get to the point. I always get all stressed before that day. Although, the people of Fun have dealt with their own unnecessary stress all year long. Why else am I here?
I’m getting ahead of myself. See, I’m in Fun, Michigan – a tired old village in the upper peninsula. There are really only a handful of families you’d call “locals”, and you know who they are because all their last names start with “Ander”, but they like to ignore that part of their name. There’s no school system even, only a couple businesses and a lot of empty houses. A third of these houses are completely vacant. The occupied ones are home to either someone who wanted to settle somewhere, anywhere, or one of those local families that have lived here forever and don’t want to go anywhere else.
This isn’t your typical small town where everyone knows each other, has each other’s back. It’s a little sadder over here. This year, most even forgot Christmas was going on. Even on Main Street, not a single light or decoration. The locals are sometimes the saddest among the population. Some of their problems are more significant than others, but they could be handled if they were only addressed, which they haven’t been.
Take the Ander Tines, who go by the Tines. They may have the worst communication issues in Fun. The first week of school last year, their two boys each brought in knives to school. They weren’t going to do anything, supposedly, but still were sent to the closest Juvenile Detention Center. They’re parents won’t talk to anyone in town, not even their oldest daughter. And their daughter, Naomi – her husband is away in the marines, while she’s due for a baby in a few months. If you were to see in the diner she works at, you wouldn’t be too crazy about her either. Like her parents, she won’t ask for help, or even talk to anybody half the time.
That diner, it’s owned by Ander Flipp’s, who go by the Flipp's. Tom and Grace’s lives circle around that diner. If that isn’t bad enough, with three kids they avoid, they expect their oldest, Ben, to make a living here. They don’t know he actually wants to get out of this town desperately, to be an actor. They’re both at fault here – Ben won’t say anything, and his parents wouldn’t listen if he did.
Jennifer (Ander) Carrl cares about Ben more than life itself. You wouldn’t expect it by the look of her that she cared about anyone, but she’s known Ben as long as she can remember. He was the only one at her mother and sister’s funeral last year. Believe it or not, that wasn’t the worst part – her dad would not let it go. He’d torment Jenny, wouldn’t let her forget Jamie and Tracey's car accident. No physical abuse, though, which was why it wasn’t until he robbed a liquor store one night and was arrested that she went to live with her grandmother.
Grandma Gretel Carrl is actually a pharmacist. Out of all of Fun, she is absolutely the nicest. Out of all of Fun, one of Gretel's nurses, Robyn (Ander) Junkin is I suppose you could say the friendliest. She’s pretty chatty, which is an impressive skill in this town. She’s also got this thing about her that makes you want to tell her all your problems. She didn’t ask for it, but normally she doesn’t care. She makes a point not to get emotionally involved with anyone, and her life doesn’t change. Anyway, there’s one more family I ought to let you in on, starting with her brother.
Ferris and Anna Junkin - again, go by Junkin - aren’t very responsible business people. Amazing artists, however; you can tell by just checking out that gorgeous house. They spent their life savings turning their house into a three story, twenty bedrooms, graffiti-splashed Bed n’ Breakfast that ultimately failed. Now they’re barely scraping by financially, with three terribly understanding kids. Not only that… I mentioned Robyn’s way about her that made you want to confess everything? Well, when she actually cares about the person, she can practically yank it out of you, which is what she did to her brother in learning about his cancer.
Well, that was a mouthful, wasn’t it? I apologize if I rushed – my shift starts in less than five minutes. I’m sitting outside my work jotting this down, and I should get in there. It’s never an eventful day at the bank, but it’s best to be punctual, even when you’re not planning to stay long. All these pieces will come together soon, I can assure you.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 9 Next »

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ninjaballerina1234 said...
Jan. 10, 2014 at 6:15 pm
Awwww your story was to cute!!! I loved it. I was a little confused in the begining, but everything started makeing more sense as the story continued. The plot was fantastic and the characters were very well developed for how short of a story it was. I was over all extremely impressed and I hope you continue writting other amazing stories. 

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