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Nothing Lasts Forever

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Cleaning Out the House

It was a week after the last game Western played and one day before the end of their season. Everyone looked upset that day at practice because they were going to miss having games every week. The good thing is they could spend more time practicing and focusing on school.
Isabel was probably the happiest one there, even though she was upset too. She was going to miss everyone there, Isabel has played soccer with some of them for two years.
During practice they worked on shooting a lot because in the last game they had two or three shots that they missed.

At the end of practice Coach Smith said “lets make tomorrows game the best one of the season. And don’t worry, we will have plenty of practice time during the winter.” After Coach Smith finished Isabel added “ I want to invite you all to an end of the season party at the bowling alley. It will be on Saturday, the day after our game and I will bring pizza and pop.” One of her dad’s friends owns the place so he’s letting the team bowl for free. “Sounds fun” replied Allison and a couple other people agreed with her.

After that everyone started to get their stuff together and leave. Isabel took a minute to get her stuff. She was thinking about all of the good times she had in here with her teammates. All of the pre-game talks and after game cheers.

Isabel was really going to miss this, that’s why she’s worried about national soccer. She doesn’t know if they will be welcoming and friendly like all of the people at Western were the first time she played with them.

Isabel just sat on the bench in the locker room and thought about all of the things college soccer has done for her. Then, Coach Smith walked in “what are you still doing here?” she asked. “Just thinking about all of the good things that happened in here and out on the field.”

“I know you’re going to miss college soccer, but being on the national team will be so much better” said Coach Smith. “I hope so, I’m worried about not being good enough and people on the team might not like me or accept me.”

“They don’t have to be your best friends you just have to be able to communicate with them on the field. And don’t even worry about not being good enough. There’s no way you would be on that team if they didn’t believe that you could do it.”

“Thanks” replied Isabel. “I really needed that”

“Anytime, oh and make sure you come back and visit us when you're in town” said Coach Smith. “Of course I will.” replied Isabel. Then Coach Smith walked out of the locker room and Isabel was alone again.

She slowly picked up her bag and walked to the door, this is the last time she would ever walk out of here after a practice. Isabel walk out and the door slowly closed behind her.

When Isabel got home around five she called Lily. The first thing she said to her was “I’m freaking out, I don’t know if I’m going to like being on the national team. I would always be traveling and what if something happened to my parents and no one knew for weeks. And maybe the people on the team are mean or won’t accept me. What if I get fired because I’m not good enough? I don’t know what to do.”
“First” said Lily “you need to take a deep breathe. Everything will be fine, you will get days off to come see your family. And I will check on your parents or call them every couple of days. And do you really think every single person on that team is going to be mean?”
“No, but I don’t know if they will like me.” replied Isabel. “I know you’ll be fine, you're going to live your dream and maybe become famous while you're at it.” said Lily. “Thanks now I’m not panicking as much.”

Isabel talked to Lily on the phone for another hour about stupid stuff like which olives are better green or black. Isabel loved green olives way more than she did black olives and Lily was the other way around.

By time they got off the phone it was 6:15. Isabel had nothing to eat for dinner so she made frozen chicken nuggets. Every once in awhile she could have something that’s not super healthy.

When Isabel went to bed she couldn’t sleep. She just laid there thinking about all of the things that could go wrong with her soccer career. Eventually after about an hour she went to sleep.
She woke up the next morning sad that it was her last college game and happy that it was almost time for her to start training with the U.S. team.
Isabel got ready and went to the field earlier than normal. She wanted to take one last walk around the stadium as a Western player. When she got to the stadium, there were janitors and people and the concession stands getting food ready for the game.
Isabel walked around and looked at all the places in the stadium. Then she went out onto the field. She had some great memories out there. All of the time she spent practicing and having games on this field. It’s amazing how much time Isabel had put into soccer,,just during college.
While Isabel was walking around Allison showed up. “What are you doing here so early?” she asked. “I’m just taking one last walk around the stadium and thinking about all of the great memories I’ve had here.”

“I would probably do the same thing” said Allison. “Oh and congrats on making the team, I know you’re going to be awesome.”

“Thanks, and if we play a game close to here I’ll talk to someone about letting you all come and watch and talk to some of the players”

“That would be really cool” replied Allison. Then Coach Smith walked up “Good morning girls” she said. “Good morning” they both replied back. “Why are you both here so early?” asked Coach Smith as they walked to the locker room. “I just wanted to take one last walk around the stadium as a Western player.” said Isabel. “I just wanted some extra practice time” said Allison.
They were only about 45 minutes early, so other players should be arriving soon but until then they practiced shooting and making long passes. When Morgan, another defender showed up she went into the locker room, changed then came out and joined them.

As other players showed up they did the same thing until Coach Smith came over and said “okay everyone’s here lets get warmed up.”
The team did the same thing before every game. First they stretched, after that they worked on passes then on shooting. The other team showed up about two hours before the game started. Today they were playing Indiana. They were a tough team to beat because they have fast players and good footwork.
When they were warming up on the other half of the field Mitchell, the coach of Indiana came over to talk to Coach Smith. “Hi, I’m Mitchell” she said as they shook hands. “I’m Helen Smith.”

“I just wanted to tell you good luck and lets make this a good game since it is the last one of the season for both of us.” said Mitchell. “Okay and good luck to you to.” Then Mitchell went back to the other side of the field where her team was still warming up.
There was about and hour and a half left until the game started. So the teams were still doing drills. People started to show up about an hour before the game started. Today there were more people at the game than normal. Indiana wasn’t that far away so there were probably more fans there from the away team than usual. Also the last game of the season normally has a big crowd.
After they warmed up for another hour Coach Smith called them into the locker room. “Okay, well you all know that this is the last game of the season so lets make it one to remember, especially for Isabel since it’s her last game with us.” Everyone cheer then they went into their team huddle. They did there team cheer then went out onto the field.

The whistle blew and Western did the kick off. Allison passed it up to Hayley who took it down field. Then she passed back to Isabel, she sent the ball all the way up field to Allison, who took a shot and scored.
After that most of the first half was pretty good. There were almost no penalties and Western had the ball most of the time. When the whistle blew and it was halftime both of the teams went into the locker room.

“I think you guys played a pretty good first half” said Coach Smith. “Now I want everyone to focus on cleaning up their footwork. Whenever someone did a move the ball was almost stolen. So lets focus on better footwork and scoring some more goals!” Everyone went back out to the field, or bench. This half Indiana had the kick off. They passed the ball back to their defense who played around with it for a minute then sent it up to an offense player. Then Allison came in and stole the ball, she had a clear shot for the goal and scored.

At the end of the game it was 3-0, and everyone played a really good game. The team went into the locker room cheering. “Good game everybody” said Coach Smith. “I’m really glad that we ended our season with everyone playing their best, and even better a win. Incase anyone was wondering we ended our season only losing 3 games and winning the rest.”
Everybody cheered and clapped after she said that. “And don’t forget that tomorrow Isabel is having an end of season party at the bowling alley. Oh and let’s go back out onto the field to take a few last game team pictures.” said Coach Smith.
Someone’s mom was was going to take the pictures. Everyone gather in front of the goal and did a nice team picture. Then everyone did weird and silly poses. Some people made weird faces and others laid on the ground posing.
After that people were doing pictures with their groups of friends. Most people had their phones out taking pictures but some people were still taking pictures on the coaches camera.
Isabel was taking pictures with just about everyone. She wanted to remember all of the people she played soccer with. First she took a picture with her friends that played defense. Then she took a picture with anyone that was around her.
After about 15 minutes of taking pictures all of the players went into the locker room to change. Everyone was talking and in a good mood. By time everyone was changed they could leave. Just like yesterday Isabel was the last one to leave. She stood in the locker room for a minute then left.
Coach Smith was still out on the field when Isabel walked out. “See you tomorrow” she said as Isabel walked out.
When Isabel got home it was around four. She put her bag in her room, then she went into the living room to watch T.V. for awhile. Lilly called Isabel a little bit after that. “Hello” said Isabel as she answered the phone. “Hi, how was your game?” asked Lily. “Good, we won and I played pretty well.”

“That’s awesome” said Lily. Then there was a couple seconds when no one was talking so Lily said “can I come spend the night at your house?”
“Not tonight because I have that end of the season bowling party tomorrow, but you can come over tomorrow night.” said Isabel. “Okay what time does the party end?” Lily asked.”4 o'clock.”
“Okay I will come over at five” said Lily. “Okay, sounds good see you then” replied Isabel. ”Bye” said Lily. When Isabel got off the phone with Lily she called the bowling alley. She wanted to make sure that everything was set for tomorrow. When Isabel called, her dad’s friend Todd answered the phone.
“Is everything for tomorrow ready?” asked Isabel. “Yeah, I have five lanes reserved for you and at 2 o'clock six large pizza’s will be delivered, you're bringing drinks right?” asked Todd. “Yeah I’m bringing pop.”

“Okay then everythings ready” said Todd. “Okay thanks so much for letting me have the party there” said Isabel. “No problem, see you tomorrow” said Todd. Isabel hung up the phone then went to her computer.

She only had three years at Western, so she had to take her last year online. Isabel was going to take her last year during the winter when she was training with the U.S. team. Her major was coaching because someday after her soccer career was over she wanted to teach other people about soccer just like Coach Faut did to her.

Isabel had to take a test today about what you would do during different injures.
When she finished it she submitted the answers and it showed her what grade she got. It was a 97%, so it was an A. By then it was 6 o’clock so Isabel ate dinner, took a shower, and went to bed. Isabel was always exhausted after soccer games so she went to bed early if she had a game that day.
Isabel woke up at ten the next morning, that was the latest she had slept in a long time. The soccer party started at one and she had to be there at 12:30 so Isabel had two and a half hours to get ready and be at the bowling alley.
Isabel ate breakfast then got ready. She was going to wear a pair of jeans and a semi-dressy shirt. Isabel left her house at 12:15, she was at the bowling alley at 12:25. She brought six 2-liters of different kinds of pop.

Isabel found what lanes there were on then around 12:45 some of her teammates started to show up. After everyone was there they started to bowl. Around two everyone stopped and ate pizza, then continued to bowl.

At the end of the party they took another group picture. Then everyone was saying goodbye to all all their friends even though they were going to train in the winter and have the same team in the spring. Isabel was the only one that wasn’t going to be on the team. Before everyone left Isabel said “I just wanted to let everyone know that I have had an amazing time playing with you, I couldn’t have asked for a better team or coach. I’m going to miss you all and if I’m in the area I will definitely come to see one of your games. Also if we play close to here I’ll make sure that anyone who wants to come will have a front row seat. Thanks for a great last season.”

Everybody clapped, then some people hugged to Isabel before they left. Coach Smith was the last one there, before she left she said “I know you will do great, make sure you learn new things and have fun along the way.”

“Thanks, I will” said Isabel then she gave Coach Smith a hug. “See you later” she said as she walked away. Isabel made sure everything was picked up before she left. Then she told Todd thank you for letting them bowl there and left.

She went home and had to pack. On Wednesday next week she had to move to New York. Isabel was going to live in a small apartment in New York City. It was only about five minutes from the stadium which makes it really easy for Isabel because she can walk there and not worry about all of the traffic. The manager of the apartment building gave Isabel a tour of the apartment over Skype. That was a lot easier than trying to fly there for a day then come back.

The first thing Isabel did was get out a stack of boxes and a marker. Then she remembered that Lily was coming to spend the night, and help her pack so that will be helpful. Isabel started to clean out her entertainment center, she had a bunch of movies to box up. She was going to sell her entertainment center and t.v. because her apartment is too small for it.

On Monday Isabel was having an estate sale to get rid of things that wouldn’t fit in her apartment. So she had to pack fast. When Isabel was done with the movies she labeled the box “dvd’s”. Then she started to pack her clothes. Isabel was going to keep all of her clothes because they only filled three boxes, her shoes were another story. Isabel owned quite a few pairs of shoes so she was going to sell some. As she was sorting through them the doorbell rang. It was Lily, so of course she walked in without Isabel coming to the door. “In the bedroom” yelled Isabel out the door. When Lily walked in she said “woah what’s going on?”

“I’m packing, I have to be done by Monday morning” said Isabel. “You know its Saturday night right?” asked Lily. “Yeah, that’s why you’re here to help.”

“Umm okay, I didn’t know that’s what I came over her to do but okay.”

“Oh these shoes are cute can I have them?” asked Lily. “Sure, I have to sell some anyway.”

About 15 minutes later they went into the kitchen to pack plates and cups. “I’m going to keep all of these. There’s only four plates, four bowls, and ten utensils total.” said Isabel. It took them about 45 minutes to bubble wrap everything.

It shouldn’t take that long to do the rest of the house. It only has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. Isabel and Lily decided to take a break and have a snack. They were going to watch a movie, but Isabel just packed them all up, so they watched T.V. instead. When they were done watching T.V. it was eight.

Isabel said “we should do an all nighter packing so I have time tomorrow to set stuff up for the estate sale on Monday.”

“Okay sound fun” replied Lily. Isabel turned the radio onto their favorite station which plays a lot of pop/rock music. Then they went into the bathroom. Isabel had to pack a lot of stuff from that room of the house. In the bathroom there is all of her hair stuff, perfume, medicine, towels, and anything she would use in the shower like shampoo or shower gel.

All of that took up two boxes, Isabel could only have around 12 boxes because she was renting a U-haul trailer that didn’t have a ton of room and she needed room for furniture. Right now she was up to ten boxes. She used two boxes for shoes, three for clothes, one for movies, and two for plates and cups and two for everything in her bathroom. Hopefully the rest of the will fit because the only thing she has left to do is the guest bedroom. The only furniture Isabel is taking is one small table, two lamps, and her couch. Isabel has a small couch which is good because it will fit in her apartment.

Lily and Isabel put all of the boxes by the front door. The U-haul trailer wouldn’t be there until tuesday. When they were moving boxes the phone rang. “I wonder who it is, it’s already 9:15” Isabel asked as she walked over to the phone. “Hello?” she said. It was her mom. “Is something wrong?” asked Isabel. “No, I’m just calling to see how you are.” Isabel paused then said “at 9 o’clock at night?”

“Yeah, oh and I also called because one of my friends daughter is looking for somewhere to live. She wants to be close to her mom and her mom lives a couple houses down from me.”

“Okay, tell her to call me and she can come over sometime to look at the house.” Isabel said to her mom. Then Susan said “the thing is she lives in Wisconsin and doesn’t want to drive two and a half hours to look at the house.”

“We can do it over a web chat like, I did for my apartment” said Isabel. “Okay I’ll call her and tell her that tomorrow.” said Susan who sounded tired. “Well I have to go finish packing with Lily so I’ll call you later”

“Okay, goodnight” said Susan. Isabel went into the guest bedroom where Lily was. “Wow this closet is really full.” said Lily. Isabel had everything in that closet from old soccer balls to photo albums. “I’m probably going to get rid a lot of this stuff.” said Isabel.

They started to go through it, one of the first things they found were picture frames. “I need as many picture frames as I can get, I’m going to have pictures of family, friends, and teammates all over my apartment.”

“Make sure you have pictures of me” said Lily. “Of course I will, and we are still going to be best friends right?” asked Isabel. “How would we not be?” replied Lily. “I don’t know but I’m scared that we are going to grow farther apart since we might not talk to each other for a week at a time.” Lily looked concerned “I don’t care if I don’t talk to you for a month we are going to be best friends for life. I’m sure you’ll have at least one night a week when we can Skype, but if you don’t that’s fine.”

Isabel just sat there kinda shocked. Then she said “I’m so happy that you still want to be my best friend. I was worried that when you didn’t talk to me for a week because I decided to play on the U.S. team, that you weren't going to talk to me after I left to play soccer.” Lily let that sink in then she said “the day I quit talking to you will be the day I die.”

“Thanks” said Isabel, then she went back to cleaning out the closet. Isabel found a whole bag of old soccer balls that ranged from size 3 to 5. “I think my mom would want to keep these so when I become famous she can say I have the soccer balls that Isabel Lauten used as a kid.”
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