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Nothing Lasts Forever

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The Last Game

Chapter 5

“Great job” said Coach Smith. “Omg I’m sorry I forgot to call you!”

“It’s okay your mom called and told me every detail and I’m so happy for you.”

“Thanks, and does anyone else know yet?” asked Isabel. “Nope, but I will end practice a minute early so you can tell everyone”

“Okay thanks” said Isabel, then she went to warm up for practice with everyone else. They went through their normal drills at practice. Passing, shooting, footwork and staying in shape. At 3:55, five minutes before practice ends Coach Smith called everyone over to the side of the field. “Isabel has an announcement to make” Isabel waited a couple seconds then said “I’m going to play soccer for the U.S. national team.” Everyone clapped and cheered. Then Coach Smith said okay practice is over for today.

On the sidelines teammates told her things like “congrats or awesome job”, some people even said “we will miss you when you leave us.” Isabel said “thank you” then got her stuff together put it in the trunk of her car.

When Isabel got home she changed out of the clothes she wore to practice, then she went to her parents house. She knocked on the door and her mom answered. “Hey mom I just wanted to see how you were doing.”

“Pretty good I was actually getting ready to go to a doctors appointment.”

“I will go with you” said Isabel. “You can come if you want to but if you have something else to do thats fine“

“I’m free for the rest of the day” said Isabel. “Okay I have to leave at five so you can come inside and watch T.V. or something if you want to.”

“Okay, by the way where’s dad?” asked Isabel. “He went to the library”

“Okay” said Isabel as she went into the living room to watch T.V. About 15 minutes later her mom walked into the living room and said “okay I’m ready to leave”.

About ten minutes later they were at the doctors. After a few minutes of waiting the doctor took them into a room. He started off looking at Susan’s bruises to see if they were getting any better, which they were. Then the doctor said that they had to take her cast off and do some x-rays. They took her into another room to do the x-rays. Then Susan came back into the room to wait with Isabel for the results.

After a few minutes a nurse came in and said that she could get ready to put a new cast on while they waited. Isabel came with Susan this time. Susan picked out the color she wanted and the nurse got the rest of the stuff ready. Her cast couldn’t be put on until the x-rays were back. Hopefully Susan’s cast would be but down lower.

The doctor came in with the x-rays and said “it’s starting to heal but the cast needs to stay in the same spot and you will probably have it on for another month or two. “Okay” said Susan. “I’ll put the cast on now” said the nurse. After she put it on she said “okay, you're ready to leave”

“Thanks” replied Susan.

Isabel drove her mom home, then she went to her house. She has a soccer game tomorrow against New York, which is really weird since she is moving there.

When Isabel got home it was 7 o’clock, so she was going to eat dinner. She had some kind of a green bean casserole.

Then a little bit later Isabel went to take a shower. When she came out it was around eight, so she watched T.V. until nine, then she went to bed. Isabel was really tired from all of the exciting things going on and she had to be up at 7 o’clock, that’s why she went to bed so early.

Isabel woke up at three in the morning scared. She just had a nightmare about the accident her mom was in. She could see it, the car flipping over into the ditch. Her mom frightened trying to figure out how to get out of the car. Isabel could see the other car with a telephone pole on it and the driver with his head on the steering wheel.

Isabel was confused because she didn’t have nightmares the night the accident happened. So she just ignored it and went back to bed.

Isabel woke up at seven when her alarm went off. She had breakfast then got her stuff for the game. They had another home game today, which is good except that it is at 12 so they have to be there earlier than normal. Most of the time their games are at night.

Isabel got her bag and left her house. Everyone had to change into their uniforms when they got to the field, it was just one of the rules they had. I guess they didn’t want anything to happen to the players if someone dislikes the team or something. None of the players really knew why.

When Isabel got to the stadium it was 8:30, they had to be on the field changed and ready by nine so they could have three hours to warm-up. Most of the team got there around 8:30 so they would have plenty of time to get ready.

After everyone got changed they put their shin guards and cleats on. Then they went out onto the field. They did their normal warm-ups for before games. Then they got with a partner and passed down the field and took shots. It was 10 o’clock when the other team got to the field. They came off of their bus wearing their uniforms.

The New York players put their stuff in the locker room then went out onto the field to warm-up.

It was around 11:30 when the team went into the locker room. By then people started to fill the stands. Some of those people were Isabel's parents and grandparents.

After everyone was in the locker room Coach Smith said ”okay this is one of the last games this season so make it a good one.”

Everyone was sitting on one of the benches in the locker room drinking gatorade or water. Then Coach Smith said “okay it’s game time.” All of the players got in a huddle and did their team chant. Then went out of the locker room and out onto the field. They had about five minutes until the game started, so the captains had to go out onto the field and do the coin toss. The captain of Westerns team is the goalie Sam. She did the coin toss and got the side of the field we wanted.

The game started and they were a pretty good team, but Western took an early lead with a goal from Allison. Both teams played about the same in the first half. Offense and defense were both being aggressive, but New York didn’t use as much footwork as Western did. A fake out move by Westerns striker helped them get another goal.

At halftime Coach Smith told the team what they should do. They needed to fix some things and she also said what they were doing good. When they went back onto the field for the second half it started to sprinkle. The ball was slippery so it messed up punts and throw in’s. When the grass is wet it also changes the way the ball moves across the field.

After about 15 minutes into the second half it started to pour, that made it even harder. The right wing on the other team had a breakaway and was just outside the goal box and ready to shoot when Isabel came in and took the ball away from her. Isabel passed it up field to Hayley who turned it around, shot and scored.

By then, there was only two or three minutes left in the game. Western passed the ball around on New Yorks side of the field until time ran out. The Western fans cheered as the teams went to the bench, then into the locker room.

“I think everyone played a good game” said the Coach Smith. “Everyone did their part to make this game a 2-0 win.” The players cheered then started to get their stuff together. They had to wait at least 30 minutes after the game had ended to leave. Just incase there was an upset fan or crazy fans trying to get to the players.

Most of the time everyone just waited in the locker room and changed into whatever they were wearing before the game. Today Isabel went out onto the field to see her parents. They came to every home game and as many away games as they could.

“How are you feeling?” asked Isabel as she walked up to her mom. “Pretty good, but I have a headache so I’m going to go home and take some Aspirin.”

“Okay, thanks for coming to the game.” said Isabel. “We would never miss a home game!” replied her mom. Then her parents walked off of the field and out into the parking lot.

Isabel went back into the locker room with everyone else. They only had to wait about five more minutes, so everyone was getting their bags together.

Coach Smith came in the locker room and yelled “okay you can leave now, see you all at practice tomorrow.” Everyone walked out of the locker room with a smile on their face.

When Isabel got to her house it was around three, she had to clean up because her house was really messy. She also hasn’t really had time to wash dishes or do laundry.

Isabel spent the next couple hours cleaning her house. Then around six she went to her parents house for dinner. Her mom made homemade macaroni and cheese . It was one of her dads favorite foods.The three of them sat at the kitchen table and talked while they ate dinner. Around seven Isabel went back to her house.
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