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Nothing Lasts Forever

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The Interview

Isabel woke up at 6 o'clock to the sound of three different alarms going off. After a minute she got up and turned them off, then she went into the kitchen. Isabel normally had cereal for breakfast, but today she was going to have a bagel with cream cheese and orange juice. After she finished her breakfast she went into the living room to watch the news.

When she turned it on they were showing they weather. Today was suppose to be a nice spring day with sun and a temperature of around 60 degrees fahrenheit. When the weather was over Isabel went to get ready.

After she got dressed she did her hair. She put it up in a ponytail and added a black headband. By time she was done with everything it was 8 o’clock. Isabel was going to leave at 8:30, even though the stadium was only 15 minutes away because she didn’t want to be late. Isabel had to go to the Western Michigan stadium instead of the one they normally practice at which is in New York. The coach didn’t want to make her drive that far for a meeting, so Coach Leah flew down to Michigan because she was also visiting family in the area.

After watching T.V. for a little bit Isabel got all of her stuff, including her purse and phone then left. She was nervous on the way there, Isabel knew that this was her one chance for her dream to come true. If this meeting and interview thing didn’t go good she would be stuck playing college soccer and never get anywhere in her soccer career.

When she pulled into the parking lot it was only 8:45 so the coach wasn’t there yet. Isabel waited in her car until around 8:50 then she started to walk in. She had a key to get into the stadium because no one was there except a few janitors who locked the door after they went in.

After Isabel went in she sat down at a table by the concession stand. She wasn’t sure where the coach wanted to have the meeting. Isabel sat there and looked around, it was so weird being there all by herself normally her teammates and coaches were there. Sometimes there were people taking tours around the stadium. It was never this quiet in a place this big.

When she was looking around the coach walked in. “Hello” said Isabel. “I didn't know where you wanted to have the meeting so I just sat here.”

“Here is fine” said Coach Leah. She sat down and put her bag on the ground. Then Coach Leah paused and said “Well, I've watched some of your games on T.V. and I like the way you play. You are very fast and have great footwork. You are also aggressive but you know how to play clean so you don’t get penalties.”

“Thanks” replied Isabel with a smile on her face. “I think you could benefit the team, would like like to play on the U.S. national soccer team?” asked Coach Leah. “ Let me think about it” said Isabel. Within five seconds she said “ I would love to play national soccer, this has been my dream my whole life.”

“I thought you would say yes” said the coach as she reached into her bag. She pulled out two jerseys and they had number 7 on the back along with Lauten. That is the number Isabel has right now. “These are now your jerseys, the blue one is away and the white one is home.” said Coach Leah. “ This is amazing!” said Isabel. “ We have a couple games left this season and I know you do to, so you can start training with us as soon as your season is over. Your first game with us won’t be until the summer but we train inside all winter.

The thing is you will have to move closer to the stadium we practice at, which is in New York. We play at stadiums all over the country but we practice at New York’s because it’s the biggest.” Isabel asked “where do most of the other players live?”

“Most of them live in apartments in downtown New York because it’s close to the stadium and there are lots of things to do in New York City.” Coach Leah pulled out a paper from her folder that was in her bag. “ This is a list of the top 3 places people live with the prices and locations.”

“Okay, thanks” said Isabel. “To make things final you have to sign some papers saying you agree to the rules and you will be at all the practices and games unless discussed before that date and other things like that.”

“Okay” said Isabel as she looked over the papers and signed them. Then Coach Leah gave her two pairs of socks and a pair of shorts. ”How did you know my size?” asked Isabel. “I asked your coach” she replied. “ Oh that makes sense.”

“Yeah, by the way you might see articles about you in newspapers because the press will probably find out sometime next week.”

“Awesome” replied Isabel. “Well I’ll send you emails to keep you up to date on what’s happening” said the Coach. “Okay, sounds great and thanks you so much for giving me the chance to play on your team.” said Isabel.

“I need good players like you on my team so don’t thank me because you're a good player.”

“Thanks Coach” said Isabel then she left the stadium with her new uniform. Isabel got into her car left to go to her house. On the way home she was thinking about moving. She knew it would happen if she played on the national team, but she still can’t imagine leaving all of her family. Isabel knows that she has to. Instead of going to her house Isabel was going to go to her parents house.

She pulled into their driveway, then walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. Her dad came to the door and said “Hi Isabel come on in.” Her mom was laying on the couch watching T.V. “Hey guess what” said Isabel. “What?” replied her parents. She pulled out her jersey that she was holding behind her back. “You’re on the team that’s amazing!” said her mom as she got off the couch to hug her. “I get to practice with them as soon as my seasons over, but there’s some bad news.” She waited for a minute then said “I have to move to New York, that’s where the team practices at.”

Her mom looked upset, but she said “well I knew that you would eventually move farther away but I’m glad it’s because you're following your dreams ”

“Thanks mom, by the way how are you feeling?” asked Isabel. “Pretty good, but i’m a little sore like the doctor said I would be. But lets forget about that right now and go out to lunch.”

“Okay, where do you want to go?” asked Isabel. “Wherever you want” said her mom. “Okay” replied Isabel. Her mom went to get her jacket and shoes. Isabel's dad came over gave her a hug and said “good job.” Then Susan came out of her bedroom wearing a jacket and tennis shoes.

Steve was already wearing his shoes so he didn’t have to get anything else. “Okay, I’m ready” said Susan. They all went outside to Isabels car, her dad sat in the front and her mom sat in the back. “Where are we going?” asked her dad.

“To that chinese buffet about 10 minutes away.”

“Okay, I like that place” said Susan. Isabel pulled out of the driveway and her mom said “I’m so proud of you, you had a dream and you achieved it. Oh and do you know how much you will get payed?”

“It depends, they have to see how I play and I might not play at all in the first game. Right now I will be a sub for the right defender. I will only go in if she gets hurt or is getting too tired. The good thing is she is planning on retiring next year so hopefully I will take her spot as starter.”

“Well that’s good” said her mom. “Yeah, and I will get paid even when we're practicing but not having games. So I don’t have to worry about not being able to pay my rent.”

“Well I bet that helps you a lot so you don't have to worry about trying to find money to pay for groceries and your apartment or wherever you move into.”

“Yeah” replied Isabel then they pulled into the parking lot of the chinese buffet. They’ve been going to that same place since Isabel was seven.

They went inside and sat down at a table. There was a lot of food from noodles to frog legs.

When they were done eating, they went back outside to Isabel’s car. It was around two o’clock so she was going to take her parents home, then go to her house to call all of her relatives and Coach Smith to tell them the good news.

Isabel got home and the first person she called was Emily. She told her and Emilys response was “Omg are you serious? I can’t believe it this is so awesome!” screamed Emily. “I know it is, well I have to call other people too so I’ll tell you more later.”

“Okay” said Emily. “Oh and Lily called me earlier today and said to tell you good luck.”

“Wait, she really called you and said that?” asked Isabel. “Yeah” replied Emily. “Okay I guess I will call her next.” said Isabel a little bit shocked. “Okay well make sure you call me later with more details.”

“Okay, I will” replied Isabel, then she hung up.

Isabel dialed Lily’s number it rang twice then answered with “hello”. “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I’m on the team.”

“Really that’s awesome” said Lily. “Wait, I thought you didn’t want me to play with them?” asked Isabel confused. “At first I didn’t like the idea but I realized if you're good enough to play professional soccer and it’s always been your dream then you have to go for it. And i’m really glad you get to play with the U.S national soccer team.”

“Thanks Lily that means a lot to me that you're okay with my decision, but I have some bad news, I have to move to New York.” Lily paused before she answered “that’s okay, because you're going to be living your dream. I don’t want you to think i’m mad at you for playing soccer, I’m not and I am so proud of you, there are a lot of people out there that have dreams but not everyone gets to live theirs.”

“You really think that?” asked Isabel. “Of course I do, I would never lie to you.”

“Well we can work something out so I can come visit you and maybe you can come down to New York City sometime.”

“Wait you're moving to New York City! You didn’t say that I will definitely come visit you, I can miss a few days of class, but you know how are teachers are.”

“Yeah, you can definitely come over whenever you want, just make sure I’m going to be home.” said Isabel. “Yeah, that would suck if I went all the way to New York and you were in another country.” They both laughed then Isabel said “Thanks for being so supportive, it means the world to me.”

“What kind of best friend would I be if I didn’t support you?” asked Lily. “Yeah, well I have to go call a bunch of other people so I’ll call you later and tell you more about soccer”

“Okay, talk to you soon”

“Bye” said Isabel then hung up. Isabel sat there, she started to think about all the things her and Lily have been through.

They’ve always gone to the same school. Lily and Isabel became friends when they were both five and had played recreational soccer. Back then everyone played the same no one was better than someone else. Then they had the same class in first grade and they were always getting into trouble and the teacher Mrs.Corcan, would have to call their parents. Then in second grade they had different teachers but they still played soccer together. Their Coach’s name was Justin Faut.

Coach Faut never got paid to coach them, but he loved to do it so he didn’t care. He was Isabel and Lily’s Coach until they were 14 and went into high school soccer. Isabel couldn’t believe the things he had done for her. The only reason she knew how to play soccer was because of Coach Faut. He taught her the basics then started to work on some harder things, especially when it was getting closer to when some of them would play high school soccer.

Not everyone on the team went to the same school, but everyone made it on their high school varsity soccer team. When Isabel played high school soccer her coach taught her some new things that helped her footwork, but she still used all of the things Coach Faut taught her.

Lily only played soccer with her until their junior year of high school because she didn’t really find it fun anymore.

When Isabel went to college she learned a lot more soccer skills, but she still used all of the basic things she learned before high school. Isabel was still best friends with Lily especially since she decided to go to the same college as her. Isabel didn’t know what she would have done if they went to different colleges.

The phone rang and Isabel came out of her day dream flashback. It was her grandma Betty. She answered it and said ”Hello”.

“Hi Isabel, I just wanted to know how your meeting went”

“It went pretty good ,because I have a spot on the team.” said Isabel. “Really that’s excellent, I’m so happy for you!” she said. “Thanks grandma”

“Well I’m sure you have a bunch of other people to call so I’ll just ask your mom for details.”

“Okay” replied Isabel then hung up. Isabel decided that she would call everyone else tomorrow, so she went into her kitchen and ate dinner. After that she went into her living room and turned on her laptop.

Isabel went to bed around 10 o’clock because she has soccer the next day.
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