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Nothing Lasts Forever

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The Good News

Isabel called her best friend Lily, later that night and told her about everything that happened. “That’s great, but do you really want to play on the national team if they offer you a spot? I mean think about it, you would always be traveling, you would never see me or your family and you could get hurt playing professional soccer.”

“Yeah but it’s been my dream and I would get paid a lot more than I do now. And someday maybe people would look up to me and be inspired by me to play soccer” said Isabel hopefully.

“You would really chose soccer over me? I can’t believe you would do that!” Lily yelled because she was really upset. “ Why are you getting so mad?, I don’t even know if I’m going to be on the team.” Said Isabel with confusion in her voice. She didn’t know what she had done to make Lily so mad. “What did I do?” asked Isabel. “You would rather travel the world and play soccer instead of being here for me and your family. Do you know how much it would hurt me and your family if you left them? ”

“My family would be so proud of me if I got to play professional soccer, even if that meant they only got to see me once a month. They actually think about what I want and not just what they want.” There was a pause when Isabel was done talking, then Lily hung up the phone. Isabel was really worried because they’ve never had a fight like this before. She sat there for a minute and thought about what just happened.

Isabel decided to call her cousin Emily, even though she was 17, three years younger than her. Emily was someone she could tell anything and everything to. Isabel told more to Emily than she did her own sister Lauren who goes to college in Wisconsin . Emily lived about 2 hours away so she couldn’t just drive to her house, but she could call her at anytime and she would answer.

“Hey, what’s up?” Emily asked when she answered the phone. “Lily and I just got into a huge fight”

“About what?” she asked. “Well Alex Morgan was the professional soccer player that came to the game today. She said that I was good and she would tell her coach to come watch me play sometime.”

“What’s the problem with that?” asked Emily. “Lily thinks I should keep playing college soccer, if I played for the national team she would never get to see me and I could get hurt. But It has always been my dream to play professional soccer.”

“Go for it, don’t let anyone tell you what to do because later in life you might regret not taking the opportunity.” Emily was always good at helping people. “Thanks, you're right if she doesn’t like my decision to play for the national team then too bad.”

After Isabel got done talking to Emily she went into the kitchen to get something to eat. She looked in the fridge and said “there is never anything to eat in my house.” Isabel had to eat healthy food so she could stay in shape for soccer especially with a chance of being on the national team, but she decided that tonight could be an exception.

Isabel called Pizza Hut , even though it was 9:30 at night. “I want a small pepperoni pizza please.” Then Isabel hung up the phone after the guy said ”we will be there in 30 minutes or less or it’s free.”

Isabel went into her living room to find a movie to watch. She has all of her favorite movies because no one ever knew what to get her for Christmas. Isabel was deciding what to watch when there was a knock at the door, hopefully it was the pizza guy.

“That will be $7.50 please” said a guy with short brown hair, he was around Isabels age. He looked familiar but Isabel didn’t know where she saw him before. She handed him the money and then he said “have a nice night.”

“Thanks” replied Isabel. She went back into the living room and ate some pizza while she watched a movie. After the movie was over, she got on the computer. Isabel looked up some things about the national team, like what their records are. They have won many games but they lost some too. Isabel decided she was too tired to stay up any longer so she shutdown the computer and went to bed.

It was Sunday, Isabel’s only day off from soccer and school. She always went out and did something on Sunday, today she was going to the mall. Normally she would go with Lily, but they just had that big fight so she went by herself. The first thing Isabel did when she got to the mall was go to JC Penneys. She was trying to find some new dress pants because if she made it to the national team she would have to go to meetings, and look professional.

Isabel bought two new pairs of pants and a dress shirt, after that she got a lemonade from her favorite homemade lemonade shop. Then she continued to walk around the mall and saw one of her friends, Linda from school. “Hi Linda” said Isabel in a cheerful voice. “ Hi, how are you?” she replied. “ Great, do you want to walk with me?” asked Isabel. “Actually I was getting ready to leave I have to go to work soon, maybe another time?” “Yeah that sounds great” said Isabel. “See you later.”

Isabel walked around the rest of the mall, then she went home. It was around one in the afternoon so Isabel was going to go to her mom and dad’s house for a late lunch. Her parents only live about five minutes away so she always walked to her house. Today she ran over there to keep in shape for soccer.

When Isabel got there she knocked on the door. Her mom yelled “ I’ll be there in a second.” When she opened the door she said “ Hi Isabel, I wasn’t expecting you to come over today.” They walked into the house and Isabel said “well I went to the mall and came home and had nothing else to do so I thought I would come see you and dad. I was also wondering if you had anything to eat here?”

“Of course I do” said her mom, Susan. She walked into the kitchen and Isabel asked “Where’s dad?”

“He went to help one of his friends fix his car, do you want chicken tacos or beef tacos?” asked Susan. “Beef please” answered Isabel. “So have you heard anything about soccer?” asked her mom as she microwaved the tacos. “ Not yet but I bought some new dress clothes today, just in case.” Isabel said hopefully.

“Beep” the microwave went off. Isabel went over and took out her tacos, then sat at the table with her mom. Susan was reading the newspaper and said “People these days do the stupidest things. Why would you steal $1,200 worth of stuff and go back to the store the next day to give it back?”

“Wow that’s sad.”

A couple minutes later Isabel’s dad walked in the door. “ Hi Isabel” he said as he walked over to give her a hug. You could tell he had been working on a car, he had oil stains and dirt all over his shirt. “I’m going to change then I will be right back.”

“Okay” replied Isabel.
“So mom, how’s work?” asked Isabel. Her mom works at a flower store about 15 minutes from her house. “It’s pretty good right now, we’re getting a lot of business.” Right when she ended her sentence her dad walked out of their bedroom. “ What are you talking about?” he asked. “Nothing much” replied Isabel.

“Well I can give you something to talk about” he said. Isabel and Susan had confused looks on their faces. “I got an email from the coach of the national team”. Isabel jumped up and said “and?” Her dad paused then said “They want to have a meeting with you this Tuesday at 9 a.m.” Isabel ran over and hugged her dad, then her mom. “This is awesome!” she yelled with happiness in her voice. The smile on Isabel's face was so big and wide her mom thought it was going to last forever.

“Can I see the email dad?” asked Isabel. “I sent it to you already.” he said and Isabel went to the computer to see. The email said:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Lauten,

This is Leah Potem, the coach from the U.S.A. soccer team. I have seen some of the things your daughter can do. It would be a pleasure to have her come to the stadium and discuss some things with me on Tuesday the 14th. Please have her be here at 9am, if you have any questions please contact me at this email.

Coach Leah Potem

After Isabel read the email she ran over to get her phone and started to dial Lily’s number, then she realized that Lily was still mad at her. So Isabel decided to call Emily instead, and after that she called all of her other relatives. Everyone was really happy and excited for her, especially her parents. Isabel still didn’t know if she would be on the team, just because she has a meeting with the coach doesn’t mean anything, except that she has a chance.
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