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Chapter 1: The Beginning of a Legend

Author's note: This is only the first chapter of a book that I am writing. I thought I would submit it in order to get some feedback.
Author's note: This is only the first chapter of a book that I am writing. I thought I would submit it in order to get some feedback.  « Hide author's note
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The First Tregedy

Christian was running very fast on the sidewalk, but tripped on a stick and fell to the sidewalk. As he stood up, he noticed the man walking down the street towards him that was wearing a tuxedo was also carrying a gun, aiming it at him and occasionally looking towards Hardy’s car. The man looked early middle age at most, and his hair was down to his shoulders, and it was long, strait, jet black hair that looked greased back. The man kept coming closer and closer, but Christian was having a hard time getting up. The man was looking directly at him, and for a second, they exchanged such intense looks that they each got a little nervous for a second, but Christian got up and began to move.

Christian was still extremely disoriented and not quite sure what to do if the man did try to shoot at him. The man kept coming towards him, but Hardy had left the area. The man could have been no more than fifty feet away from Christian when he finally got reoriented, and when he got reoriented he made a fast run from the man, but the man still came after him. He did not know who the man was at first, and then it clicked with him. He was William Klark, the man from the Jonston theatre who was a highly acclaimed stage performer, and Christian had actually seen him act in the performance of Dracula, where William had of course played the Count and did a wonderful job too. He wondered what the actor was doing holding a shotgun towards Christian. Christian had of course begun to sprint again in the opposite direction of William, and was able to successfully get away from William.

He had no idea what the highly acclaimed theatre actor was doing chasing after Christian with a high up police officer. He had a few theories, but each one was more ludicrous than the last. William kept coming toward Christian and he had no idea why he was. He didn’t care enough to stop and ask, but it was something that he decided he should definitely tell someone.

Just when he was about to fall over from exhaustion, he noticed that coming towards him on his front was another car, and this time a good one. It was Keith’s car, and Christian was glad because he was out of breath and it was very cold. Keith’s car slowed to a stop and let Christian in. Keith immediately turned around and started going at an incredible speed from the sheriff’s. Within five minutes they were out of range of any of the cops. But soon Christian realized that they were also nowhere near either of their homes. They were actually right outside of the city.

“Thank goodness you arrived when you did, Keith,” said Christian. “I was getting chased after by that Sheriff Hardy and that actor William Klark. Would you have any idea why those two would be chasing after me?”

“I have my suspicions on Hardy,” said Keith. “I still have no idea why the actor William would be chasing after you.”

“Will you tell me about Hardy?” asked Christian.

“He is a police officer whom became sheriff threw much corruption and some shady deals on the part of Mayor Campbell,” replied Keith. “There are a lot of things which you have yet to learn about this city and its few elite.”

“Okay, so there is corruption behind Hardy’s becoming a sheriff,” said Christian. “What does that have to do with me?”

“Well, you are the child of two people who were leaders in the fight against the corruption of the world,” answered Christian.

“Campbell wasn’t mayor until after both my parents were dead,” said Christian. “Hardy probably was still in college by the time my mother died.”

“I know very little about Hardy’s past, but I do know this,” said Keith, lowering his voice. “He is part of a cult that is centered in this city.”

“What kind of a cult?” asked Christian.

“Much will be explained later,” said Keith. “I am taking you to the HQ of the resistance of the cult.”

“Who is in the resistance?” asked Christian.

“A few people you know, a few you don’t,” said Keith in his scratchy voice.

“Well, I would certainly like to know whom those people are,” said Christian.

“You will in due time,” said Keith, and then he turned into the train station, much to Christian’s surprise.

“What are we doing here?” he asked.

“We are simply going to Seattle, and that is not accomplished that fast in a car,” said Keith.

“Why Seattle?” asked Christian.

“Because that is where our resistance is located. Plus, there are a couple of key people which we do not get in Jonston.”

The two of them got on the bullet train, and Christian was very nervous about it. He had only been on a bullet train but once, and that was not a very good ride. Nevertheless, Christian wasn’t going to complain. He had the worst sinking feeling he had ever had as the train began. He had just realized the life he had been ready for was over. There was no longer any wife he had, he had no real father, and unless he was very mistaken, his life was about to take another large turn, and he wasn’t altogether sure that it was for the better.

With all that was on his mind, he didn’t think about how fast the train was going. Rather he was trying to think of what his life would be twenty years from then. His whole life was to change and it was enough to drive him nearly mad, but he kept his ground. It took them just over an hour to get to their destination, and Christian was glad by the end of it, because regardless of what was on his mind, he was still getting a queasy feeling in his stomach.

“Now Christian, there will be a man named Paul Reice picking us up, along with his daughter Valentina,” said Keith as they got out of the train. “Paul I would daresay is about fifteen years younger than me, and Valentina is about your age.”

“Are these two involved with this resistance of yours?” asked Christian.

“Of course they are,” replied Keith. “They are also probably two of my closest friends. They met you once about ten years ago during a dinner which I had invited them to. You seemed not too social at that moment, but I didn’t push you to get to know them too well, because they live in Seattle, and that was a pretty wide gap between our families.”

There was silence until two people, a man in his late forties by the looks of things and a woman who could have been no more than twenty eight came up to them. The man wore a police badge, but didn’t have any uniform on. He was of average height, and a good build, especially for his age. The girl was about the same height as Christian. She had darker skin, but she wasn’t African American or anything. Her hair was just a little browner than her skin, and it went down to her elbows. Her eyes were brown, and they met Christians and he noticed she had a slight smile on her face. Christian just looked the other way and went about his own business.

“Hello, Keith,” said the man whom Christian guessed was Paul. “This I would guess is Christian.”

“That is correct, Mr. Reice,” sighed Christian, starting to feel more depressed because of the events that had surpassed that day. “I would suppose this here is your daughter Emily.”

“You would be correct,” said Paul. “I would hope that we will see you two tonight at the meeting?”

“That is correct,” said Keith. “We will inform our young recruit about what our mission is before we discuss our new information.”

“See you then,” said Paul.

“Goodbye, Christian,” said Emily, with a smirk at Christian.

“Well, that was Paul and his daughter,” said Keith. “He isn’t always the most positive man, but he is a good friend.”

“How long until the meeting starts?” asked Christian.

“About five hours or so,” said Keith.

“Then what will we do until it starts?”

“Well, I want to pick someone up right now, then we will go to our small warehouse where we meet,” said Keith.

“Who are we picking up?” asked Christian. “And where exactly is Jacob?”

“He is already there getting things set up. Jacob is always the first one there. We have to pick up an old friend of your father’s.”

“Who?” asked Christian.

“Her name is Sophie Girard. She rarely speaks, and she doesn’t participate in many of our missions, but your father wanted her to join us, so she did.”

“Well, let’s go get her,” said Christian. “But how are we going to get to her house? We don’t have any vehicle here, and I don’t think we can call a cab that easily.”

“Well, I actually do have a vehicle that is with my small house right by the train station,” said Keith. “It is a small ranch house that would fit no more than three people in a house, but it will do for what it is used for. You have wondered all this time what I used my money on besides charity, well this is it. The house is about a quarter of a mile from here.”

“Well that is convenient,” said Christian.

“Yes it is, because the warehouse is also only about two miles from the house.”

“Well, let’s get going,” said Christian in a disgruntled tone.

Keith led the way to what seemed like a two hour walk but rather was about a five minute walk. The house he led them to was a small white ranch that had a garage that was about the same size as the house. Keith opened the garage and Christian found that Keith had been using his wealth on quite a lot, and there were at least six different vehicles in there. There were four large cars, all the same, one mini van, and one police motorcycle. He wasn’t sure what the police motorcycle was doing in there, but it certainly looked cool.

“I would say let’s take the van, because I usually pick everyone up,” said Keith. “There isn’t enough room in the cars, and clearly the motorcycle is for one person.”

“Well, you’re the driver,” said Christian.

“You get in the middle,” said Keith. “I want you to be able to discuss some things with some of the people we are about to pick up. Sophie will get the front by me.”

Christian climbed in the middle as he was directed by Keith, and went in the far seat. Though Keith’s van was large, it wasn’t too fancy, and as Keith began to drive Christian noticed that the van actually looked fairly old and shabby. It didn’t bother him, but he did wonder how much it actually cost.

“Keith, I have one question,” said Christian. “Why did you have a police motorcycle?”

“Well, Christian, that is because your father was originally a police officer,” said Keith. “I did eventually employ him as a government official, but he was an officer. That was his motorcycle that he lent me before he left.”

“Ah,” said Christian.

They went on for about twenty minutes and finally came to an apartment building that was about two stories high and looked like it could hold no more than about eight rooms, four on each floor. It seemed that the people in the group new that Keith was coming because there four were people that came out.

All four of them were men, which meant that Sophie was not in this crowd. One man was extremely young and tall with green eyes that were staring directly at Christian when he got in. Another man was almost as tall, but didn’t look nearly as menacing or as young, but still younger than fifty Christian guessed. Another man was extremely short and somewhat chubby, but charismatic in his own way. The last man was old and walked with a cane. He had bright green eyes and had a receding hair line. They all had brown or black hair except for the old man.

“Who is this young man?” asked the old man.

“It is your grandson, Christian,” said Keith.

“What do you mean, Keith?” asked Christian.

“Christian, I would like you to meet your grandfather, Ronald Flint,” said Keith.

Christian was wondering a lot about what was meant by that. He didn’t think he had any surviving members of his family left, and he never remembered having any grandfather alive. If this Ronald was indeed his grandfather, he had mixed feelings about this. Keith had never mentioned him before, but then again Keith had not mentioned a lot before. He had been very secretive about a lot and Christian was now starting to realize that.

“How do you do, Ronald?” said Christian, having so many emotions in his mind.

“Fine, grandson,” said Ronald, who had sat right next to him.

“May you introduce the rest of these people to me?” said Christian.

“I am Julian,” said the tallest, and most threatening one from behind.

“I am Noah,” said the one that was almost as tall.

“And I am Victor,” said the short man who was seated in between Noah and Julian.

“Hello to you all,” said Christian. “I wish to know what is going on, and I wish to know why I have never met with my grandfather.”

“All will be explained soon, Christian,” said Julian.

Christian wasn’t necessarily okay with this, but he would just wait. He had no idea what was going on, and it was driving him crazy. He didn’t know what to make of everything, but it sure was confusing.

“Where is Thomas?” asked Keith.

“He will be coming on his own,” said Victor. “He had some business he had to attend to first.”

“I see,” said Keith. “Well, let’s get Sophie and then we’ll head on over to the warehouse.”

“Do we have to get that oddball?” complained Noah.

“Yes we do,” said Ronald. “We need to follow what Robert set in order for us, and that includes the Hungarian born young woman.”

“Well, it will be about five minutes until we are there,” said Keith. “I think it is best if Ronald and Christian have some time to talk without you three butting in,” he said to the three in the back.”

“So, Christian,” said Ronald. “What have you been doing all your life?”

“Well, you know, I have been quite confused for much of my life,” said Christian. “I have often wondered what my father left for, and that has what has occupied the majority of my thoughts. Do you know why he left?”

“Sorry, Christian can’t say I do,” replied Ronald apologetically. “I know that he was extremely secretive about where he was going and why he was leaving, but he was also very strict with what he wanted to have happen to everything and everybody, especially you. He was also very strict about what he wanted us to do to keep our goals going.”

“Have you?” asked Christian.

“We have certainly done our best,” said Ronald. “Nevertheless, I believe that we have failed, because our enemies are still strong.”

“Well, I hope I can be of great assistance,” said Christian.

“I hope you will,” said Ronald.

With that, Christian sat back and thought a little bit about what he was going to do with his life. He knew that it appeared that he was going to be a major player in the attempt to defeat whatever enemy they were against. He couldn’t help but wonder how he was going to be such a major help, with people like Keith and Jacob leading them, and with them following much of his father’s orders. He would do what he could, though, and that was all he could do.

“Well, we’re here,” said Keith as he pulled into the driveway of a lonely looking apartment building that couldn’t have held more than ten rooms, and it looked like only half of them were filled. “She will be out in just a second.”

Christian waited for a moment, and then sure enough, there was a young woman that came out of the front door. She had long, wavy black hair and her eyes were slightly darker underneath, as if she hadn’t gotten enough sleep the previous night. They were blue eyes that immediately drew their attention to Christian as she got closer to the van. Her nose stuck out a bit, which looked to show her European side. She was average height, but she had a strange charisma about her.

“Christian,” said Keith. “This is Sophie Girard. Sophie, this is Christian Flint, the son of the man who helped you out when you were a child.”

“Hello, Christian,” said Sophie, with not a terribly strong accent.

“Hello, Sophie,” said Christian, not sure what to think as they started to go to the warehouse.

After a few minutes of sitting silently, Christian started to think about what exactly was going on, and the fact that he didn’t know anything about it. He guessed that Keith had figured out some of his inventions that he had been working on and was going to use them to fight whatever was there that was bad.

“So, Sophie, I heard that my father kind of took you in when you were a young girl,” said Christian, breaking the silence.

“Your father was a kind and wonderful man, and I wish not to hear about him again,” said Sophie in a slightly Germanic accent. That was pretty much the last thing that was said before getting out of the car to the warehouse.

“We are here,” said Keith as he put the van into park mode.

“Yea, and I am still wondering what I am doing here,” said Christian in a sort of snarl. “I just want to know who killed my wife.”

“And so you shall, but you will have to be patient Christian,” said Victor. “We don’t know all the answers. But who else do you have to turn to?”
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